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Chapter 39 Increased Strength, New Skill, Dragon Muscles

Lu Yu rushed to the citys central hospital, planning to visit his aunt and tell her about his exam results.

As he approached the hospital entrance, a system notification appeared in front of Lu Yus eyes.

[ Congratulations on obtaining first place in the state.

Obtained reward: 30 free attribute points and 15 skill points ]

Lu Yu did not expect the system to reward him for getting first place in the state!

This was also a generous reward.

These skill and attribute points could significantly boost his strength!

Just as Lu Yu was delighted, another notification suddenly appeared.

[ Reward Dragon Skill: Dragon Muscles ]

[ Dragon Muscles: A special muscle that can accumulate dragon power.

It is the basis for using dragon-type skills in the future.


Lu Yu breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this new skill.

He had finally found a way to gain dragon power.

Even Lu Yu was taken aback by the Dragon Fists power.

He could continue using Dragon Fist with this new skill in the future!

[ Dragon power accumulation process: Ten ox power equal one tiger power, ten tiger power equal one elephant power, ten elephant power equal one dragon power.


Reading the description, Lu Yu frowned slightly.

This seemed troublesome.

It seemed that dragon power was not so easy to obtain.

You are reading on MYBO XN 0 V E L.


It would be best to use it more carefully in the future.

Then, Lu Yu opened his personal attribute panel.

[ Attack: 300 ]

[ Speed: 200 ]

[ Health: 350 ]

[ Mana: 200 ]

[ Defense: 220 ]

Lu Yu began allocating the 30 attribute points he had just obtained.

After pondering for a short moment, he decided to allocate all of them to his attack.

Claw Attack was an offensive talent, so increasing his attack power would be more appropriate.

Lu Yu then opened his skill panel.

[ Normal Skills: Armor Penetration Lv5, Grappling Lv2, Split Claw Lv2, Double Jump Lv2, Strong Wall Lv1 ]

[ Dragon Skills: Dragon Scales Lv1, Flaming Claw Lv1, Dragon Muscles Lv1 ]

[ Special Dragon Skills: Dragon Fist (grows stronger with overall strength) ]

Lu Yu now had 15 skill enhancement points.

He would still have more than enough to upgrade his skills by one level.

He had a bold guess.

What would happen if he put all of them onto one skill

He clicked on Armor Penetration to check the effect of its next level.

However, the effect was no longer to increase the reduction of the enemys defense but to increase the damage dealt by penetration instead.

This bit of damage was negligible to Lu Yu.

Hence, Lu Yu looked at the Strong Wall.

It could increase the defense timer by half a second after leveling up!

He could avoid even more damage with 1.5 seconds of damage reduction.

As a result, Lu Yu immediately upgraded the Strong Wall to level 4!

[ Strong Wall: Block 90% of damage.

Duration: 2.5 seconds ]

The defense timer would not increase any further after level 4.

Instead, it would block 91% of the damage.

Only the first few times a skill was strengthened appeared to provide a significant benefit.

It was most likely a rookie benefit…

For the time being, there was no need for Split Claw anymore.

With his new AOE skill, Flaming Claw, Split Claw was no longer as important.


Grappling was also useless for the time being.

Although it was very effective at identifying weak points, Lu Yu would not have to worry about the weaknesses of the enemies he was currently facing.

Just like the Giant Flame Lizard from before, Lu Yu did not need to use Grappling at all.

He could end the battle with just a few attacks.

In that case, he needed to focus on strengthening his Double Jump.

Double Jump was a very crucial skill, being Lu Yus only movement skill.

Lu Yu used this skill to avoid many fatal attacks.

Lu Yu felt it was best to strengthen his Double Jump before his next movement skill arrived.

Thus, Lu Yu allocated three points to Double Jump.

Double Jump went from level 2 to level 5.

[ Double Jump: The jumping distance has increased to seven meters.


[ Double Jump Lv5 effect: You can hover in the air for one second after your first jump before performing your second jump.


Reading this additional effect, Lu Yu immediately laughed happily.

The effect of hovering in the air for one second was good.

There would be more room for maneuvering in his future battles.

With nine skill points remaining, Lu Yu enhanced each of his three dragon skills three times.

[ Dragon Scales successfully strengthened.

Current level: Lv4]

[ Dragon Muscles successfully strengthened.

Current level: Lv4]

[ Flaming Claws successfully strengthened.

Current level: Lv4]

The Dragon Scales Skill was strengthened for defense, while the Dragon Muscles Skill was strengthened for strength and attack.

The Flaming Claw had two effects.

One was a wide-area attack that would burn the enemy within range.

This was also the effect that Lu Yu had cast on the mountains peak.

The other effect was similar to that of the Split Claw, which concentrates its attack on a specific range.

The damage would be significantly increased, but the range would be reduced.

As for the Dragon Scale skill, its effect was resistant to 80% of water and fire elemental attacks.

However, Lu Yu was completely immune to fire damage after evolving the Flaming Dragon Claw.

Hence, after three enhancements, the Dragon Scale obtained a new effect.

[ Dragon Scale Shield: Generates a shield with 100 health.

The shield can be broken.

Automatically regenerates after one minute out of battle ]

This new effect caused Lu Yu to exclaim in surprise.

It was the same as boosting his health by 100 points!

However, there was still some disparity between this shield and his actual health stats.

The biggest difference was the damage reduction from his defense.

Someone with 100 attack power could probably break the shield instantly.

However, if that attack landed on Lu Yus body, he would not lose any health.

After all, Lu Yus defense was too high.

From the looks of it, 100 points of the shield value were not considered much.

At most, it could block two attacks.

Even so, it was still a very powerful expansion to his arsenal.

Lu Yus overall prowess increased once more after this round of strengthening.

Lu Yu walked into the hospital, his heart full of joy.

He came to Liu Yis ward.

Liu Yi was lying on the hospital bed in a coma in the spotless ward.

Lu Yu was worried.

The last time he came here, his aunt could still talk to him weakly.

This time, however, she went into a coma.

Her condition had worsened…

Lu Yu walked to the side of the bed and looked at his aunt lying on it.

“Hey, Im here to see you.

I won first place in the state, so I didnt embarrass you…”

Liu Yi was lying on the bed with her eyes tightly shut.

A doctor in a white coat walked in at that precise moment.

“You must be the patients family, right I have some news for you.”

The attending doctor walked over with a serious expression.

“Hello, doctor.

Have you found out the cause of my aunts illness”

The attending doctor nodded slightly.

“Thats correct.

We finally discovered the cause of your aunts illness thanks to the efforts of our team.”

“This illness that she has comes from your family!”

Lu Yu was stunned to hear the word “family.” The cause of her illness was related to their family


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