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377 Chapter 377 The Newcomer Who Crushed The Instructors

Chapter 377 The Newcomer Who Crushed The Instructors

Below the stargazing tower, the battle between the four-person team and Zhao Lei was getting increasingly intense.

Xuanwu charged forward but was knocked back by Zhao Leis punch.

Qinglong, who had been sent flying, had just recovered and regained his fighting strength.

Baihu was currently recuperating and had barely managed to stop the bleeding from his chest, but the wound was still there.

“This guys strength should be at platinum rank.

We have to be careful, so lets attack him together.”

At this moment, Zhuque put her hands together and formed a huge fireball.

Then, she pushed out both hands and sent the fireball out.

The fireball flew toward Zhao Lei, but Zhao Lei simply punched out and dispersed the fireball.

However, at this moment, Qinglong appeared behind him once again; a long, azure dragon was attached to his dark green sword!


He brandished his long blade, and immediately after, a dark green sword aura shot toward Zhao Leis back.

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This sword aura was Qinglongs most commonly used skill.

As an assassin, he often encountered powerful enemies who excelled in close combat, making him unable to attack at close range.

Therefore, this long-range attack method was what he turned to.

At the same time that Qinglong brandished his sword, Baihu also rushed over.

At that moment, a layer of illusionary aura appeared on his fists.

Two white tiger heads were attached to his fists, strengthening his attack.

Not far away, behind Zhuque, a huge flaming phoenix flew up into the sky.

It flapped its wings made of fire and swooped toward Zhao Lei.

The three instructors attacked Zhao Lei simultaneously.

Zhao Lei stood on the spot, his face clearly no longer as relaxed as before.

Even the surrounding crowd could see the power of the instructors joint attack was mighty.

It might even be possible to defeat Zhao Lei here and now.

The pair of wings on Zhao Leis back folded together and became like a shield, protecting his back.

Qinglongs sword aura slashed at his pair of wings, but it only cut off a few feathers and nothing else.

As Baihu charged, Zhao Lei raised his hands and retaliated immediately.

The two sides swung their fists at each other, and bursts of fist wind lashed out, slicing at each others faces.

Every time their fists collided, they were on par.

Baihus talent was the White Tiger Guardian Spirit.

He could borrow power from the divine beast to strengthen himself, enhancing his pair of mighty iron fists and improving his attack and speed.

However, Baihus straight punches were totally ineffective.

In fact, not even Zhao Leis feathers were damaged.

If this continued, Baihu would definitely lose.

After all, his fists would only be strengthened for a certain period of time.

On the other hand, Zhao Lei became more courageous as he fought.

His fists were weaving and bobbing faster and faster, stronger and stronger.

Baihu retreated as he knew if he continued down this road, he would lose!

At that moment, Zhuques phoenix spread its wings and swooped down toward Zhao Lei.

The scorching heat made the two uncomfortable.

The fiery phoenix was Zhuques strongest skill, Fire Phoenix Falling.

This skill could deal an astonishing 5,000 damage in an area and bring about a continuous burning effect!

This was the most potent skill in their four-person team.

It had high damage, a large area of effect, and a long duration.

Baihu had placed all his hopes on this skill.

He quickly retreated, planning to increase the distance between him and Zhao Lei.

Zhao Lei could feel the high temperature assaulting him.

He didnt even have time to look up and immediately threw out a punch, heavily striking Baihus fist.

This sudden punch made Baihu retreat as his fist turned numb.

Right at this moment, the phoenix came crashing down on Zhao Lei.

The fiery, giant body completely enveloped Zhao Lei.

Zhao Lei raised his head and looked at the fiery phoenix.

He didnt choose to dodge but instead spread his wings and wrapped himself up.

He chose to take it head-on, causing countless onlookers to cry out in surprise.

“This guy must be crazy.

Hes actually taking this skill head-on!”

“There arent many people in the capital who can withstand Instructor Zhuques fiery phoenix attack!”

“Hes courting death! He doesnt want to live anymore.”

“Ah, the outcome has been decided.

Zhao Lei is dead for sure.”

“Its good that hes dead.

After all, hes in cahoots with the Truth Department.

Death is his only choice!”

The fiery phoenix landed, and with a loud bang, it exploded.

A huge ball of flames began to burn, and the heat wave almost overwhelmed everyone.

The flames were blazing, and their brightness made it impossible to see what was happening inside.

No one knew if Zhao Lei was dead or alive.

Baihu stood on the spot, panting heavily.

The close-quarters combat made him sweat profusely.

“I didnt expect this newbie to become so strong after drinking a few bottles of those damn potions.

Hes on par with me!”

Xuanwu chuckled.

“Its not that hes on par with you; he can defeat you.

His increase in strength is shocking, and its no wonder many want to join the Truth Department.”

“Its a pity that all the things theyve done are nothing but genocidal in nature.

No matter how powerful their means of increasing strength are, they shouldnt exist in this world!”

Zhuque walked over and nodded.

“Youre right.

Now that hes dead, the threat is removed.”

“No, we still need to find the person who gave him the potions.

That person must still be in the upper house!”

Baihu quickly reminded them, as he knew this matter was not that simple!

At that moment, Qinglong walked over with a somewhat dejected expression, saying, “My sword aura couldnt even break his defense and didnt do anything.

Damn it!”

“Dont say that,” Baihu reassured him quickly.

“Youve been holding him back from behind, making him unable to focus.

If it werent for you, we definitely wouldnt have been able to complete this fight so smoothly.

Zhuque was looking at the raging flames in front of her.

As long as the flames disappeared and she saw his corpse, she could rest assured and proceed to the next mission.

“Somethings wrong.

Theres a problem.” Zhuque seemed to have noticed something.

As her words fell, a ball of fire suddenly rushed out of the raging flames and shot toward the four of them.

It was Zhao Lei who was still on fire.

He didnt perish; instead, he charged out of the flames straight at the four of them.

Seeing this, the four instructors were stunned.

Without a word, Xuanwu quickly stood before the other three and erected his staff to block Zhao Lei.

At that moment, Zhao Lei seemed to be flying close to the ground as he closed in on the four instructors.

The pair of wings on his back flapped rapidly, increasing his speed constantly.

The next moment, he dashed over and punched Xuanwus staff, shattering it!

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