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382 Chapter 382 The Fall Of A Genius

Chapter 382 The Fall Of A Genius

Lu Yu and Zhao Lei were like arrows at the end of their flight.

The outcome of the battle between the two would be decided.

Lu Yu was taking a beating all this while, but once he drank the truth serum, he stood back up.

His strength had increased tremendously, and he was in a state of overload.

However, the main issue was that after Lu Yu exited this state, his body would be crippled.

All the strength he had cultivated along the way would be lost!

But they were at the point of life and death, and Lu Yu couldnt care about this.

Zhao Leis punch didnt cause any damage and only managed to push Lu Yu back.

He stood rooted to the ground, his mind completely blank.

“This is impossible! Why do you have that too So, you are the problem!”

“Whether I have any problems or not, you dont need to worry about it.

You just need to know that you will die in my hands soon!”

Zhao Lei finally guessed why the man in black found him and specifically asked him to kill Lu Yu.

It seemed that Yu had a grudge against the Truth Department.

It was also possible that Lu Yu took something from the Truth Department.

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“You must die! If I dont kill you, I wont be able to go in peace!”

Zhao Lei roared in anger and charged forward again!

He quickly rushed up and dished out several punches at Lu Yu.

At that moment, both sides were evenly matched, with Lu Yu having a slight upper hand.

The two fought, and it was hard to tell who was winning.

Suddenly, a group of men in suits approached the crowd on the street not far from the stargazing tower.

Standing at the forefront of this group of people was a little girl of average height.

She was none other than the dean of the upper house, Jiang Lengyue.

She walked forward quickly, and the others behind her followed closely.

As Jiang Lengyue walked, she was mumbling something nervously.

She was praying that Lu Yuqian would last until she arrived.

“I dont think we have enough time.” She picked up her phone and looked at the time.

She realized that at least five minutes had passed.

“I guess well have to collect his corpse…”

She continued forward and suddenly saw a running figure; it was Xu Yuan.

Xu Yuan wasnt wearing his weird outfit but a proper military uniform.

He quickly ran over and reached Jiang Lengyue.

“Hey, what are you doing here Where is Lu Yu Whats the situation”

Xu Yuan asked nervously.

“Logically speaking, he might have already died in the hands of the enemy,” Jiang Lengyue said, her voice tinged with regret.


“How is it impossible I know the strength of those four instructors! The four were all defeated by a single person, which shows how terrifying Zhao Leis strength is.”

“Lu Yu is only a talented newcomer.

He cant possibly have the strength to fight against such a monster!”

Xu Yuan lowered his head slightly, knowing Jiang Lengyue wasnt lying.

The strength of the four-instructor team was way ahead of Lu Yus.

Each and every one of the four instructors was the best the academy had, and the four of them together would multiply their capabilities by several times!

As a well-known military doctor, he was quite capable, but he never thought he could beat the four instructors.

“No matter the result, we should head over as soon as possible,” Xu Yuan accepted his fate and wanted to head over as soon as possible.

Even if Lu Yu was dead, he had to collect his body as quickly as possible!

Jiang Lengyue nodded her head slightly.

“Lets hurry over.

But everything that happened has already happened…”

The two quickly walked forward and soon arrived at the stargazing tower, noticing a lot of onlookers as they went over.

When the crowd saw that Jiang Lengyue had personally appeared, all of them were flustered as they hurriedly gave way to her!

Jiang Lengyue and Xu Yuan made their way through the crowd, looking at the battlefield.

When Jiang Lengyue saw that Lu Yu was still alive and fighting, a smile appeared on her face.

Xu Yuan saw the same thing and also heaved a sigh of relief.

It was fortunate that Lu Yu was still alive and well, which was enough.

“I didnt expect him to be able to last until now.

Whats the upper limit of his strength” Jiang Lengyue couldnt help but exclaim.

She was so sure that Lu Yu was going to die.

After all, the enemy he was facing was all too powerful!

However, not only did Lu Yu not die; he held on and fought on par with Zhao Lei.

This was something that left Jiang Lengyue speechless.

Xu Yuan carefully observed Lu Yu and realized something was wrong.

“Lu Yu also drank a truth serum,”

When Jiang Lengyue heard this, she hurriedly looked over and discovered, to her astonishment, that black-colored lines had indeed appeared on Lu Yus neck.

“He didnt just drink a normal truth serum; hes in an overload state! Hes activating all the potential in his body!”

Xu Yuan knew about overload and its consequences.

“Its over.

After overload ends, Lu Yu will be completely wasted, and he will become an ordinary person!”

Jiang Lengyue nodded her head slightly and said, “From the looks of it, that seems to be the case.

It looks like were going to lose a genius!”

She let out a long sigh as a genius like Lu Yu was really a rare sight!

She was excited previously that the upper house had welcomed a true genius, but in the blink of an eye, she was going to lose him…

“Should we help him” Jiang Lengyue asked.

Xu Yuan shook his head slightly.

“Forget it.

Let him enjoy this last battle.

After all, he wont be able to do so anymore.”

“Im sorry Im late,” Jiang Lengyue sighed helplessly.

“If not, I would be able to save him.”

It wasnt just the two of them; the other onlookers also felt it was a pity.

Lu Yus talent was simply too astonishing, which was why they felt it was such a shame if he lost it.

Losing such a talent wasnt just a loss for the upper house but for the entire Freedom Federation!

Everyone watched Lu Yus battle as he and Zhao Lei swung and collided their fists; each punch contained a powerful force!

As the battle continued, Lu Yu gained the upper hand, while Zhao Lei gradually lost control of his strength.

“Im going to destroy you!”

He was exhausted but still mumbled about wanting to kill Lu Yu.

“Why, why do the heavens never favor me”

He cried and complained sorrowfully.

He had thought that he was finally able to kill Lu Yu, but Lu Yu suddenly drank a potion that made his strength soar to a level that was on par with his.

“It doesnt matter anymore.

After all, your strength will be gone when this ends, and the two of us will be crippled.

One for one, Im not the one losing out.”

“Youre dead,” Lu Yu replied.

“Youre dead for sure.”

The fear of death struck Zhao Lei as he panicked.

“When the battle ends, I will be useless.

Do you still need to kill me Theres no need for that, right”

He was flustered as he knew his future was to be a cripple, so what was the difference between being alive and being dead

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