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381 Chapter 381 Lu Yu After Drinking The Truth Serum

Chapter 381 Lu Yu After Drinking The Truth Serum

Lu Yu looked at Zhao Lei, who had stood up again.

He fell into deep thought.

How could this guy still stand up and fight How was he doing it

Its got to be the truth serum!

He hadnt expected the truth serum to be this miraculous; no wonder so many people were willing to risk their lives to join the Truth Department.

Was he really going to die here today

There was no strength left in his body, and Lu Yu couldnt move any of his muscles.

How was he going to continue fighting in this state He could only be a sandbag and take a beating from now on.

Lu Yu closed his eyes slightly and suddenly recalled that he had obtained a bottle of truth serum when he destroyed the Truth Departments stronghold.

Moreover, that bottle of truth serum was special.

It was meant for the half-dragon to evolve into a true dragon.

If he drank it, would he be able to obtain the strength he needed for a short time

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Zhao Lei had entered an overload state, meaning he had drunk many bottles in a short time.

Could Lu Yu withstand this one bottle

Lu Yu opened his eyes again and saw that Zhao Lei had already stood up and was moving his limbs.

All the blood vessels in Zhao Leis body had turned pitch black, from his chest to his heart, spreading to every part of his body.

His skin was also turning black as his blood vessels darkened, and a dark mist began to emit from his body.

His caved-in chest was recovering at an amazing speed, filling up the cavity that was once there.

“That punch is your limit, huh You can rest assured and die now.”

Zhao Lei started to walk toward Lu Yu.

Everyone who was watching from afar fell into despair once again.

“Its over, completely over.

Zhao Lei is unharmed!”

“Hes just too tanky; just how high are his defense and health”

“Lu Yu doesnt seem to have any combat power left.

How is he going to fight Zhao Lei”

“This time, its game over.

Zhao Lei is terrifying!”

The crowd was pessimistic and sentenced Lu Yu to death in their hearts.

Han Xuefei looked at Lu Yu, and the only thing she could do was to pray silently in the hope that Lu Yu would survive.

She knew that with her strength, she would not be able to resist even one of Zhao Leis attacks and would only send herself to death!

Zhao Lei quickly walked in front of Lu Yu.

Immediately after, he clenched his right fist and punched Lu Yus chest!

If this punch were to land on him, it could instantly penetrate Lu Yus chest and kill him on the spot!

However, just as Zhao Leis fist was about to make contact with Lu Yu, an invisible force came and wrapped around his fist.

Zhao Lei was shocked for a moment, but he quickly reacted and turned to look at Han Xuefei in the crowd.

At that moment, Han Xuefei stretched out her hands and released all her telekinesis.

“You… you actually made a move.

Do you want to die with him” Zhao Lei was angry.

She and Lu Yu had only known each other for a few days, and she was helping him in this situation!

Han Xuefei had almost exhausted her spiritual power in an instant.

Blood flowed out of her nose, and she looked pale.

Just blocking Zhao Leis punch nearly exhausted all of Han Xuefeis strength.

“Zhao Lei, youve gone mad.

Lu Yu didnt do anything to you!”

Zhao Lei raised his right fist and said, “Your skill seems to have ended.

Could you feel my current strength A woman like you, who only knows how to rely on the strong, will become my plaything sooner or later.”

He lowered his head and prepared to punch Lu Yu again!

However, when he lowered his head, he realized that Lu Yu had taken out a potion bottle and was drinking it in large gulps.

He looked closer and saw that the bottle was exactly the same as the truth serum he had obtained!

“…what are you doing Where did you get this bottle of truth serum”

Zhao Lei asked in a panic.

The crowd was astonished.

“Whats going on Is Lu Yu holding a truth serum”

“He has something like that too Where did he get it”

“Damn, is the tide going to change again”

As the dark red liquid entered Lu Yus stomach, powerful energy burst out to fill his body and enter every cell.

[ Ancient Dragon Body Progress: (10/100) ]

[ Acquired 100 attribute points, acquired random dragon skill tablet ]

Lu Yus Ancient Dragon Body progress had reached 10, and he was 90 away from completing it.

This bottle of truth serum helped Lu Yu further the progress of his Ancient Dragon Body and, at the same time, strengthened himself.

However, Lu Yu realized he couldnt absorb all of this energy!

Dark energy swam into Lu Yus body, destroying it.

Lu Yu gritted his teeth as he felt the intense pain in his body!

Starting from Lu Yus chest, his blood vessels slowly turned black.

These dark blood vessels could be clearly seen from under his skin.

Lu Yu gritted his teeth as cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

He was in extreme pain!

The energy contained in the serum was too chaotic, and he could only absorb a portion.

This dark energy moved around his body, causing Lu Yu pain wherever it went.

All of a sudden, this dark energy burst out, and Lu Yus attributes began to rise crazily!

Like Zhao Lei, Lu Yu had entered a state of overload!

The strange thing was that Lu Yu had only drunk one bottle but had already entered overload.

Lu Yus strength would temporarily surge.

However, when the state disappeared, he would become a cripple and lose all his strength.

Thinking of this, Lu Yu couldnt help but panic.

Would he really be crippled once he exited overload

He knew he couldnt let the dark energy in his body wander around any further.

Zhao Lei before him was also unable to withstand this energy, which explained his state of overload.

At that moment, Zhao Lei threw another punch, aiming for Lu Yus chest.


Zhao Leis punch forced Lu Yu to retreat.

At that moment, the air around them froze.

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me Lu Yu managed to withstand Zhao Leis punch!”

“This cant be! Based on Zhao Leis damage, this punch should be able to break through Lu Yus defense and make a hole in his chest!”

“Has Zhao Lei become weaker, or has Lu Yu become stronger”

“Look! Lu Yus body has changed!”

The blackened blood vessels finally spread to Lu Yus neck, and everyone who saw it realized Lu Yu had entered the same state of overload as Zhao Lei.

This caused them to have mixed feelings.

They were happy that Lu Yu could survive but sad that he would become disabled soon and lose his talent.


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