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372 Chapter 372 Zhao Leis transformation

Chapter 372 Zhao Leis transformation

In the stargazing tower, Lu Yu didnt go to the ninth floor at once.

Instead, he cultivated his way up the floors one by one, constantly feeling the cultivation experience provided by the various levels.

Finally, on the fifth floor, Lu Yu and Han Xuefei were going to separate.

“Im going to continue to the sixth floor.

You can cultivate here first.”

When Lu Yu said this, Han Xuefei was slightly disappointed, but she still nodded.

She knew that Lu Yu would have to cultivate on the higher floors sooner or later, and she could only stay on the fifth level at most.

“Alright then, you go up while Ill continue cultivating.” As Han Xuefei spoke, she closed her eyes again and entered a state of cultivation.

Lu Yu walked toward the light screen.

After passing through the light screen, Lu Yu saw endless darkness before him.

Walking into this darkness was like being in outer space.

In such a lonely and quiet environment, ordinary people would probably have mental problems if they stayed there.

Lu Yu took two steps forward and came to the most central position.

He sat down cross-legged.

Although the dark environment made Lu Yu uncomfortable, he also felt that the energies contained around him were shocking.

If he absorbed it well, he could quickly improve his strength.

Before entering the cultivation state, Lu Yu opened his attribute panel.

boxn ovel.


He saw that his attack had reached 870!

His attack power had increased by 20 points in just half a day.

This speed was something else.

His attributes would fly like a rocket if he continued cultivating himself here.

Of course, this kind of cultivation state could not be maintained forever.

After cultivating for some time, he would enter his bottleneck period.

The reason was simple.

He had absorbed too much energy but never used it.

Without any actual combat experience, it was natural that there would be problems.

But it was also easy to break through this bottleneck.

He just had to go through a few dangerous battles and gain new insights to complete his breakthrough.

Lu Yu closed his eyes tightly and began cultivating on the sixth floor.

Today was his first day entering the stargazing tower to cultivate, and his goal was simple.

It wasnt to increase his attributes but to explore the nine-story tower.

After getting a clear picture of this tower, only then would he continue.

Therefore, he would only stay on the sixth floor for a short time.

He intended to spend the following time exploring all of the levels above.

At the same time, on the street in the center of the upper house, the group of four was walking as each of them scanned their surroundings.

“Be careful.

The members of the Truth Department are like rats in sewers.

Theyre good at hiding.”

Baihu warned.

“Dont worry; this is the upper house.

No matter how daring they are, they wont dare make a move here.” Qinglong clasped his hands behind his back and had a disapproving look on his face.

“We still have to be careful, but I hope we can find those people as soon as possible.” Zhuque wished.

Baihu examined the hunting dog in his grasp.

It was a short-furred hunting dog.

Its fur was dark red, and it looked around vigilantly, sniffing from time to time.

“Well have to rely on this boy here.

It should be able to find our target quickly.” Baihu said.

“Thats for sure.

The blood-seeking hound may be lacking in other aspects, but its a first-class expert in finding the smell of blood!”

“All potions from the Truth Department have the strongest smell of blood.

Those who drink the truth potion will smell of blood all day long.” Qinglong explained.

“Lets follow it, and well find our enemy eventually.

I dont believe that the Truth Department can hide the bloody stench on their bodies!” Xuanwu said as he continued forward.

The four followed behind the bloodhound as they walked around the campus.

Many students saw them and couldnt help but get curious.

“Isnt that Instructor Baihu Why is he here”

“Wow, the four are moving out together.

There must be a big mission, right”

“The four-person team led by Baihu is used to carrying out S-rank missions.

It seems like something big is about to happen! ”

“They seem to be carrying out a mission on campus.

It looks like the upper house wont be peaceful for a while.”


What kind of place is the upper house How could there be a problem”

Everyone looked at the four and discussed their assumptions.

The weight these four carried meant something was happening if they were together on a mission.

As they were one of the main groups of instructors in the upper house, their missions were never easy.

Every mission they completed represented great danger and a risk to society.

Their abilities had always been exceptional, and they had completed every mission perfectly.

Therefore, when passersby saw this group of four, they would be worried, but they wouldnt care much.

They trusted the strength of these four.

The four kept walking forward, passing by Zhao Leis villa.

At that moment, in the bedroom, Zhao Lei was lying there.

He lay on the ground, paralyzed.

There were three bottles of potions scattered around him.

He had drunk four bottles of truth serum, and his body had almost been completely cleansed!

His entire body was covered in blood, and the whole bedroom was also covered in blood.

Zhao Lei sat there paralyzed; his entire body seemed to have fallen apart without an ounce of strength.

“No, it cant end here.

I want to improve more.

I want everyone to look up to me and respect me!”

“Lu Yu! Im going to kill you!”

He gritted his teeth and used all his strength to pick up another bottle of potion.

At this moment, all the muscles in his body had been destroyed, but he still held on and picked up another truth serum.

That was because he could feel the powerful energy in the potion.

He longed for this energy, and he needed this energy!

To reach his peak, he had to do this!

“From now on, Im the strongest of everyone in the upper house!”

As he shouted, he picked up the bottle and poured it down his throat.

After a few gulps, he finished yet another bottle.

The next moment, his entire body emitted crackling sounds.

This energy began to rampage inside him, remolding his flesh and blood once again.

“Arghh!” Zhao Lei let out an ear-piercing cry.

However, the soundproofing of the bedroom was good enough that no sound could be heard from the outside world.

The news of the Truth Department didnt just reach Jiang Lengyues ears.

It had also spread to the military headquarters, which was a thousand miles away.

A captains office received a document in the northern war zones command center.

The document was about the Truth Department.

He thought about it, picked up the phone, and called Xu Yuan.

“Captain Liu, whats the matter” Xu Yuan quickly answered the phone.

“Xu Yuan! Ive just received the latest news.

The Truth Department has infiltrated the upper house of Clanorth University!”

“What How did they manage to sneak into the upper house”

“I have no idea, but I think its likely that they are after Lu Yu.

After all, he destroyed a stronghold that belonged to them.”

“I know.

Ill be there immediately…”


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