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Chapter 41 The Path To University

Lu Yu had no idea what the doctors were talking about.

He had never heard his aunt mention that she possessed a bloodline, not to mention what this bloodline was.

However, since the doctors said this bloodline contained a terrifying power, it shouldnt be too bad.

Of course, the most important thing was that this bloodline had the possibility of fusing with him.

When the time comes, he might be able to obtain some kind of powerful ability.

“Then when can the surgery begin” Lu Yu asked.

He didnt want to wait anymore.

His aunt had been suffering from this pain for far too long, and he didnt want to see his aunt suffer from this pain any longer.

The attending doctor stood up and said solemnly, “We cant be sure about the exact date of the surgery.”

“We have only come up with a temporary plan for the treatment, so we still need to make preparations for the specific implementation.”

“We need some surgical supplies to increase the chances of success of this surgery.”

“We will gather these supplies as soon as possible.

Please rest assured.

Once they are ready, we will contact you immediately and start the surgery!”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Alright, then I will hand her over to you.”

The hospitals director stood up and looked at Lu Yu.

“Dont worry.

We represent the best hospital in the country.

Well definitely be able to cure your aunts illness.”

After saying that, he picked up a package beside the table.

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“Lu Yu, Clanorth University heard that you were coming here today.

Thus, they sent the acceptance letter over in advance.

Open it and take a look.”

As he said that, the director handed the package to Lu Yu.

After reaching out to take it, Lu Yu carefully opened the package and took out the beautifully made acceptance letter.

On the cover were printed the gates of Clanorth University.

There was only one page to the acceptance letter, but it felt heavy in his hands.

Everyone turned their gaze and looked over.

As top-notch doctors, they had seen a lot.

But this was the first time they had seen an acceptance letter from Clanorth University.

Lu Yu gently opened the acceptance letter under everyones gaze.

As Lu Yu opened the notice, an origami-folded paper inside stood up.

When he completely opened the notice, the paper-made gates of Clanorth University stood upright and vivid-looking on the letter.

Everyone looked over curiously.

They could only find videos on the internet of what the acceptance letter from Clanorth University looked like.

However, when they saw it with their own eyes, they still sighed at the exquisite workmanship of the letter.

At that moment, a ray of light flashed and was projected into the air.

Immediately after, a screen of light appeared.

The holographic screen showed an old man.

The old man looked at Lu Yu and said slowly, “I am the principal of Clanorth University.

Welcome to the big family of Clanorth University.

The future belongs to you, young people.”

The scene ended, and the light faded.

However, the doctors beside them were excited when they saw this.

“The principal of Clanorth University recorded the welcome video personally.

Its such an honor.”

“I envy Lu Yu.

To be able to enter Clanorth University, his future cannot be underestimated.”

“Isnt that nonsense Did anyone who entered Clanorth University turn out to be an ordinary person”

“Sigh, if I had worked harder back then, I would probably have received a welcome from the principal of Clanorth University as well…”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu with envious eyes.

Then, they sighed enviously.

Lu Yu closed the acceptance letter from Clanorth University and stood up to look at them.

“Then Ill be leaving first.

Its time to report to the university.”

The director stood up to send him off.

“Alright then.

As soon as theres any news from your aunt, Ill contact you immediately.”

Lu Yu walked out of the hospital under the directors respectful escort.

He came to the roadside and stopped a taxi.

After getting into the vehicle, Lu Yu said, “Sir, to Clanorth University, please.”

The driver looked at Lu Yu in surprise.

“Youre a student at Clanorth University”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Im sure lucky today to drive a top student there!”

The driver stepped on the accelerator excitedly.

The car drove out and headed in the direction of Clanorth University.

The location of the university was not inside the city.

It was far away, at the edge of the city.

There was a long distance from here to there.

The car soon drove out of the city and along a rural, suburban road.

The car stopped before a checkpoint, and they got off for inspection.

After Lu Yu got off the car, he saw a sign not far away that said “Clanorth Road”.

Lu Yu knew this road only led to one place, Clanorth University.

At that moment, a man who was guarding the station walked over.

“Hello, Please show your student ID, work ID, or teacher ID from Clanorth University.

Otherwise, you cant enter.”

Lu Yu shook his head, “I dont have any of these.”

The driver next to him frowned, “What I thought you were a student there…”

Lu Yu then took out the admission letter.

The drivers eyes widened, “Oh right! I made a mistake, my friend.

When you become a big shot in the future, dont hold a grudge against me.”

The students of Clanorth University were greatly respected in the outside world.

This was because, as long as the students graduated, they would all belong to the upper class of society.

The man guarding the entrance took the admission letter and checked for its authenticity before nodding his head.

“Its a real one.

However, there is a rule for new students to go to Clanorth University.

The rule is that they must walk through Braveheart Canyon.”

When the taxi driver heard this, he was filled with sadness.

Lu Yu looked into the distance and saw the canyon far away.

It was apparent enough that the canyon must be extremely dangerous.

An ordinary person would not be able to pass through it.

However, there was no way that Lu Yu would turn around.

He readily agreed.

“No problem.

I will walk there.”

The guard nodded and opened the gates.

Lu Yu walked through the gates, and from here, he had to travel on foot.

Behind him was the bustling and beautiful Ixdale.

In front of him was a large barren area with wild beasts roaming about and danger lurking everywhere.

Lu Yu was not afraid at all.

He trekked forward quickly.

It was evident that this was a test before he could enter the school.

If he could not even pass this test, he would have to bid farewell to the number one university in the country.

Three figures were moving quickly on the plain as Lu Yu moved forward, not far ahead.

The three of them were dressed in white cotton clothes.

On the cotton clothes, there were exquisite and artistic gilt patterns.

The weapons in their hands were all inlaid with pure gemstones of various colors.

Looking at these three, anyone could tell they werent ordinary people.

In this desolate and lonely plain, there were only three people besides Lu Yu.

Lu Yus progress was quick.

It would not be long before he could catch up with the three people.

Among the three people, the leader was a young girl.

The young girl had a long ponytail that reached her waist, dancing in the wind.

On her stunning petite face, there was clean and minimal makeup.

Her every movement exuded an elegant aura.

With just a glance, one could tell that she was definitely the daughter of a wealthy family.


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