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375 Chapter 375 The Terrifying Newcomer

Chapter 375 The Terrifying Newcomer

Under the stargazing tower, Baihu found Zhao Lei.

The atmosphere between the two sides was tense.

“Youre bold.

Now, get over here, and Ill consider sparing your life.

Youll only have one choice if you refuse to come to your senses.


Baihu shouted at Zhao Lei.

However, Zhao Lei sneered again.

“Youre too naïve.

Do you really think that Im not your match Youre the same as them, looking down on me”

Zhao Lei pointed at Baihus nose and asked.

“It seems that you cant be persuaded by reason but by force.

Since thats the case, the four of us will send you on your way,”

Baihu cracked his fingers.

Qinglong drew out a long, azure-green blade from his back.

His full body armor materialized, and he was ready for battle.

Xuanwu also changed into heavy armor and took out a giant stone staff as a weapon.

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Zhuque had gathered the fire elements in her surroundings and was ready too.

“Let me deal with this guy first.

I might be able to finish him alone.”

Baihu said as he walked forward.

“Be careful.

Although this guy is a freshman, he has been given potions by the Truth Department.

His strength cant be underestimated.” Zhuque reminded.

Xuanwu added, “This guy has just entered the upper house.

At most, hell drink two bottles of their stuff.

Hes not strong enough to be feared, and Brother Baihu is enough to subdue him.”

Baihus fingernails turned black and grew out, turning into sharp claws.

At the same time, the muscles in his body expanded, and his body swelled up.

“Damn, these four instructors are making a move on Zhao Lei.

This is getting out of hand!”

“A top-notch instructor against a newcomer.

This is going to be interesting.”

“Wouldnt instructor Baihu easily crush him”

“Of course.

Instructor Baihu is platinum-ranked.

It would be a piece of cake to deal with Zhao Lei.”

“Haha, theres no suspense in this battle.

Zhao Lei is really courting death.”

The surrounding people were discussing spiritedly and didnt think highly of Zhao Lei.

Baihu walked toward Zhao Lei.

“Go to hell, you hopeless fellow!”

Baihu rushed over and raised his fist, ready to punch Zhao Lei.


In the blink of an eye, Zhao Lei appeared behind Baihu.

Baihus punch had missed before it could even land.

This speed surprised the crowd and the other three at the same time.

Zhao Leis speed had utterly exceeded their expectations.

He was much faster than before!

Even though they knew that Zhao Lei was a student who specialized in speed, this speed was clearly abnormal.

Zhao Lei arrived at the back of Baihu and immediately slashed out with his claws, leaving three bloody wounds on the side of Baihus abdomen.

After his attack, Zhao Lei immediately retreated, instantly increasing the distance between them.

Zhao Lei knew about Baihus attack power and knew he couldnt take any hits from him.

At this moment, Baihu gritted his teeth, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

He looked at the wound on his abdomen and couldnt help but curse, “How can this bastards speed and damage be this high”

Qinglong hurriedly walked over.

“The four of us should attack together.

This guy is definitely a difficult enemy to deal with.”

Xuanwu immediately stood in front and laughed awkwardly.

“What a joke.

We four instructors actually have to work together to deal with a newcomer.”

“Focus your attention and prepare for battle!”

Zhuques hands congealed into a ball of golden light, which gushed toward Baihus wound and immediately healed it.

His abdomen was as good as new.

“We attacked together not because we cant beat him but because we dont want to cause any more trouble,” Baihu said.

In his opinion, he had only been careless when Zhao Lei struck him.

It wouldnt determine the outcome of the battle between the two.

Zhao Lei didnt waste any more words and again charged toward Baihu.

“Ill take your head first!”

His arms turned into extremely sharp lizard claws, and he lashed them out at Baihu.

Qinglong also made his move.

He brandished his long blade and slashed at Zhao Lei.

Qinglongs blade was incredibly fast, and it was near Zhao Lei almost instantly.

Zhao Lei dodged to the side.

At the same time, his right claw struck out at Qinglongs chest.

Qinglong immediately tried to retreat, but his speed was no match for Zhao Leis!

Right at this moment, Baihu hurriedly reached out to grab Qinglongs shoulder, pulling him back.

Only then did he barely manage to dodge Zhao Leis attack.

Xuanwu quickly stood before the two and acted as a meat shield.

His body was huge, and he completely shielded Baihu and Qinglong behind him.

“That was close.

You would have been seriously injured if you had been hit just now!” Baihu stated solemnly.

Qing Long shook his head.

“Its not that serious.

You think too highly of him.

However, this guy is outrageous.

I cant even beat him in speed!”

Qinglong was an assassin type, and speed was his strength.

It was a massive blow to him when his speed wasnt as fast as a newbies.

“Its fine; we all know hes doped.

Just get serious, and we will subdue him in no time.

After all, the four of us have worked together for so many years.

What kind of strong enemy have we not met”

Baihu encouraged Qinglong to stand up again and take this fight seriously.

While they were conversing, Zhao Lei had already launched an attack on Xuanwu.

Xuanwu hurriedly used both hands to block the front of his body, intending to take Zhao Leis attack head-on.

Zhao Lei rushed over and threw a punch.


With a loud explosion, Zhao Leis brutal punch landed on Xuanwus arms, forcing him to retreat!

One of his forearms had been fractured!

He backed off and quickly stabilized his center of gravity.

A sharp pain hit him, causing him to break out in a cold sweat.

Xuanwu exclaimed, “What the hell This guys attack power is too high!”

He was a platinum rank; how did this happen

After Zhao Lei threw out a punch, he didnt plan to give them a chance and planned to dish out another punch.

A pair of fire phoenixes flew out from Xuanwus side and charged toward Zhao Lei!

Seeing this, Zhao Lei quickly sent out two punches, scattering the phoenixes in the air.

However, once it was dispersed, it turned into a large flame and attached itself to Zhao Leis body, burning him.

Crackling sounds of fire began to sound as more than half of Zhao Leis body was on fire.

However, Zhao Lei stood on the spot without any reaction.

He struggled and grunted slightly in pain, but that was it!

He stood there as if nothing had happened and looked at the four instructors.

“Just this little bit of damage Its not enough.”

He revealed a sinister smile, with the corners of his mouth twisting unnaturally.

His beady eyes stared at the four people in front of him.

“I already said you four would die today! That includes Lu Yu!”

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