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379 Chapter 379 The Enemys Terrifying Strength

Chapter 379 The Enemys Terrifying Strength

At this moment, the red double doors at the tower entrance were pushed open, and Lu Yu walked out.

The moment he pushed open the door and walked out, he attracted the attention of everyone; the atmosphere in the hall froze in an instant.

Han Xuefei, who was standing in the crowd, was nervous.

Never in her dreams would she have thought that Zhao Lei would defeat the four instructors!

He didnt even make it into the top three in the newcomers martial arts tournament.

How could anyone expect his strength to skyrocket in just a few days

It was hard for the onlookers to accept the defeat of the four instructors.

Baihu, Qinglong, and Xuanwu were all knocked to the ground and lost their combat power.

Zhuque alone was no longer Zhao Leis match.

Zhao Lei raised his head and looked at Lu Yu.

“Haha, I didnt expect you to come out by yourself.

It sure saved me the trouble of going up to find you!”

Lu Yu took two steps forward and saw the instructors on the ground.

“You are emitting a stinky smell, the smell of the truth serum.”

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Lu Yu could smell it immediately and knew that this guy was in cahoots with the Truth Department.

“Youve already walked the evil path, and its irreversible!”

Zhao Lei revealed a sinister smile.

“I dont care about the right or wrong path.

I only know that my path will make me stronger and allow me to kill you!”

He extended his claws and got into a fighting stance!

“You will die today!”

Lu Yu knew that he was going to have a tough battle today.

This guys strength was enough to defeat the four instructors working together, and Lu Yu was probably not a match for him either.

The onlookers were worried for Lu Yu.

“Its over! Theres no way Lu Yu is his match!”

“Something big is going to happen.

If no one stops him now, Lu Yu will die at this guys hands!”

“Although Lu Yu is strong, its nothing compared to Zhao Lei now!”

“I mean, even the four instructors werent his match.

How could Lu Yu do anything”

“Hurry up and get the upper house to someone over.

Well lose a genius if they dont do so quickly!”

In the crowd, Han Xuefei gritted her teeth.

She regretted that she should have contacted Lu Yu earlier and asked him to find a way to escape.

It was a pity that this stargazing tower only had one exit.

Even if Lu Yu wanted to escape, he had nowhere to run.

At that moment, in the deans office, Jiang Lengyue was working.

The secretary quickly pushed the door open and walked in without even knocking.

After she entered, she hurriedly went up to Jiang Lengyue.

“Dean, something big has happened!”

Jiang Lengyue lifted her head and looked at her.

“Whats the situation ”

“The four instructors have been defeated! The enemy they encountered was the fourth-ranked newcomer, Zhao Lei!”

Jiang Lengyues eyes flickered, feeling a little taken aback.

“How can this be Hes just a newcomer.

How can he be a match for the four of them”

From what she knew, any of these four instructors could take on at least ten Zhao Lei!

“He was in contact with the Truth Department and obtained truth serums.

He must have drunk a few bottles and is now overloaded! His current strength is through the roof!”

Jiang Lengyue hurriedly stood up.

“Where is that person now”

“At the stargazing tower.”

“Why would he be there”

“Because his goal is to kill Lu Yu.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Lengyues eyes widened!

“His target is Lu Yu”

“Thats right.

I dont know why, but maybe hes resentful or jealous.

He wants to kill Lu Yu to prove his strength.”

Jiang Lengyue placed both her hands on the table, frowning.

“This is bad.

We cant let that guy kill Lu Yu!”

“Lu Yu is someone that the military has their eye on.

If he dies here, the military will definitely question me.

Most importantly, he is a once-in-a-thousand-years genius, and it would be such a pity for him to die here!”

Jiang Lengyue was flustered.

If Lu Yu were to die here, she would be in a tough spot.

When the secretary beside her heard this, she was nervous too.

“Dean, lets immediately mobilize our manpower and quickly surround him!”

“Do it as soon as possible.

I hope Lu Yu can hold on for a little longer.

However, the difference in strength is too big, and Lu Yus probably dead…”

Jiang Lengyue spoke with incomparable regret.

In her eyes, Lu Yus chances of survival were low.

The secretary had just turned to leave when Jiang Lengyues phone rang.

He took it out and saw that it was Xu Yuan from the military.

“Hey, have you arrived” Jiang Lengyue asked.

“Im already at the entrance.

I need your permission to enter.”

“Ill give you the authority right away…”

Jiang Lengyue pressed a button on the table, and the main entrance of the upper house opened slowly.

“Xu Yuan, I have some bad news.”

“Its not going to be good if even you think its bad news.

Tell me.” Xu Yuans tone became serious.

“We havent found the person from the Truth Department yet, but they tricked a newcomer and forced him to evolve several times in a row.

His strength has skyrocketed, and he despises Lu Yu.

Hes probably fighting Lu Yu right now.”

“Where are the people you sent out”

“Theyve all been defeated,”

Upon hearing this, Xu Yuan was stunned.

“What did you just say The instructors you sent out lost to a newcomer, and hes fighting Lu Yu”

“Thats right.

Thats why we need to move quickly and get there as soon as possible.

Xu Yuan immediately hung up and walked through the gate, entering the upper house.

In the deans office, Jiang Lengyue also took action.

When the two officials were on the move, Lu Yu and Zhao Lei were facing each other.

At that moment, under the stargazing tower, Lu Yu faced Zhao Lei and was prepared for battle.

“Zhao Lei, the best result today is that the two of us will die together!”

Zhao Lei roared in anger, “I dont care about anything else.

I dont care if Im dead or alive.

All I want is to kill you; youve taken everything that originally belonged to me!”

He yelled as he approached Lu Yu.

At this moment, his entire body was emitting a deep red blood mist.

His muscles expanded, his blood vessels bulged, and his veins pumped.

Lu Yus claws transformed into his Light Dragon Claws as he activated his Eye of the Dragon God.

With a glance, Lu Yu saw Zhao Leis stats.

[ Zhao Lei ]

[ Talent: Purple Thunder Roar (S-Level), controls the lightning element and greatly increases speed ]

[ Attack: 1800 ]

[ Speed: 1550 ]

[ Health: 3200 ]

[ Mana: 620 ]

[ Defense: 1400 ]

[ Current state: Overload.

His body has reached its limit.

Once it ends, his body will be crippled ]

Seeing this attribute, Lu Yu couldnt help but swallow.

Lu Yu knew he was inferior to Zhao Lei based on his attributes alone.

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