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369 Chapter 369 The Reappearance Of The Truth Serum

Chapter 369 The Reappearance Of The Truth Serum

The newcomers party ended quickly, and everyone dispersed and went home.

Through this gathering, many people made friends and got to know people in the same batch.

However, to Lu Yu, this party was boring.

He only chatted with Han Xuefei and learned about her background and things related to telekinesis.

At the intersection, Han Xuefei looked at Lu Yu and smiled.

“Ill go back first.

Lets go out and cultivate together tomorrow.”

“No problem.

Ill go to the stargazing tower tomorrow and cultivate there.”

Lu Yu replied with a smile.

The two of them beckoned to each other and went their separate ways.

At the same time, Zhao Lei also hurriedly returned to his small villa.

He quickly returned to his bedroom and locked the door.

Then, he took out the bottle of truth serum with trembling hands and carefully opened the cap.

boxn ovel.


As soon as he opened it, a strong smell of blood hit his nose.

Zhao Lei couldnt help but cover his nose as the pungent smell assaulted him.

However, at the same time, he could feel the powerful energy contained in the potion.

He already knew his strength would increase significantly if he drank this potion!

“To take back the honor that belongs to me, Ill risk everything!”

He took a deep breath, then raised the potion and drank it in one gulp.

As the serum entered his throat and stomach, energy instantly surged through Zhao Leis limbs and bones.

He suddenly widened his eyes as he felt the glorious power in his body!

Immediately after, this energy began to run amok in his body, destroying every part of it.

At the same time, it repaired itself with lightning speed.

The constant destruction and reconstruction caused his body to undergo intense changes.

His body began to grow; his muscles bulged, his skin hardened, and his reactions became faster.

However, he now has scales on his forearms that only animals could have grown!

He felt an itch on his arm.

He rolled up his sleeve, saw the scales, and slumped to the ground in fear.

“Whats going on…”

He didnt know that although the truth serum would give him great power, he would also gain animal characteristics.

Right now, one of Zhao Leis arms was gradually turning into a lizards arm.

Of course, his strength had also been greatly enhanced, and his attack had skyrocketed.

Seeing that he was unable to stop the evolution, he could only accept it.

When he felt the power in his arm, he was relieved.

Although his arm had morphed into a sub-humans, he had also gained and improved his strength.

This was enough.

He slowly stood up, as the constant destruction and reconstruction had exhausted all his stamina.

At that moment, he no longer had the energy to drink another bottle.

He had taken a total of ten bottles of potions, and this was only the first, but he could already feel a massive spike in his strength.

This greatly boosted his confidence.

If he finished drinking ten potions, he would be unimaginably strong!

At this time, Lu Yu had already returned home.

Before he went to bed, he contacted Su Qing and Yun Zirou and asked about the clubs situation.

He also learned about what had happened in the lower house recently and reported his situation in the upper house.

After chatting for a while longer, Lu Yu laid on his bed and fell asleep.

The following day, Lu Yu woke up early and quickly washed up.

He couldnt wait to enter the stargazing tower to cultivate, so he immediately pushed open the door and walked out after getting ready.

However, just as Lu Yu pushed the door open, he was shocked to see Han Xuefei standing at the door as if waiting for him to come out.

“Youre up pretty early, arent you”

Han Xuefei lowered her head slightly and replied awkwardly, “I was looking forward to entering the stargazing tower so much that I came to find you so early.

I wanted to get there as soon as possible.”

She hurriedly explained why she had come so early, afraid that Lu Yu would misunderstand.

“Its been hard on you, especially coming over to find me.”

Han Xuefei smiled.

“Its nothing.

Since were cultivating together, I was just thinking, why dont we go there together”

Han Xuefei, who had always been cold and indifferent, only smiled when she was facing Lu Yu.

“Lets go!”

Lu Yu took the lead and started to walk forward.

Following a map, they headed toward the stargazing tower.

Lu Yu said, “After last nights party, we have officially entered the upper house.

However, it seems that the management is very lax.

There arent many instructors here.”

Han Xuefei immediately added, “The upper house has always been like this.

The management is loose, and that is on purpose.

They dont restrict the students, so we can improve our strength as we please.”

“The upper house will conduct a test in the middle of the year and continue to invest resources in whoever is more talented.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“This management style is nice and similar to that of the lower house.

After all, things like cultivation cant be rushed according to the rules.”

The two of them soon saw the stargazing tower.

The height of this tower wasnt all that tall.

After all, it only had nine floors.

It was painted black and did not fit in with the surrounding buildings.

The tower was built in the center of the campus, and the offices of the academy leaders were located around it.

From its geographical location, one can see the importance of this tower.

The two soon arrived at the bottom of the building.

There was a wall surrounding the tower and guards at the walls gate.

Only those who had a pass were qualified to enter.

Until now, less than a hundred people qualified to enter the tower, and the number of people who could enter the ninth floor was less than two digits!

Lu Yu came to the guards, showed his pass, and walked in.

Han Xuefei followed behind.

She also showed her pass and followed.

Not far from the main entrance, Zhao Lei stood there, watching the two of them walk in.

He gritted his teeth in anger and clenched his fists.

“Han Xuefei, Ill show youve followed the wrong person! When Im strong enough, Ill make you beg to be with me!”

He gritted his teeth and turned to leave, having already decided to speed up the completion of his evolution.

Even if he were to suffer from any side effects or destroy his body, he could not care less!

He couldnt stand that the girl he liked was with someone else, and he couldnt accept that he wasnt the one!

In the deans office of the upper house, Jiang Lengyue was handling some work, and suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

After that, a secretary walked in and took out a document, placing it beside Jiang Lengyue.

“Have you gotten the results of the investigation”


There are indeed people from the Truth Department who have infiltrated our place.

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