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387 Chapter 387 Dark Dragon Claws Three Skills

Chapter 387 Dark Dragon Claws Three Skills

After reading the notification that he had successfully fused with the dragon arm bone, Lu Yu noticed that his attributes had increased.

[ Attributes increased ]

[ Attack: 100 ]

[ Health: 300 ]

[ Defense: 200 ]

[ Mana: 100 ]

Lu Yu opened his personal attributes panel and checked his current attributes.

[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 1010 ]

[ Speed: 850 ]

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[ Health: 1800 ]

[ Mana: 620 ]

[ Defense: 900 ]

His attack, speed, and defense were all close to a thousand.

This meant Lu Yus strength had almost reached platinum rank.

The increase in health points allowed Lu Yu to have more room for mistakes and also improved the recovery ability of the Light Dragon Claw.

After experiencing these changes, Lu Yus attributes once again skyrocketed.

This gave Lu Yu more confidence in his skills, knowing the strength of his dragon skills.

At that moment, Lu Yu could still feel the heat in his left arm.

He also felt that his left arm was absorbing that terrifying and powerful dark energy!

This power gushed into his arm and drilled into Lu Yus bones in a frenzy, trying to fuse with him.

Lu Yu began to absorb it and merge with it slowly.

This dark energys threat to Lu Yu was eliminated only once the fusion was completed.

“Lu Yu, hows your condition” Xu Yuan asked.

“Im fine, and I should be able to recover soon.”

Xu Yuans face revealed an excited smile.

“Thats great; I knew you could do it.

You could always turn danger into an opportunity to grow stronger!”

Jiang Lengyue nodded her head in acknowledgement.

“Well done.

To think that you could be so lucky to resolve this crisis has truly opened my eyes.”

There were a few times when Jiang Lengyue felt that Lu Yu was dead for sure, but Lu Yu depended on his tenacity and managed to overcome it.

When Jiang Lengyue learned that the four-instructor team had been defeated, she had already assumed Lu Yus impending death, and she further judged that Lu Yu would be crippled when he entered overload.

“You created a miracle and made everyone look at you in a new light.”

The four instructors standing at the side all nodded, showing their respect to Lu Yu.

“If you didnt defeat that madman, its hard to say what would have happened to the four of us,” Baihu said shamefully.

“Its a blessing in disguise,” Lu Yu replied.

“This crisis ended up benefiting me.”

Lu Yu turned his head and looked at his left arm.

His left arm was originally purple-black, but the color slowly subsided with his wrist as the center.

At that moment, a progress bar suddenly appeared in front of Lu Yu.

[ Dark Dragon Claw: (23/100) ]

[ Dark Dragon Claw: (45/100) ]

[ Dark Dragon Claw: (68/100) ]

[ … ]

The Dark Dragon Claws evolution speed was beyond Lu Yus expectation, as he didnt expect it to be this fast.

He looked at his arm and found that the purple-black area on it was almost gone, leaving only the wrist.

Lu Yu prayed in his heart, hoping that he would be able to complete his evolution after absorbing it.

Soon, the dark energy was left with just a speck.

Lu Yus left arm started to change.

His left arm began to transform into a dragon claw in its most fundamental form, and then it started to transform even further.

Lu Yus dragon scales turned jet black, and the scales covered him to his fingers.

Immediately after, a black mist appeared on his left arm, covering it and making it faintly visible.

[ Congratulations on completing the evolution, Dark Dragon Claw! ]

Seeing this notification, Lu Yu was overjoyed!

He completed his evolution just as he absorbed the dark energy inside him.

His had successfully evolved into his Dark Dragon Claw!

He knew the Dark Dragon Claw was similar to his Light Dragon Claw.

It was unique and very powerful.

The main thing was that relying on external materials to evolve was difficult!

Lu Yu was elated when he successfully completed his evolution with a bottle of truth serum from the Truth Department.

He looked at his Dark Dragon Claw and couldnt help but sigh.

If not for todays battle, he knew he wouldnt evolve into these claws anytime soon.

When the surrounding people saw Lu Yus pitch-black dragon claw, they started discussing it.

“Oh no, bosss arm has turned black.

Could he have been poisoned” Wang Meng exclaimed worriedly.

Xu Yuan frowned and asked, “Lu Yu, did you just complete another evolution”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Thats right.

All thanks to absorbing this energy inside me, I did complete an evolution.”

The onlookers couldnt help but be surprised.

Lu Yu had already completed numerous evolutions, and no one expected him to complete yet another after todays battle.

“The speed of your evolution is truly frightening.” Xu Yuan sighed.

Jiang Lengyue exclaimed, “I dont even know how long it has been since Ive furthered my evolution.

Such great potential you have, Lu Yu.”

Lu Yu didnt say much and opened his evolution panel to check his Dark Dragon Claw.

[ Dark Dragon Claw effect: Moderate boost in attack and defense.

Suppresses and counteracts other elements; especially effective against light elements ]

[ Dark Dragon Claw skills: Absorb, Dark Poison, Dark Mist ]

[ Absorb: Dark Dragon Claw can absorb the enemys health points, mana points, and energy.

Range of 100 meters, single target effect ]

[ Dark Poison: The Dark Dragon Claw will create an abyss of poison and attach it to the enemy.

It deals continuous damage, affecting the enemys movement and mind.

Unlimited distance, no duration, consumes 100 Mana per minute ]

[ Black Mist: The Dark Dragon Claw will create a large area of black mist that will make you invisible to your enemies.

Enemies will be slowed down, and their stamina will be reduced after being in the Black Mist.


These three skills all looked pretty good!

The most important thing was that these three skills could be closely linked.

When releasing the Black Mist, Lu Yu would be invisible within it; he could follow up with the poison or absorption skill.

These abilities, however, consumed a lot of mana; the Dark Poison alone was a mana hoarder.

Lu Yus current mana limit could only maintain Dark Poison for six minutes, but this was assuming he poured all his mana into it.

He estimated that he could only release it for two minutes in a real battle.

After all, Lu Yu still had to use other skills, which meant there was a limit to this skill.

After reading about these three skills, Lu Yu was delighted and couldnt wait to test them out.

After evolving his new dragon claw and obtaining these new skills, he had to cultivate more to increase his proficiency and combat experience.

Only then could he quickly put them into actual combat.

“The surgery is over, and the process went smoothly.

Ill need to cultivate properly next.”

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