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385 Chapter 385 The Only Way

Chapter 385 The Only Way

The three still shook their heads when Lu Yu told them his solution.

Xu Yuan was the first to speak, “Thats impossible.

Where can you find a way to increase your physiques toughness temporarily Your body cant take it now, and it wont be able to take it any time soon.”

Jiang Lengyue nodded in agreement.

“Although you now know that the truth serum causes your overload, thats about it.

At least for now, we dont have any way to temporarily increase your physical bodys toughness on such short notice.”

Han Xuefei lowered her head in disappointment.

“Sigh, is there really no solution”

“Xu Yuan.

I need you to help me with an operation.

Once that is completed, you should be able to help me get out of this state.”

Lu Yu looked at Xu Yuan and said seriously.

Xu Yuan was stunned for a moment, as Lu Yu still ignored their advice and believed there was a solution.

“You really think you have a chance All I need to do is operate on you, and everything will be solved” Xu Yuan asked in surprise.

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Come with me to the training camp.

Well borrow the operating room there.”

Xu Yuan quickly nodded.

“In that case, lets go.

Lets not waste any more time.”

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As they spoke, the two quickly rushed toward the training camp.

Staring at the backs of the two as they left, Jiang Lengyue stood rooted to the ground.

She was deeply experienced and had some medical understanding of the consequences of using the truth serum.

Thus, she could not think of any way to help Lu Yu escape his fate.

However, her heart wavered when she saw how determined Lu Yu was.

Perhaps he really had a way to solve this crisis.

“Lets follow them!”

Jiang Lengyue also rushed over quickly, with the few instructors following closely behind.

Baihus group of four also followed.

Theyd traded blows with Zhao Lei and knew what kind of power the truth serum overload state brought.

It was precisely for this reason that the four instructors didnt think Lu Yu would have a way to turn the situation around.

Very soon, Lu Yu and Xu Yuan arrived at the training camp.

By then, the violent energy in Lu Yus body could no longer be suppressed.

His body was trembling, and the intense pain made him clench his teeth as his forehead was covered in a cold sweat.

After entering the training camp, they quickly went to the operating room.

“Lie down on the bed; Ill arrange the operation for you immediately!” Xu Yuan quickly said.

He hadnt used this operating theater often, but he knew it was the best operating theater in the Freedom Federation.

Lu Yu lay on the operating table watching the four mechanical arms extend from both sides of the bed, dancing around like snakes.

The precision of this high-end mechanical equipment was way better than Xu Yuans hands.

Although Xu Yuan could also do a bone replacement surgery, since there was a better environment, Lu Yu didnt want to risk it.

Lu Yu lay on the bed, and Xu Yuan asked, “What kind of surgery do you plan for me to perform”

“Bone replacement surgery.

Replace the bone in my left arm with this one.”

Lu Yu took out a long and thin bone from his pocket watch.

The bone was beige in color and looked ancient.

It was obvious that it had been there for a long time.

Lu Yu obtained this arm bone when he was tasked with repairing an ancient statue.

Since the day he obtained the arm bone, Lu Yu had been preparing for this bone transplant.

He had undergone many medicinal baths in the process in order to accumulate energy in his body so that he could successfully undergo this bone replacement surgery.

But he didnt need any of that now; there was more than enough energy in his body for Lu Yu to complete the operation.

“Where did you get this” Xu Yuan asked curiously.

“I obtained this bone by accident, and it came from a giant dragon from ancient times.

After transplanting this arm bone, my strength and the toughness of my physical body will greatly improve.

Hearing this, Xu Yuan heaved a sigh of relief.

“I see.

But are you sure there wont be any rejections”

“Im sure.

I have the bloodline of an ancient dragon, allowing me to adapt to it quickly.

As long as the operation is completed, my physique will strengthen, and I should be able to withstand the power brought by the truth serum.”

Xu Yuan was shocked.

No wonder Lu Yu was so talented and had such great potential; it turned out that his bloodline was related to an ancient dragon.

Since that was the case, there was no doubt that Lu Yu could absorb this chaotic energy after the surgery.

“No wonder youve always improved so quickly; anyone related to an ancient dragon wouldnt be weak.”

In this world, dragons symbolized power, strength, and holiness.

Once a cultivator was somehow related to a dragon, his strength would far outweigh that of others!

“The surgery is about to begin.”

Xu Yuan sat next to the operation panel.

After setting up the program, the surgery would automatically begin.

The four mechanical arms began to perform the surgery with exact movements.

There was no room for error at all.

Xu Yuan sat by the side and carefully observed the surgery process.

At that moment, Jiang Lengyue and the others also rushed over.

“Hows the progress Is there any possibility of recovery” Jiang Lengyue asked anxiously.

Xu Yuan nodded slightly and smiled.

“Lu Yu suggested a solution that should be able to solve the problem as long as the surgery is successful.”

Jiang Lengyue heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good.

As long as he can recover, nothings a problem.”

She would not give up a top genius like Lu Yu if she could.

Han Xuefei looked at Lu Yu, lying on the operating table, and gulped.

The whole process of the bone replacement surgery was bloody, and she felt a little uncomfortable.

However, she still put her hands together and silently prayed for Lu Yu.

The operating room door was pushed open again, and Wang Meng quickly walked in.

“Whats wrong with my brother I heard something happened to him!”

Wang Meng quickly walked over, and Xu Yuan made a shushing gesture to quiet him down.

Wang Meng quickly shut up and didnt say anything else.

“Um…” Wang Meng wanted to know what exactly happened How could someone injure Lu Yu so severely that he had to undergo surgery

Xu Yuan patiently explained to him, and Wang Meng finally understood what had happened.

Wang Meng took out his phone and contacted Yun Zirou, Su Qing, and Lin Kang.

Very quickly, Wang Meng learned about Lu Yus previous battle with the Truth Department.

“This isnt Lu Yus first time fighting the Truth Department.

Hes fought once before and destroyed one of their strongholds.”

Xu Yuan knew about this.

After all, Lu Yus badge was obtained through this incident.

“The potion that my brother drank was also obtained from there.

It was rumored that once one drank it, one could evolve into a dragon.”

Wang Meng was nervous as he couldnt wait to see Lu Yus perfect evolution once this ordeal was over!

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