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386 Chapter 386 Successful Operation

Chapter 386 Successful Operation

Everyone finally knew what kind of truth serum Lu Yu drank.

“Theres a potion that allows humans to evolve into a dragon; how terrifying!” Xu Yuan exclaimed.

“No wonder the Truth Department can attract so many people to join them.”

Lu Yu, who was lying on the bed, said, “I got some information from Zhao Lei.

The person who gave him the medicine was a man in black who is still around.”

This piece of information seemed useless.

After all, Zhao Lei couldnt describe the persons physical characteristics, nor did he see his appearance.

But when Jiang Lengyue heard this, she snorted out a cold laugh.

“As expected, that fellow has sneaked in.”

“Do you know who that person is” Xu Yuan asked quickly.

“There arent many people who can sneak into the upper house.

In the Truth Department, only their head, who is also the founder of this organization, has the ability to do so.”

Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked and found it unbelievable.

“Are you sure about that Youre saying that the head of the Truth Department sneaked in” Xu Yuans eyes widened in disbelief.

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The upper house was such an important place, and it would be terrible if the leader of an evil organization had managed to sneak in.

“Although he can sneak in, he isnt our match.

I can send a few strong instructors to deal with that guy instead of myself.”

Xu Yuan nodded.

“Thats true.

Those guys have long been trained in hiding in the dark, and thats all they are good at.”

“Under normal circumstances, they wouldnt dare to enter the upper house.”

Jiang Lengyue cupped her chin and started to ponder.

“This guy didnt sneak in just to take revenge on Lu Yu.”

Her words piqued Xu Yuans interest.

“Then what do you think that guys goal is”

“Im not sure.

It could just be a coincidence, or maybe…”

Suddenly, Jiang Lengyues brows furrowed as though she had recalled something.

Xu Yuan looked at her curiously, while Wang Meng and Han Xuefei were confused.

In the end, Jiang Lengyue shook her head and didnt say anything.

“This is an internal matter of the upper house, and we will handle it well.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Yuan felt a little uncomfortable.

Xu Yuan had to ensure Lu Yus safety as Lu Yu would have to serve in the military in the future.

If anything happened to him here, Xu Yuan would have to bear a huge responsibility!

“Youd better make it clear.

I must know since this involves a threat to Lu Yu!”

Jiang Lengyue looked at him, not saying anything.

Although she looked like a young girl, she was emitting an aura several times stronger than making a wish.

“Just tell me if the Head of the Truth Department will continue to stay here.”

Jiang Lengyue nodded her head slightly.

“I can only say that this is a possibility.”

“If thats the case, Ill stay too.

I cant leave Lu Yu alone.

I will not stand by and do nothing if his life is in danger here!”

“We will provide him with the best protection,” Jiang Lengyue assured.

“You dont have to worry about this.”

“You dont want me to worry Do I need to remind you that Lu Yu almost got crippled today Why wasnt it Baihu or Zhuque”

Xu Yuans demand made the four instructors expressions turn.

This was the most embarrassing incident that had happened to them.

The four couldnt defeat a newcomer and needed another newcomer to save them at the cost of his cultivation.

Jiang Lengyue was at a loss for words, and she didnt know what to reply.

If anyone else said that, she would have retorted fiercely.

However, she couldnt do that toward Xu Yuan.

He was a member of the military and of high rank.

“This was just an accident.

Now that were prepared, they wont stand a chance.”

Xu Yuan was unyielding.

“I dont care about that.

From now on, I will stay here and protect Lu Yu.”

Jiang Lengyue stared at him and asked with a weird tone, “Your strength seems inferior to Lu Yus, right So, how are you going to protect him”

“Im not here to fight in his place.

I will be in charge of supporting him; cant I do that”

Jiang Lengyue waved her hands helplessly.

“Since you wish to stay here, go ahead.

I wont say anything more.”

There was a brief silence in the operating room, and everyones eyes were on the operating table.

The operation was already halfway done.

Lu Yus arm bone had already been taken out, and the disinfected dragon bone was just about to be placed in.

The entire surgery was still done with the mechanical arms, and every step of the operation was precise and clean.

Soon, the dragons arm bone was put in, and the open wound was sutured.

Suddenly, Xu Yuan and the others made an unexpected discovery.

All this while, there was a large black mark under Lu Yus skin where his heart was.

The black patch seemed to have a life of its own, beating along with his heart.

When Lu Yu was in battle moments ago, he was overloaded and relied on this energy to burst through his combat power limit.

This energy had regressed near his heart, but it didnt dissipate and attacked Lu Yus internal organs.

The onlookers noticed that the dark spot in Lu Yus chest began to surge along his blood vessels again once the surgery was complete.

However, it was moving as a whole this time around.

It was swimming under Lu Yus skin, passing through his collarbone, coming to his shoulder, and moving toward his left arm.

Seeing this, Xu Yuan was overjoyed!

“This is great! The ball of energy has started to move!”

“It seems that Lu Yus arm can absorb this energy.

Otherwise, it wouldnt have budged!” Xu Yuan exclaimed excitedly.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Lengyue laughed as she truly thought Lu Yu was done for.

Who would have thought Lu Yu would think of a way to overcome this ordeal

“Thats great! Its the upper houses greatest fortune that Lu Yu has recovered!”

At that moment, Lu Yu, who had his eyes closed, started to frown.

He could feel his entire left arm burning as if it were on fire.

Fortunately, his body felt much more comfortable as it recovered rapidly after the destructive energy left.

Lu Yu knew his gamble had paid off!

[ Congratulations on fusing with the dragons arm bone.

Ancient Dragon Body progress increased by 5% ]

The corner of Lu Yus mouth raised slightly when he saw that his Ancient Dragon Body progress had increased once again!

Even though it was only 5%, it was more than enough.

Lu Yus Ancient Dragon Body had reached 15%, which wasnt a small amount.

Lu Yu was looking forward to the day when he could complete his progress and couldnt wait to experience it fully.

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