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378 Chapter 378 Complete Defeat, Targeting Lu Yu

Chapter 378 Complete Defeat, Targeting Lu Yu

Zhao Lei rushed out of the flames and smashed Xuanwus staff with a single punch.

After breaking through, Zhao Leis fist did not lose momentum and continued smashing into Xuanwus abdomen!


Xuanwus abdomen was hit with a muffled sound, causing him to take a few steps back.

“Dammit, how is this possible” Blood trickled down the corner of Xuanwus mouth as he spoke in disbelief.

He wasnt the only one in shock.

When the other three saw Zhao Lei survive those injuries, they were astounded!

“This guy is too dangerous!” Xuanwu gritted its teeth.

“Im going to activate the shield!”

A huge shield was formed with him as the center, covering the four of them.

This green shield was in the shape of the black tortoise, a divine beast.

The surrounding onlookers were all dumbfounded.

“Whats with this guy Hes not dead”

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“Impossible! No one can survive Instructor Zhuques skill!”

“This guys strength is improving too quickly!”

“Its over.

The four instructors arent going to lose, are they”

“Oh my god.

Instructor Zhuque has the highest damage but cant even pose a threat to Zhao Lei.

How can they win this fight”

The surrounding crowd was pessimistic.

Just a moment ago, they all thought that with the four instructors working together, Zhao Lei was done for.

But it seemed like the four instructors were the ones about to lose.

At that moment, Han Xuefeis figure appeared in the crowd.

She saw the commotion from afar and quickly walked over, realizing there was an intense battle.

Four powerful instructors against a newcomer.

This was the most ridiculous thing that Han Xuefei had ever heard!

But that joke came true.

When she recognized that the person was Zhao Lei, she was shocked and speechless.

She was well aware of Zhao Leis strength.

He was quick, skilled at sneak attacks and assassination, and possessed the lightning element.

Usually, Zhao Lei would not dare engage in close combat with a warrior.

However, his performance showed that he was not the same person! Zhao Lei was going head-to-head with instructors Baihu and Xuanwu!

She quickly took out her phone and quickly sent a message to Lu Yu.

“Theres a problem under the stargazing tower.

It might be related to you.

Be careful.”

On the other side, after Lu Yu received the message, he went downstairs to see what was happening.

Xuanwu activated his ultimate skill, Black Tortoise Guardian Spirit!

An illusionary tortoise descended and enveloped the four instructors.

This barrier had a high defense and could withstand up to 6,000 damage.

Zhao Lei charged over regardless, and his two claws continuously attacked the barrier, rapidly reducing the barriers value!

As Zhao Lei attacked, cracks began to form on the shield, which was about to shatter.

Xuanwu was beginning to feel nervous, as he knew how strong this barrier he had formed was.

He knew he couldnt withstand more of Zhao Leis punches.

“Die, die!”

“From now on, you will know my strength! I will make all of you submit to me!”

It was as if Zhao Lei had gone crazy as he madly attacked the shield.

“This guy is crazy.

How can we stop him”

“It seems he is willing to pay any price to kill Lu Yu.

We cant let him succeed!” Zhuque said in a serious tone.

“This news is already spreading.

The universitys support should be coming soon, right”

“Its hard to say.

The onlookers are so engrossed in watching that they might not even know how to contact the officials!”

“But we are the universitys support…” Baihu said helplessly.

The four instructors went silent.

Then, Zhuque conjured yet another fireball.

“Dont count on others.

Lets fight it out with the four of us!”

Baihu stood up again with his muscles bulging.

“We must stop him!”

Very quickly, there was a cracking sound as the barrier protecting the four was broken.

Zhao Lei quickly rushed in, his punch landing on Xuanwus chest and sending him flying!

Xuanwus colossal body was thrown into the air for a short distance before it fell heavily to the ground.

Immediately after, Zhao Lei quickly arrived in front of Baihu.

“You die too! Youre wasting my time!”

He grabbed Baihus arm with both hands, and Baihu couldnt do anything to stop him.

“How is that possible” Baihu once again marveled at Zhao Leis strength.

Zhao Lei swung his arms and sent Baihu flying.

After Baihu was flung away, only Qinglong was left standing in front of Zhuque.

Zhuque was a little flustered as she knew Qinglong alone would be unable to protect her!

Hence, Zhuque quickly summoned her fiery phoenix again, shooting it toward Zhao Lei.

Qinglong followed closely behind and swung his long blade.

A huge azure dragon shadow appeared and lashed out at Zhao Lei.

A fiery phoenix and an azure dragon both generated powerful shockwaves as they rushed toward Zhao Lei.

Zhao Lei could feel that these two attacks were powerful, and he shouldnt take them head-on.

His pair of wings on his back flapped, and he disappeared from where he was.

When he reappeared, he was beside Qinglong.

When Qinglong saw Zhao Lei appear at his side, he immediately panicked and wanted to counterattack!

He never expected Zhao Leis speed to get even faster!

Qinglong hurriedly held his long sword horizontally in front of his body to block the incoming attack.

Zhao Leis fist shot out like a cannonball, hitting the blade.


Qinglongs sword rang out and vibrated crazily, causing blood to flow out of Qinglongs palm.

The power of this punch forced Qinglong to retreat before he could barely stabilize himself.

He gritted his teeth and stared at Zhao Lei.

“Damn it.

Ive really underestimated you!”

Zhao Lei didnt say anything and threw another punch at the blade.

Qinglongs entire body was sent flying by this oppressive punch.

The intense shock made him let go of the sword in his right hand.

Three of the four-instructors team were bashed down and were in a semi-unconscious state.

“Miss, my strength isnt bad for a newcomer, right” Zhao Lei asked, smiling.

“The number one newcomer of this year should also be me, right”

Zhuque gulped, as she didnt want to anger Zhao Lei further.

Her body was fragile, and it would be bad if she were injured.

“Zhao Lei, what are you trying to do”

Zhao Lei turned around and walked toward the stargazing tower.

“What I want to do is very simple.

That is to kill Lu Yu.

No one can stop me!”

He walked into the stargazing tower as the surrounding people quickly made way for him, afraid they would make Zhao Lei unhappy.

Zhuque looked at Zhao Leis back and could not help but worry for Lu Yu.

“Lu Yu has to hold on.

I hope he doesnt get defeated too early and die here.” Zhuque sighed.

Reinforcements were definitely on their way.

As long as Lu Yu could hold on until reinforcements arrived, it would be their victory…

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