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374 Chapter 374 Exchanging Blows, Four Against One

Chapter 374 Exchanging Blows, Four Against One

In the upper house, on a quiet and peaceful street, the group led by Baihu was walking in boredom.

Baihu couldnt help but yawn.

“I dont think therell be any results, and I trust the bloodhounds nose.

Could it be that the information was wrong, and they misjudged it”

“Thats possible, but lets continue searching to avoid any accidents,” Qinglong added.

Baihu nodded in agreement.

It would not take much effort to search a little longer; at least they would comply with safety precautions.

At that moment, the bloodhound suddenly rushed forward.

It struggled against the chain in Baihus hand and clawed forward as if it had gone crazy.

Baihu immediately reacted.

“Theres a situation!”

He quickly untied the chain around the bloodhounds neck and let it rush out.

The moment he let go of the chain, the dog darted away like a shadow!

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Baihu followed closely behind.

The other three were on alert and quickly followed.

Many passersby saw the team charging with such urgency and couldnt help but worry.

They were afraid that an accident would happen in the upper house.

The bloodhound was fast.

It quickly shook off the four and charged toward a figure.

That person was Zhao Lei, who was running!

At that moment, Zhao Lei was sprinting forward at high speed.

When the surrounding people saw him, they quickly dodged to the side.

The smell of blood on Zhao Leis body was already unbearable, so they didnt even think about his current situation.

Zhao Lei noticed the bloodhound charging over from the side, its maw open and ready to bite him.

Zhao Lei suddenly stopped and sent out a whip-like kick.

The dog was hit and exploded with a dull thud, turning into a mist of blood!

After that, Zhao Lei continued to charge forward, completely ignoring his surroundings.

Baihu and the other three rushed over.

When they saw a pool of blood on the ground, they all understood what it was.

This pool of blood is too fresh.

It seems that the bloodhound is dead.

Baihu raised his head and looked at the stargazing tower not far away, immediately realizing something.

“The enemys target is the stargazing tower.

They are likely aiming for Lu Yu, whos inside the tower!”

“Hurry up and catch up! We cant let that guy succeed in harming Lu Yu!” Qinglong immediately panicked, as Lu Yu was the most important newcomer in the upper house.

If he died, they would have to bear a lot of responsibility.

Qinglong took the lead and rushed out.

He was the fastest and would be the first to reach the tower.

At that moment, Zhao Lei had already sprinted to the bottom of the tower and arrived at the gate.

The guards walked out.

“Who are you” The guard looked at Zhao Lei warily.

The unkempt Zhao Lei had made it difficult for the surrounding people to recognize him.

“Who is this guy Why is he so dirty”

“Hs covered in blood.

Whats going on”

“Where did this beggar come from”

“Hey, can you drive this guy away Hes an eyesore, and he smells so bad.”

The security guard quickly walked over and looked at him with disdain.

“Where did you come from Get lost, or Ill hit you!”

Zhao Lei raised his head and looked at him.

A pair of blood-red eyes could be seen through his messy hair.

“Hiss! How dare you speak to me like this Dont you know that Ive already become a god”

The guard was stunned for a moment.

“A lunatic”

“Im not crazy.

Im a god, and you are nothing but an ant to me!”

The security guard sneered.

“Do you need me to contact the mental hospital for you You need to get your illness treated quickly.”

As soon as he said that, the surrounding onlookers couldnt help but laugh.

Hearing the laughter around him, Zhao Lei snickered in a low voice.

“Youre dead.”

The guard was stunned for a moment.

Before he could say anything, Zhao Lei suddenly moved and grabbed his neck with one hand.

The guard struggled, but under this enormous force, he could not break free at all.

He couldnt help but panic.

What was going on

Zhao Leis right hand exerted force, and with a plop, he crushed the guards head and separated it from his body!

Such a bloody scene caused the surrounding people to scream in shock.

“Whats going on Why did you kill him”

“Damn it, is it an enemy”

“Lets hurry up and leave.

This guys too strong.”

“Ah! What are you doing”

“Wait, arent you the genius, Zhao Lei How did you turn out like this”

Someone recognized Zhao Lei and was shocked.

The brilliant genius who had once been the center of attention had now transformed into a man who was neither human nor a ghost.

“Get lost, or Ill kill all of you!”

Zhao Lei growled, instantly scaring the surrounding passersby into retreating.

“My only target today is Lu Yu! “If you dare to interfere with me, you will die too!”

He threatened and was about to walk into the stargazing tower.

“So hes here for Lu Yu…”

“I thought he couldnt beat Lu Yu”

“That should have been before.

Didnt you see how he instantly killed the guard Do you think the guards of the stargazing tower are weaklings”

“Damn, this guys strength has transformed! Insane!”

“Its over, and Lu Yu is done for this time.

If no one saves him, he will probably die here!”

These people did not think Lu Yus strength was enough to deal with Zhao Lei.

They were also surprised at how Zhao Leis strength could increase so much and so quickly.

At this moment, while Zhao Lei was about to enter the tower, a deep voice rang out, interrupting him from continuing.

“Stop right there! Dont even think about entering there!”

Baihu stood at the back and stared coldly at Zhao Lei.

Zhao Lei slowly turned around and looked at Baihu with a vicious gaze.

“Youre talking to me”

“Thats right.

Youve finally surfaced; it looks like we didnt waste time searching around.” Baihu continued, “How dare you collude with the Truth Department! “Youre dead meat!”

He immediately recognized this person as a student who the Truth Department had used.

But even so, he would still be sentenced to death.

Usually, those tempted by the Truth Department were all people who craved power, without exception.

To obtain power, they would do anything, and such people would be a scourge if kept alive!

“You are quite bold, daring to say such big words!” Zhao Lei laughed coldly.

As soon as he said that, everyone who was watching from a distance was stunned.

These four were instructors in the upper house.

Where did a new student like him get the courage to say such a thing


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