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388 Chapter 388 The Secret Of The Stargazing Tower

Chapter 388 The Secret Of The Stargazing Tower

In the operating theater, Lu Yu looked at his left claw with its dark scales and was comfortable with it.

This was the last path of his evolution.

After this, all of Lu Yus elemental dragon claws were unlocked.

However, the Flowing Water Dragon Claw, Light Dragon Claw, and Dark Dragon Claw werent in their complete evolution form.

There were still three more evolutions, and Lu Yu looked forward to the day when all evolutions were completed.

Lu Yu got down from the operating table and moved his body around.

Xu Yuan quickly asked, “How do you feel You just had surgery, so its better not to move too much.”

“Dont worry; there wont be a problem.

Im feeling good now.”

Xu Yuan stared at Lu Yus left arm and asked, “Your arm has turned pitch black.

I dont think it had once turned that color, right”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Thats right; this is a new one.

This surgery completed another one of the evolution paths.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Yuan immediately smiled.

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“Really Thats great! What a blessing in disguise!”

Wang Meng also quickly came over.

“Boss, youre too amazing.

Youve become stronger after such a tough battle!”

Han Xuefei, too, praised, “No wonder your strength increased so quickly.

The speed of your evolution already determines the speed of your growth!”

Jiang Lengyue spoke up as well, saying, “You can continue to cultivate, and if you need any resources, just tell us.

We will do our best to help you.”

“Youre the most important person in the upper house now, so Ill increase the security around you.”

Lu Yu looked at Jiang Lengyue, sizing up this little girl.

He found it hard to imagine that such a little girl was the dean of the upper house, the most elite university in the Freedom Federation.

“So what you say is that youll send me bodyguards”

Jiang Lengyue propped her chin on her hand and pondered for a moment.

“Theres no need to send someone to be close to you at all times.

However, I will increase the security near where you often cultivate.

When you are met with any mishaps, they will act quickly to help you.”

She had to be extra careful about Lu Yus well-being, as the head of the Truth Department was still lurking in the upper house.

She knew the Head of the Truth Department had snuck in with at least half of his plan for Lu Yu in mind.

As for the other reason, she was still guessing.

“I know the Truth Department wont let go of me this easily; Ill be careful.”

After this lesson, Lu Yu finally understood the situation he was in.

It was indeed troublesome to offend the Truth Department.

However, his strength had increased, so it should be easier for him to deal with the Truth Department after this.

“Since the Head of the Truth Department snuck in, their plan wouldnt be simple.

We should focus on dealing with them, right” Lu Yu asked.

Jiang Lengyue nodded.

“Youre right.

We do need to focus on this matter.

Ill be sending out people to conduct a large-scale search!”

“However, Im also trying to determine the purpose of that guys break-in.”

Xu Yuan interrupted, “Wait, isnt he after Lu Yu”

Jiang Lengyue looked at him.

“Although Lu Yus potential is vast, and he even destroyed one of their strongholds, its impossible for them to take such a huge risk just to kill one person.”

“Theres only one consequence of sneaking into the upper house.


When Jiang Lengyue said this, she was expressionless.

She had already sentenced the intruder to a death sentence.

“Ive never met such a bold person who dared sneak into the upper houses territory.

Hes just committing suicide at this point.”

Xu Yuan scratched his head.

“The Truth Department has always been cautious.

How could they take such a big risk”

“Of course, I know their style of doing things.

They must have their reasons for taking such a risk.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Yuans curiosity was piqued.

From the start, Jiang Lengyue seemed to be hiding something and was unwilling to reveal it.

“I have the same thought as you.

The Head of the Truth Department must have sneaked in not just for Lu Yu but also for some other purpose.”

“I want to know, what is that guys real purpose” Xu Yuan looked at Jiang Lengyue with a burning gaze.

He needed to know the answer to ensure Lu Yus safety; he needed more of the enemys information and purpose.

Everyone turned to Jiang Lengyue, hoping to find out something from her.

Looking at the anticipation in their eyes, Jiang Lengyue couldnt help but sigh.

“Im not too sure about this either.”

“Do you know why the stargazing tower is a holy land for cultivation and could increase the speed of the cultivators who enter it by nearly 20 times”

Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

“We dont know about this… This is the upper houses secret.” Xu Yuan said.

He had heard of the stargazing tower but didnt know the details.

The group of four led by Baihu was in the dark as well.

It seemed that the secret about the stargazing tower was fiercely guarded.

Only a small number of people in the upper house knew the truth.

“Ill be direct.

This stargazing tower seals an ancient beast beneath it.

The energy youre absorbing from the tower is actually the energy released by the beast thats sealed up.”

Upon hearing Jiang Lengyues words, the audience couldnt help but widen their eyes.

They only knew that the stargazing tower was in a good location, so their cultivation would be twice as effective with half the effort.

They did not expect the specific reason to be this!

“Ever since we built the upper house around the stargazing tower, more and more energy has leaked out of the tower.

Now, entering the top floor increases cultivation speed by nearly twenty times!”

Jiang Lengyues brows furrowed slightly as she spoke.

“Recently, weve observed that more and more energy is leaking out of the stargazing tower.

Theres a high possibility that the ancient beast sealed beneath it is about to break the seal and come into being once more!”

Hearing this, everyone gulped and felt nervous.

They knew the beast suppressed by the stargazing tower wasnt normal.

Furthermore, it was an ancient beast, so its strength was sure to be absolutely terrifying!

After that, Jiang Lengyue looked at Lu Yu and reminded him, “If you still want to enter the stargazing tower to cultivate, please be careful.

If you encounter any accidents, you must escape immediately.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“I understand.

Ill be careful.”

“In other words, the reason the Head of the Truth Department broke in might be related to the stargazing tower” Lu Yu asked.

Upon hearing this question, Jiang Lengyue nodded.

“It looks like you understand the problem quickly.”

“The Head of the Truth Department knew he would risk death if he sneaked in, but he still did it.”

“He isnt here to commit suicide, and hes definitely not here just to take revenge on you.

His goal must be related to the stargazing tower!”

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