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370 Chapter 370 Stargazing Tower

Chapter 370 Stargazing Tower

In the deans office, Jiang Lengyue picked up the documents on the table and took a closer look.

“Its evident that the scent and traces of the truth serum have appeared.

A little out of my expectations.”

Jiang Lengyue was surprised, as she knew what kind of group the Truth Department was.

This was an evil organization that had no principles or bottom line.

They killed, trampled on all living things for the sake of evolution, disregarded everything, and called it their truth.

If such an organization were to infiltrate the upper house, the consequences would be unimaginable!

“This is a serious matter, and Ill handle it.

Continue to observe.

If you discover anything, report it to me immediately!”


The secretary nodded and walked out.

Jiang Lengyue sat on the chair, a worried expression appearing on her young and tender face.

The upper house was one of the most difficult places to infiltrate, but a loophole appeared and gave the Truth Department an opportunity!

boxn ovel.


She had to think of a way to eradicate the Truth Department!

Jiang Lengyue clenched her fists; she had already made up her mind.

At that moment, Lu Yu and Han Xuefei arrived at the tower.

In front of the two were red double doors, which looked heavy.

“Just by coming here, I can feel an invisible force.” Lu Yu exclaimed.

“Our cultivation will increase quickly with such a good training ground.”

“Thats right, and youd better start cultivating on the lower floors.

After youve slowly adjusted to it, you can go to the upper floors.

Otherwise, you might find it hard to adapt.”

Han Xuefei didnt know whether Lu Yu was capable of it or not, but she said that because she wanted to cultivate with him for even just a little while longer.

She could only access the first five floors and could not enter from the sixth floor onward.

If not for her words, Lu Yu would not prefer to cultivate on the lower levels and would have just gone up to the ninth level to improve his strength.

Hearing her words, Lu Yu didnt overthink it and just nodded.

“No problem, then lets start from the first floor.”

After that, the two pushed open the door and walked in.

After entering, it was just a space.

The entire room was almost empty, only decorated with a layer of a complicated and obscure array on the ground.

A few people were sitting cross-legged around the formation.

Their eyes were closed as they absorbed the energy from the tower.

Lu Yu looked forward and saw a door frame.

Inside the door frame was a layer of light screen that was constantly rotating.

Only after passing through that light screen would one reach the second floor.

“Why dont we cultivate on the first level and give it a feel”

Lu Yu suggested, and Han Xuefei immediately nodded.


The two found seats next to each other and sat down cross-legged.

After sitting down, Lu Yu closed his eyes, and his body began to absorb the energy in the tower.

He had just started, but Lu Yu could already feel the intense energy rushing into his body.

Lu Yu could feel that all the muscles in his body were filled with power and that they were improving.

He already sensed that his attributes were slowly increasing.

However, what surprised Lu Yu the most was that the dragon power in his body was also slowly accumulating!

It hadnt been long since he last used his Dragon Fist, and Lu Yu wasnt far from accumulating one dragon power.

He only needed to use a few more dragon skills to get back to one point of dragon power.

However, after barely starting to cultivate in the tower, Lu Yus dragon power quickly filled up, and he had successfully obtained one dragon power!

Lu Yu was curious.

Why could cultivating in this tower help him gather his dragons power

Could the energy contained here be related to dragons

Lu Yu didnt think much about it, as there was no point.

After all, even the officials of the upper house didnt know about this mysterious tower, let alone an outsider like him who just came.

Lu Yu only needed to focus on absorbing the energies here.

Just as Lu Yu closed his eyes to cultivate, Han Xuefei turned to look at him and hadnt entered a state of cultivation.

She was eager to learn how Lu Yu cultivated and how his strength grew so quickly.

However, when she looked at Lu Yu, she was so entranced that she forgot why she was looking at him.

She shook her head slightly and returned to her senses.

She then closed her eyes and began to cultivate.

The only thing she cultivated was her spiritual power.

Hence, her spiritual power dispersed outward when she entered her cultivation state.

She used her telekinesis to probe her surroundings and check the spiritual powers of the people around her.

However, most students here were ordinary, so she went to Lu Yu.

However, just as her telekinesis reached out to Lu Yu, it suddenly bounced after getting repelled by a powerful aura!

Han Xuefeis body trembled as she did not expect Lu Yus spiritual power to be this strong!

She opened her eyes and looked at Lu Yu, only to find that he was still cultivating with his eyes closed and did not notice that her telekinesis had been dispelled.

“Was it done unconsciously” Han Xuefei was in disbelief.

She closed her eyes again.

Her telekinesis then attempted to re-approach Lu Yu.

At the same time, Lu Yus silhouette appeared inside her mind.

As her telekinetic powers got closer, Lu Yus figure in her mind got larger.

Suddenly, she was shocked to see a huge and ferocious dragon behind Lu Yu!

The dragons eyes were wide open as it stared at Han Xuefei.

It seemed to be on guard, protecting Lu Yu.

Frightened by the scary-looking dragon, Han Xuefei quickly opened her eyes.

When she looked at Lu Yu again, she realized that there was nothing behind him.

“Whats going on…”

She was shocked, as most people had never seen or heard of a dragon.

It was an ancient creature that represented great power!

She did not expect to see a giant dragon inside Lu Yus spiritual state!

It was only then that she realized that the reason Lu Yu was so powerful was likely because he was related to the giant dragon.

At that moment, Lu Yu slowly opened his eyes and looked at Han Xuefei.

“You havent entered the state of cultivation yet” Lu Yu asked.

Han Xuefei shook her head slightly.

“I was absorbing the surrounding energy just now.

However, the energy here is too little lacking, so lets go up a level.”

Hearing her suggestion, Lu Yu nodded and said, “Sure, lets go up one level then.

I also feel that the energy here is a little lacking, and Im not satisfied with it.”

As they spoke, the two stood up and walked toward the light screen.

After passing through the light screen, it was dark in front of him.

This was the second floor, which was pitch black compared to the first floor.

It was as if one were in complete darkness and silence.

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