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376 Chapter 376 Zhao Leis Showtime

Chapter 376 Zhao Leis Showtime

Zhuques attack did not have the slightest effect.

The flames burned Zhao Leis body, but they did not affect him.

“Come on, lets continue.

“Let me see what level of strength you guys are at!”

Baihu glanced at Qinglong and said, “Im going.”

Qinglong nodded slightly.

He held his blade with both hands and was ready to fight.

“Xuanwu, protect me!” Zhuque quickly ordered.

“Attack when theres a chance!”

“Dont worry!” Xuanwu lifted his staff and stared at Zhao Lei with a fierce look.

Baihu charged toward Zhao Lei quickly.

In an instant, he was before Zhao Lei.

Immediately after, Baihus strong right claw grabbed out.

The sharp claws were aimed at Zhao Leis chest.

At the same time, Qinglong appeared behind Zhao Lei.

He held his blade with both hands and slashed down at Zhao Lei with all his might.

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One in front and one at the back, launching a fierce offensive simultaneously.

Zhao Lei had almost no chance to resist!

When the surrounding crowd saw this scene, they couldnt help but exclaim in surprise.

“Hes getting two instructors to attack a newcomer.

This is rare.”

“This is strange.

Zhao Lei has just entered the upper house.

How can he be so strong”

“What the hell Were all newcomers.

Why is he so special”

“Did something happen to his body I saw his hands turn into lizard claws!”

“Indeed, theres a problem with this guy!”

Everyone knew that the four-instructor team was powerful and was the top in the academy!

It was already a big problem for the four of them to work together against a newbie.

At this moment, Zhao Lei once again revealed a sinister smile.

Immediately after, a pair of enormous wings with jet-black feathers rapidly grew out of his back.

He flapped his wings and clamped them down on Qinglong, who was behind him.

With a “pa” sound, his wings closed up on Qinglong as if he were swatting a fly with two palms.

The wings clamped down with a shocking amount of power, causing Qinglong to almost faint as he fell to the ground.

Immediately after, Zhao Lei extended his hands and caught Baihus claws.

His lizard-like arms held onto Baihus arms tightly, making it impossible for Baihu to break free!

Baihus eyes widened in shock, and he started panicking.

He felt Zhao Leis immense power as it clamped down, making it impossible for him to withdraw his arm.

“Haha, youre nothing much either.”

Zhao Lei laughed coldly, then clawed at Baihus chest.

The claws streaked across, leaving several bloody wounds that were constantly bleeding.

Baihu wanted to retreat, but his arm was firmly grasped, and he could not even move a little.

He furiously clenched his fist and smashed it toward Zhao Leis chest.

Zhao Leis other hand went up to intercept Baihus fist, tightly gripping it.

The two held each others arms and were in a deadlock.

“Instructor Baihu, isnt your strength world-famous Why isnt it working on me” Zhao Leis blood-red eyes were fixed on him.

“Youre going to die today! How dare you collude with the truth department! Youre courting death!”

“It doesnt matter.

Anyone can become my partner if I can obtain power!”

Zhao Lei retorted loudly.

“You just drank the truth serum, didnt you” Baihu shouted.

“Your strength will only increase temporarily.

Youll still be you when this is over, but your strength will be reduced by at least half!”

“So, no matter what, you will die today!”

Zhao Lei went silent for a moment and was a little flustered.

After drinking ten bottles of truth serum, he experienced a terrifying power in his body that he had never felt before.

He thought his strength had permanently reached this level.

He didnt expect it to rise for a short period and then slowly fall back.

If that were the case, wouldnt he be dead

“Since you all want my life, I guess I have no choice!”

In order to survive, he had to kill the four instructors in front of him, including Lu Yu!

Zhao Lei sent a kick out, landing on Baihus chest and sending him flying.

Baihus huge body fell to the ground with a loud crash, and he felt a sharp pain.

At that moment, Qinglong had finally recovered.

He drew his long blade and charged toward Zhao Lei.

Zhao Lei didnt seem to mind and threw a back punch to hit Qinglongs chin, sending him flying!

Baihu and Qinglong were down one after another.

The difference in strength made them worry.

When the crowd saw that the two instructors were unable to defeat Zhao Lei even with their combined strength, they panicked.

“This cant be.

Even after joining forces, the two instructors are not this guys match!”

“This isnt looking good.

What did this guy do”

“Instructor Baihu said that hes in cahoots with the Truth Department.

It seems like he drank a truth serum.”

“Eh He actually drank that That means he walked onto a path of no return!”

“But even so, his strength has soared too much.

How many bottles did he drink”

Everyone looked at Zhao Lei in surprise, shocked by his behavior.

As a previous genius, his desire led him to this fallen state.

At that moment, Baihu propped himself up and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“It seems like I have to get serious with this guy!”

“Ill go first; you find an opportunity!”

Xuanwu said as he headed toward Zhao Lei with his staff in hand.

A green barrier appeared around Xuanwus body to protect him.

The ground trembled with every step Xuanwu took.

Looking at the man who was as strong as an ox and charging toward him, Zhao Lei didnt panic.

He flapped his pair of black wings and floated in the air.

Zhao Lei flew toward Xuanwu, clenching his right fist.

As he flew, Zhao Leis body emitted dazzling lightning arcs.

Unlike the purple lightning arcs from before, this one was gray-white in color.


Zhao Lei dashed before Xuanwu, clenched his fist, and punched out.

He was a speedster, and he was going to face a tank head-on.

Moreover, he used his fist to fight a tank, which exceeded everyones expectations.

Bang! Bang!

Zhao Leis fist smashed into Xuanwus barrier, and the powerful force stopped Xuanwu from advancing further.

At the same time, cracks appeared on the green barrier that covered his entire body.

“This is impossible! Hes breaking Xuanwus shield and even blocking his charge!”

“What the hell Just how strong is Zhao Lei now”

“Its over; its over.

Didnt he come to find Lu Yu Lu Yu is going to be in deep trouble.”

“Dont be afraid and just have trust in our instructors.

They will definitely win!

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