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384 Chapter 384 The Last Hope

Chapter 384 The Last Hope

Lu Yus words caused an uproar among the crowd.

“What did he mean Lu Yu said he wont lose his talent.”

“Thats impossible.

Why would it be different for Lu Yu when even Zhao Lei ended up like that”

“He must be just consoling himself, right”

“I wish he could keep his talent, but thats impossible.”

“Is Lu Yu serious Does he really have a solution”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu curiously and didnt understand what he was saying.

They had no idea how he could have a way to solve the problem.

Jiang Lengyue and Xu Yuan looked at Lu Yu, feeling slightly anxious as they couldnt come up with any solutions, although the two were experienced and knowledgeable.

After all, they had little contact with truth serums and didnt know much about them.

They didnt have any experimental data to back up their knowledge.

If it was the Truth Department, they might be able to save Lu Yu.

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Han Xuefeis eyes lit up.

She didnt know much about the Truth Department or the truth serum.

However, she believed in Lu Yu.

Since he said so, he must have a solution.

At that moment, Lu Yu squatted in front of Zhao Lei and said, “You can die now.”

Zhao Lei immediately cried out in shock, “You cant stop the consequences from happening.

After overload, you will definitely lose your talent.

Youre lying to me.

Youre just being stubborn!”

He didnt want to believe Lu Yus words, as he had already lost all his strength.

If Lu Yus outcome was different, even though he was in the same situation as him, he didnt think it was fair.

“Why Weve both entered overload.

How can you maintain your strength”

“You dont need to know about this, except that I have a way to solve it.

Now, tell me where you got the potions.”

Zhao Lei shook his head.

“You think Ill tell you In your dreams!”

Facing someone who wanted to kill him, why should he be cooperative and give out any information

Lu Yu raised his right claw and pointed his index finger at Zhao Leis eye.

“Then Ill change my question.

Do you want to die a quick death or a painful death”

Zhao Leis eyes stared at the sharp claws in front of him, and he gulped audibly.

He didnt want to be tortured, but he didnt know any information regarding the Truth Department.

It was just that a mysterious person had found him, given him a chance to become stronger, and thrown him ten potions.

He didnt know how to explain that.

“That man was dressed in black.

I couldnt see his face.

I dont know him at all!”

Zhao Lei explained in a panic.

Lu Yu grabbed Zhao Leis neck with one hand and continued to ask, “Is that person a person from the academy”

“I dont know.

I dont think so.”

“You dont know that guy at all”


Hes the one who suddenly came to look for me.” Zhao Lei swallowed his saliva as he spoke.

Lu Yus right hand clenched and directly broke Zhao Leis neck after that!

In an instant, Lu Yu ended Zhao Leis life.

The onlookers gulped, as they didnt expect Lu Yu to be this decisive, as if he were killing a chicken.

Lu Yu stood up straight and could still feel the dark energy in his body.

This energy was still rampaging around and colliding inside his body, constantly causing him to feel pain.

Seeing this, Xu Yuan quickly ran over.

“Lu Yu! Hows your current situation”

Xu Yuan walked quickly and asked in a panic.

Lu Yu turned to him and asked, “Why are you here”

“The military has received news that the Truth Department has infiltrated the upper house.

Im here to help!”

Although he said he came to help, his real purpose was to protect Lu Yu.

After all, it wasnt only the upper house that valued Lu Yu; the military did too.

If anything happened to Lu Yu, it would be a massive loss to the military.

However, looking at Lu Yus state, Xu Yuan couldnt help but feel uncomfortable.

When the overload state ended, Lu Yu would be unable to withstand this energy that was causing damage to his entire body and lose everything he had cultivated.

“You should know the consequences of overloading, right” Xu Yuan asked carefully.

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Of course, Zhao Lei has already shown that.”

Sighs rose and fell from the crowd of onlookers.

The fall of such a genius was definitely a loss for the Freedom Federation!

Upon seeing this, Jiang Lengyue walked over quickly, and Han Xuefei followed behind.

“Xu Yuan, is there any way to remedy it” Jiang Lengyue asked.

Han Xuefei came to Lu Yus side and asked, “How long until this power in your body disappears”

Lu Yu and Xu Yuan both shook their heads.

“I dont know how long it can last, but Ill probably be done for when its over.” Lu Yu shook his head helplessly.

Xu Yuan looked at Jiang Lengyue.

“Pardon me for being direct, but theres no other way.”

Upon hearing this, other than Lu Yu, the other three lowered their heads and mourned for him.

However, Lu Yus expression didnt seem disappointed.

“Dont be so sure; theres still a chance.”

Lu Yus words stunned the three.

“What did you say” Xu Yuan quickly asked.

“Do you still have a chance”

“Thats impossible.

Xu Yuan is one of the best doctors in the military.

Since he said so, there should be no other way.” Jiang Lengyue spoke with certainty.

She didnt know much about healthcare, but she knew Xu Yuan.

If he said there was no chance, then there was no chance.

Han Xuefeis eyes brightened, and she quickly asked, “Really” Do you have a way to recover”

Everyone was staring at Lu Yu, but no one believed what he said.

In their opinion, Lu Yu was just unable to accept the loss of his talent, so he was being stubborn.

After all, no one would be able to accept this if it happened to anyone else.

Lu Yu was ranked first among all newcomers at Freedom Federations top university.

It basically meant Lu Yu was the best student this year in the entire country!

Moreover, he had just started his journey and still had a lot of room for growth in the future.

The upper houses resources were biased towards him, and the military took care of him.

Such a bright future was destroyed in an instant; of course, he couldnt accept this reality.

Lu Yu looked at the crowd and helplessly began to explain.

“Im in an overload state because the energy produced by the truth serum is in such abundance that it has broken through the upper limit of what my body can bear.

That energy cant be absorbed, and its temporarily rampaging in my body.

It will boost my strength, but if this continues, it will cripple me.”

“The solution is simple.

We just have to find a way to absorb this energy!”

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