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383 Chapter 383 Drag You With Me

Chapter 383 Drag You With Me

Zhao Lei already knew his future.

He knew that his strength would be gone once his overload state ended, turning him into an ordinary person.

At most, he would be a normal person with a slightly stronger body.

Once he became an ordinary person, he would be like a fledgling facing a tiger when up against these cultivators.

He was helpless before them.

Even the weakest cultivators would be able to crush the strongest of ordinary humans.

This was why Zhao Lei panicked.

Even though he knew he had messed up, he still wanted to live and did not want to die.

“Hey, lets forget it.

Well each back off, and thats all for today.”

Zhao Lei began to beg for a truce and didnt want to continue this fight.

Lu Yu had just entered overload while his time was almost up.

If they continued, he would be the first to lose.

He came from a decent family background, so even if he turned back into an ordinary person, he could still continue to live the rest of his life in luxury.

The fear of death cleared his mind.

“This isnt a fight you can stop at will!”

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“You came here to kill me, so why would I let you go”

The next moment, Lu Yu charged forward without hesitation and swung his fists at Zhao Lei.

Zhao Lei hurriedly retreated, barely dodging Lu Yus attack.

He was already at the end of his barrel and would soon lose all combat strength; he was destined to be beaten up by Lu Yu.

Lu Yu continued to attack Zhao Lei as the speed of his punches became faster and faster.

It was his turn not to give Zhao Lei a chance to catch his breath.

The crowd wasnt clear about their conversation, but when they saw that Lu Yu could defeat Zhao Lei, they started cheering him on.

“After Lu Yu drank just one potion, his strength became the same as Zhao Leis, or even stronger!”

“What terrifying strength Lu Yu has.

If he defeats Zhao Lei, isnt it the same as defeating the four instructors as Zhao Lei had done”

“Thats true.

Lu Yus speed of improvement is too fast.”

“Its a pity that the truth serum is taboo.

If one continues down this evil path, something bad will always happen.”

“Lu Yu only drank one bottle, so it shouldnt be a big problem.”

“But the effect of his one bottle seems even more powerful than Zhao Leis.”

Many people in the crowd were unclear about the situation, and all they knew was that Lu Yus strength had increased.

Only Jiang Lengyue and Xu Yuan knew that after this battle, Lu Yu would turn back into an ordinary person, with all his talent and strength turned to dust.

The two felt sorry for Lu Yu once again.

Lu Yu had the same thoughts as Jiang Lengyue and Xu Yuan.

He understood that he had entered a state of overload and would lose all his strength once this ended.

However, Lu Yu still had a chance.

He entered overload after drinking the truth serum because the energy it produced was so massive that he couldnt absorb it all immediately.

Therefore, this energy was running amok in his body and causing damage.

The final result of that would ruin the cultivator.

If he could absorb it entirely, it would be the same as a normal, successful evolution, and there would be no issues.

Zhao Lei drank ten bottles of truth potion at once but couldnt absorb them all, which was why he was overloaded.

As for the energy contained in Lu Yus truth serum, it was also too massive for him to absorb all at once.

It showed that the energy contained in Lu Yus bottle was even more enormous than in Zhao Leis ten bottles.

Lu Yu could feel the dark energy flowing through his body, attempting to consume everything in his body.

Lu Yu threw out consecutive punches, and Zhao Lei took them with his arms.

Zhao Lei was sent flying after that, and his forearms were fractured.

He lay on the ground, enduring the intense pain as he gritted his teeth.

The blackness over his body was slowly fading away; his black blood vessels were now purple.

He panted heavily as if his physical strength had reached its limit.

“You bastard, why must you be so persistent in killing me Fine! I will not let you have an easy time too!”

He stood up again and charged at Lu Yu!


He appeared in front of Lu Yu in an instant, swung his arm in a circle, and headed toward Lu Yu!

He had used up all of his remaining strength in this attack.

If it didnt have any effect, the battle would end with his defeat.

Lu Yu suddenly kicked out, kicking Zhao Lei in the chest and sending him flying.

Zhao Lei fell to the ground and spat a large mouthful of blood.

His entire body was trembling, and he had lost all his strength.

The darkness on his body had completely disappeared.

He had lost everything.

Not only did he lose the power of the truth serum, but he also lost his cultivation and became a cripple.

He didnt even have the strength to stand up, and his whole body turned red.

“Ive already lost my powers and am just an ordinary person now.

Im not a threat to you or anyone else.”

“So, let me go.

I know my mistake and wont dare go against you again!”

He clasped his hands together and begged Lu Yu.

“Youre still dreaming, arent you You will die today, and that is a fact.”

Lu Yu strode toward him.

Lying on the ground, Zhao Lei witnessed the god of death walking toward him.

“You piece of **, kill me then if you dare.

In any case, I wont lose anything even if I die.

Youll be like me later, nothing but a cripple!”

“Your talent is much stronger than mine.

Its worth it if I drag you down with me!”

He laughed maniacally as he got the last laugh before his impending death.

The crowd couldnt help but lower their heads, feeling sad for Lu Yu.

The four instructors led by Baihu all had vexed expressions.

They wouldnt have needed a newcomer to save them if they had done a little better and been a bit more useful!

“Damn it! In the end, its a newcomer who saved us!” Baihu clenched his fist and lamented.


If not for Lu Yu, the four of us would have died at the hands of this madman.

“Its a pity that Lu Yu is about to lose his talent for us.”

“There must be a way.

We cant lose Lu Yu!”

The four instructors were anxious, remorseful, and feeling guilty.

Jiang Lengyue and Xu Yuan both heaved a heavy sigh.

There was no way to fix this from their point of view.

At that moment, Lu Yu walked before Zhao Lei and squatted down.

“Well, I guess Im going to disappoint you.

After all, I wont be losing my talent!”

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