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368 Chapter 368 The Chance To Defeat Lu Yu

Chapter 368 The Chance To Defeat Lu Yu

The newcomers welcome party was set up to be a grand gathering.

Everyone was present, including some upper house staff members to keep order.

Some of these new students were dancing to the music, others sat in their seats eating delicious food, and some even exchanged cultivation techniques.

The night was in full swing.

Everyone who attended the party was dressed smartly.

The men were dressed in various types of black uniforms, such as suits and traditional attire.

The women were all dressed in gorgeous evening gowns, looking like a gathering of little princesses.

Lu Yu and Han Xuefei walked through the crowd, attracting the attention of countless people.

A portion of them was attracted by Lu Yu due to his earlier outstanding performance.

Han Xuefei, on the other hand, attracted a lot of attention because of her appearance.

The two walked side by side, and everyones eyes were focused on them.

After passing through the crowd, Lu Yu came to a counter and ordered two glasses of champagne.

He picked up one and handed the other to Han Xuefei.

“By upper house standards, this evening party is adequate but not spectacular.”

Han Xuefei nodded slightly and agreed with Lu Yus words.

“The upper house will not focus on this, so this evening party is just to create an opportunity for us to have a good exchange.”

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“After all, when we officially enter the upper house, well be exhausted from cultivating daily, and the opportunities for us to interact will be much lesser.”

“It seems like this is a rare occasion.”

Lu Yu could imagine that if he were to start his cultivation in the upper house, he would be immersed in it daily and not interact much with the others.

Lu Yu asked, “Do you know much about the stargazing tower”

He felt that Han Xuefei, who was from a prestigious family, should know more than him.

“I dont know much about it, but everyone has heard of it.

It was rumored that the upper house was built on this tower.”

“Precisely because this tower can increase the speed of ones cultivation, the first people who discovered this place cultivated their strength to the utmost and built the upper house.”

“But I dont know much about the inside.”

After Han Xuefei finished speaking, Lu Yu understood that she didnt know much about this tower either.

The two kept talking and blended into the lively atmosphere.

The party lights dimly lit the martial arts tournament stage.

Zhao Lei followed a shadowy figure and came to a corner no one could see.

“Hey, what did you say earlier”

“I asked you, do you want to defeat Lu Yu”

“Nonsense; of course, I want to.

But whats the use of just thinking about it Im too weak!”

He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

“If I had the strength, Id kill him.

He stole my limelight and even hung out with Han Xuefei, making me irritated whenever I see him.”

When Lu Yu entered the party, not a single one didnt look at him with admiration!

To him, these adoring eyes should be looking toward him!

In his head, Lu Yu had stolen the spotlight and his woman, even though Han Xuefei had never taken a fancy to him from the beginning.

“So, stop the crap.

I dont believe you can help me defeat that guy; that guys strength is inhuman!”

Although Zhao Lei was filled with resentment, he was still able to recognize his reality.

Even if there were ten of him, he wasnt Lu Yus match!

However, the man in black standing in front of him shook his head slightly.

“No, you can defeat him.”

“Oh, really Since you said so, prove it to me!”

“Do you know why Lu Yu is so strong Thats because he drank this.”

He took out a potion bottle from his inner pocket as he spoke.

It was a bottle of truth serum!

Zhao Lei looked at the bottle and was still confused.

“What is this Can it help me increase my strength after I drink it”

“Of course,” the man in black laughed eerily.

“Lu Yus claws evolved so many times all because of this.”

“This can help you further your evolution.”

Hearing this, Zhao Leis eyes brightened.

He hadnt evolved for a long time, was stuck at a bottleneck, and halted the improvement of his strength.

Even under the guidance of an instructor, his strength hadnt improved much.

“So thats why that guy was so strong.

He took a shortcut, eh Ill drink it too!”

“Do you charge for this potion” Zhao Lei looked at the other party carefully, afraid he would demand an astronomical figure.

“Its free, and I can give you ten bottles at a time.

You can slowly enjoy them.”.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Lei was shocked.

He hadnt expected that such a life-changing potion would be given for free!

“Really Youre giving me such a thing for free”

Zhao Lei was excited and caught in the moment, so he didnt doubt the mans words.

He never questioned the authenticity of the potion, its origin, or who the man before him was.

There was only one thing on his mind right now, and that was to defeat Lu Yu.

It would be best if he could kill him!

“Of course, its free, but I have a request.”

“Yes, yes.

Just tell me.

Ill grant anything you want!” Zhao Lei quickly nodded.

“This request is to kill Lu Yu!”

“You dont have to worry about that,” Zhao Lei said, his face turning cold, and he gulped subconsciously.

“The first thing I will do after increasing my strength is to settle my score with him.”

“I dont want you just to settle your grudges.

I want you to kill him!”

“Must I…”

Zhao Lei was getting anxious.

He wasnt sure if he had the strength to kill Lu Yu, not to mention the consequences of killing someone in the upper house.

After all, Lu Yus performance was too shocking!

From Lu Yus matches over the two competitions, he knew that there was a huge gap between them.

“Lu Yu must die! He destroyed one of my strongholds and affected my potion production.

I want him to pay for the consequences!”

“Dont worry.

After you kill him, I will help you.

I wont just sit and watch if others want to punish you for that.”

Hearing this, Zhao Lei was relieved.

“Alright, I was getting annoyed with that guy anyway.

I want Han Xuefei to know that hes a piece of trash that will die in my hands sooner or later!”

“Once I kill Lu Yu, Han Xuefei will come to me obediently.

Ill see how cold she can still be once that happens!”

Zhao Lei was ambitious and started fantasizing about what would happen after he killed Lu Yu.

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