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389 Chapter 389 Dark Dragon Claws Skills

Chapter 389 Dark Dragon Claws Skills

After Jiang Lengyue concluded that, everyone was stunned.

The Head of the Truth Department had come for the ancient beast suppressed under the stargazing tower!

They knew that the beast sealed in the stargazing tower was definitely one of a kind and would be a disaster for the upper house if it broke free.

Once the seal in the tower was broken, the upper house would be thrown into chaos!

In that case, it would be much easier for the Truth Department to do anything that they wanted by then.

“Alright, thats all for now.

I need to go back to work.

Oh, by the way, dont spread what I just said.

Itll cause unnecessary panic.”

Jiang Lengyue said, and the instructors nodded.

Han Xuefei, Wang Meng, and Lu Yu nodded as well, indicating that they wouldnt tell anyone.

After that, Jiang Lengyue turned around and walked out of the operating theater with quick strides.

“What the hell Why do I have to face such an unfortunate thing the moment I enter the upper house” Wang Meng said with a sad face.

“Its hard to say for now, so lets wait and see.

We instructors will carry out a search mission to find that guy.”

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After saying that, Baihu and his group left the operating theater as well…

Lu Yu and the other three were the only ones left in the operating room.

“Im going to train now.

Ive just completed my evolution, so I need to get familiar with it.”

Lu Yu said as he pushed open the door to the room.

“Alright, Ill find a place to stay.

If anything happens, contact me immediately.”

Lu Yu nodded at Xu Yuans words and walked out.

Looking at Lu Yus back, Xu Yuan sighed.

“It seems that something big is going to happen.

We cant relax now.”

He felt lucky that he had come here personally.

Although he wasnt strong in combat, he had enough means to ensure that Lu Yu would not die.

If he could do that, it would be enough for him.

Wang Meng also walked out and continued his training.

Han Xuefei followed him out.

She was anxious after hearing Jiang Lengyues words, afraid that something might happen to her when she was to go to the stargazing tower for cultivation.

However, apart from the stargazing tower, she had no better place to cultivate.

“It seems I can only go to the stargazing tower to cultivate first…”

After Lu Yu left the operating room, he immediately went to a cultivation room.

He couldnt wait to test the effects of his Dark Dragon Claw.

Thus, he found a combat room and used his student ID to open the door to walk in.

The room was spacious, and there was a panel at the entrance.

Lu Yu could operate it here and choose the summoned beasts for his combat training.

Lu Yu stood in front of the control panel, looking for a suitable beast to be his opponent.

There were a lot of ferocious beasts to choose from, and there were also humanoid fighting robots that could simulate battles between humans.

Lu Yu flipped through it and finally settled on the Diamond Ape.

It was a ferocious beast that had high defense and combat power.

It was similar enough to humans to be suitable for practicing actual combat.

After making his choice, a bright light flashed in the middle of the room, and a strong gorilla appeared.

Its entire body was covered in rudimentary diamonds, and its fur was golden.

After it appeared, it bared its fangs and roared at Lu Yu.

As expected, its combat intuition was strong.

The moment it saw Lu Yu, it exploded with a strong will to attack him.

Lu Yu needed this kind of enemy to test his new dragon claws.

The Diamond Ape slammed its forearms on the ground and pounced at Lu Yufei.

Lu Yus left arm switched to his Dark Dragon Claw, and a pulse of dark energy flowed.

Immediately after, Lu Yu raised his left claw and aimed his palm at the incoming Diamond Ape!

Two long black lines extended out and connected themselves to the beasts body.

Immediately after, the black lines began to pulsate as if they were absorbing something and returning it to Lu Yus body.

The Diamond Ape in mid-air suddenly felt something was wrong; it stumbled and fell to the ground.

When it got up again, it saw the long black lines connected to its body.

It was instantly enraged and knew its weakness earlier was because of these long lines.

It frantically swung its thick arms, trying to tear off the thin threads connected to its chest.

However, its arms moved through the thin lines like nothing was there.

The energy that Lu Yu was absorbing had no substance.

It couldnt be touched, so naturally it couldnt be interrupted.

The ape had to deal with the source of this annoyance, which was Lu Yu.

At this moment, the Diamond Ape had seen through Lu Yus plan and charged at him again.

Lu Yu stood in place, still patiently using his skills, as the Diamond Ape in front of him was nothing special.

If Lu Yu didnt want to test out his new dragon claws, he could have killed the beast with a simple punch.

Gradually, Lu Yu also began understanding the Dark Dragon Claws absorption skill.

This skill released a long line that could not be touched or destroyed to connect with the enemy; it would sap away the enemys health and mana, turning them into pure energy.

Through this line, the energy would be transmitted back to Lu Yus body, replenishing Lu Yus health, mana, and stamina.

This skill didnt consume mana but instead restored mana.

It was good but easy to interrupt Lu Yu using it; the recovery speed wasnt that fast either.

He would have to find the right time to use this skill in actual combat.

At that moment, the Diamond Ape charged over once again in anger.

It wanted to tear Lu Yu into pieces immediately!

Lu Yu raised his left hand, and the Absorb skill was activated once more.

The speed of absorption suddenly became faster.

Instantly, the Diamond Ape that had leaped over was drained of all its strength, and its body felt weak and powerless.

Before it could even rush over, it was so tired that it sprawled on the ground without even having the strength to stand up.

Lu Yu discovered that although his absorption skill could absorb health, mana, and stamina all at once, it could also absorb only one type.

This way, the effect would be greatly improved.

For example, Lu Yu changed his absorption skill only to absorb the apes stamina and sap it away instantly.

The Diamond Ape sprawled on the ground, so tired that it opened its maw and gasped for air.

It was out of stamina and had completely lost its combat power; it could not even stand up.

If Lu Yu wanted to kill it, it would be a piece of cake.

Lu Yu ended the absorption process and stomped down, ending the Diamond Apes life.

Lu Yu summoned another Diamond Ape, planning to test his Dark Poison skill on this one.

The Dark Poison skill was strong.

Once the enemy was caught in it, the poison would be like maggots sticking to a piece of rotten flesh.

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