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373 Chapter 373 Ten Consecutive Evolutions

Chapter 373 Ten Consecutive Evolutions

Late at night in the upper house, Lu Yu had already finished training on the eighth floor of the stargazing tower.

The eighth floor was dark, too.

However, what was different from the levels below was that, in the darkness of the eighth level, there were a few stars that lit up the surroundings.

Lu Yu felt as if he were in the universe, in the darkness, surrounded by vast stars, while staying here.

“Next, its time to take a look at the ninth floor.”

Lu Yu stood up and walked to the light screen.

There was a light screen in front and another one behind.

The one in front led to the upper floor, and the one behind led to the lower.

Lu Yu passed through the light screen and entered another space.

The light faded, and Lu Yu entered a dark space.

A dazzling light shone over.

Lu Yu looked carefully and saw that the surroundings were densely covered with starlight.

Some were gathered together like a galaxy, while some were connected to form a meteorite belt.

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At this moment, Lu Yu truly felt he was in the universe; the bright spots around him were all planets.

Lu Yu didnt care much about this background, as he felt abundant energy here.

He took a deep breath and felt the air fill with powerful energy.

He couldnt wait any longer, so he quickly sat down and began cultivating.

He absorbed every trace of energy around him, greedily absorbing and storing it in his body.

Lu Yu looked at his attributes, which were rising rapidly.

His attack power kept growing, and soon he broke through 900.

His other attributes had also improved, allowing him to become even stronger.

The speed of growth was fast.

After all, it was 20 times faster than he could cultivate outside.

But soon, his progress would start to slow down.

Lu Yu knew that he was approaching his bottleneck.

Although the cultivation speed here was fast, reaching his bottleneck was something that couldnt be avoided.

If a person was supposed to reach a limit for every 300 attribute point increase, no matter how fast his cultivation speed was, even if he cultivated 300 attribute points in a day, he would still enter this bottleneck period.

If Lu Yü could sit here and start cultivating 24 hours a day without any breaks, his strength would be beyond the reach of countless people in half a year.

Very quickly, Lu Yu felt the arrival of a stoppage, and his progress began to slow down.

He opened his attribute panel and checked his personal attributes.

[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 910 ]

[ Speed: 850 ]

[ Health: 1500 ]

[ Mana: 520 ]

[ Defense: 700 ]

All of his attributes had been elevated much faster than Lu Yu had experienced them in the past.

“It seems that the cultivation speed here is something else.

The only problem is that I cant continue; I guess Ill have to accept a mission and have a real battle.”

He took out his phone and looked at the time.

It was already late at night.

Han Xuefei had sent him a message saying she had returned to rest and did not wait for him.

Lu Yu was wondering if he should rest and come back tomorrow.

However, he had a faint feeling that the environment here suited him very well.

From the moment he entered this place, all the muscles in his body were relaxed, and he didnt feel any tension; he was in his comfort zone.

Hence, Lu Yu decided just to rest here.

He lay down on his side, closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

Lu Yu was the only one on the ninth floor.

Therefore, he could sleep in peace without being disturbed.

Outside the stargazing tower, the four-person team was still patrolling with the bloodhound.

“We did a thorough search but came up empty-handed.

Whats going on” Baihu was a little anxious as a day had passed, but there was no result.

The longer they dragged on, the easier it was for something to happen.

“I dont know, but lets just continue our patrol.

I dont think we can sleep tonight.” Qinglong replied and continued to follow Baihu.


If this hidden danger isnt eliminated, do you want to sleep You must be dreaming.”

Baihu helplessly continued to walk forward.

“Im just afraid that there will still be no results after tonight.”

“Lets believe in the bloodhound.

As long as the enemy reveals a trace, it will find it!”

The group of four continued to search around, all eager to complete the mission.

The night gradually passed.

The morning gradually arrived, and the sky turned white in the distance.

A beam of light illuminated the dark sky, and the darkness faded away as the morning light shone down.

The group of four continued to wander around the campus.

Lu Yu had also woken up and continued his cultivation in the stargazing tower.

However, Zhao Leis villa was a mess.

In Zhao Leis bedroom, he was lying on the floor like a corpse.

Beside him were nine empty potion bottles.

In just one night, he had drunk all nine truth serums.

In addition to the previous bottle, he had drunk a total of ten bottles of potions.

Drinking 10 bottles of truth potion and completing 10 evolutions in one day was definitely unprecedented!

There wasnt anyone who dared drink so much truth serum at once.

They all knew that they couldnt bear it and didnt know what the consequences would be.

Regardless, it would be bad.

However, Zhao Lei, who was like a corpse, suddenly twitched his arm.

After that, he stood up miraculously, even though his body swayed like a zombie.

His hair was unkempt and stained with blood, making him look worse off than a beggar.

He raised his hands and looked at the muscles on his arms; the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

The muscles on his body had expanded so much that his shirt was torn to pieces.

He leaned against the wall and came to the door.

Although he looked incredibly weak, the speed of his punch was as fast as lightning.

It was impossible to see with the naked eye!

With a loud bang, the heavy iron door in front of him was sent flying by his punch.

The iron door that flew out broke through the villas wall and was blasted out.

It was as if the entire villa had exploded.

He went through the door frame and walked out, starting to warm up his joints.


His joints let out a cracking sound.

Zhao Leis body seemed to have been reconstructed, and he regained his vitality.

“Lu Yu, I will kill you! Go to hell!”

He completely ignored the dirt and blood all over his body and rushed out, charging toward the star-observing tower!

Every time he sprinted forward, he would leave a pool of blood on the ground.

At this moment, he was like a wild beast that had gone crazy, with only prey in his eyes!

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