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367 Chapter 367 Newcomers Party

Chapter 367 Newcomers Party

After putting on his new set of equipment and changing into casual clothes, Lu Yu returned to the crowd.

Lu Yu was satisfied with the speed increase given by this set of equipment.

Although there were no special effects, it was good enough.

What Lu Yu lacked were raw attributes.

After all, he had awakened many powerful dragon skills through his various evolutions.

Therefore, Lu Yu wasnt lacking in skills.

He lacked basic attributes, and it was hard for him to increase them.

All this while, he only managed to increase his attributes a little after soaking in the medicinal bath.

Lu Yu felt much more comfortable with his new set of equipment.

It boosted his attack and speed the most!

At that moment, Jiang Lengyue looked at the crowd and spoke loudly, “Everyone can go back now.

Have a good rest, and prepare for tomorrows newcomers welcoming party.”

After that announcement, Jiang Lengyue led the staff and left the place.

As soon as she left, the newcomers all dispersed, talking to each other as they returned.

At that moment, Lu Yu couldnt help but feel that he had returned to the time when he had just entered Clanorth University and joined the freshmen welcoming party there.

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But during that time, Lu Yus strength wasnt the strongest in the university.

However, Lu Yu believed that with his strength now, he was at the top of the upper house!

“Go back and have a good rest.

These two days have been tiring.”

Lu Yu told them as he left the martial arts tournament stage.

Wang Meng and Han Xuefei followed Lu Yu, one on the left and one on the right.

“Brother, do you think the upper house has the same set of unspoken rules as the lower house”

Wang Meng put himself in the newcomers shoes and believed this might be the case.

After all, he was now a newcomer to another place.

Furthermore, this was the upper house, with many terrifyingly talented individuals!

A second-year student here would be able to beat him to a pulp.

“How is that possible The lower house is a mix of good and bad apples, completely different from the strictly managed upper house.”

“Youre right,” Han Xuefei continued.

“Anyone who tries to bully others in the upper house will suffer greatly.”

“If thats the case, I can rest assured.

Ill focus on cultivating from now on, as I must improve my strength as soon as possible and not be a burden to you.”

Lu Yu looked at him with a smile.

“Back then, you were much more arrogant than you are now.

At that time, almost every new student would be bullied by you, so you better put yourself in their shoes now.”

Wang Meng scratched his head awkwardly and laughed.

“Oh, stop it.

I wont do that kind of thing again.

After all, Im a member of the Featherwing Club now.”

The three continued walking, and Han Xuefei spoke very little.

Even if she did, she only talked to Lu Yu.

Soon, they reached a fork in the road and split up to return to their villas.

“Go back and have a good rest.

Well enjoy ourselves at tomorrows party!”

Lu Yu said to Wang Meng.

“Dont worry, brother; Ill be good!” Wang Meng was a tough guy, but he showed a gentle smile.

Han Xuefei looked at Lu Yu and said, “When we reach the stargazing tower, can we cultivate together I will study hard.”

Lu Yu nodded.

“I like your attitude, and Im looking forward to that.”

After that, the three split up and went their separate ways, returning to their homes.

Very quickly, Lu Yu reached his villa and walked in.

He transferred the things in the storage ring into his pocket watch.

After he was done, Lu Yu touched his pocket watch with his right hand and sent his consciousness into it.

He saw a large pile of stuff in his pocket watch that belonged to its original owner, which had many medicinal herbs and beast blood essences.

Something caught his attention; it was a bottle of potion.

He knew it was the truth serum he had obtained earlier, which the half-dragon demi-human needed to evolve into an actual dragon.

Unfortunately, Lu Yu felt an intense dark energy radiating from the potion, preventing him from drinking it.

Lu Yu couldnt help but recall when he was fighting the demi-human.

The half-dragon was nearly dead when he drank a truth serum and was instantly revived with total health.

Since it had such an effect, Lu Yu wouldnt drink it for now, only when forced into a desperate situation.

Thus, Lu Yu put the truth potion back in its original position.

He let go of the pocket watch in his right hand and stopped prodding it with his consciousness.

The next day, Lu Yu woke up early and started to cultivate.

He was training to get used to his new set of equipment as soon as possible.

New equipment would typically have some parts that the user wasnt used to, so Lu Yu had to move around more and tweak the parts that didnt fit.

For almost half a day, Lu Yu spent all his time on this set of equipment.

His previous set was originally made up of multiple pieces of equipment from different series and was way inferior to the one he was wearing now.

After so long, he finally got a new set of equipment.

Most importantly, he didnt have to spend a single cent for it.

Once he was done training, Lu Yu changed back into his casual clothes.

The newcomers party was about to begin, so Lu Yu decided to leave early to make preparations.

It was held in the same exact martial arts tournament location, but the center was no longer an arena where the students had fought the ferocious beasts.

Instead, a stage was built for entertainers to perform.

Lu Yu had just entered when he saw Wang Meng waving at him.

“Brother, Im here.

Theres an empty seat here!”

Lu Yu quickly walked over and sat beside Wang Meng.

At that moment, Han Xuefei stood up and walked over to Lu Yu when she noticed him here; she sat down beside him naturally.

“Lu Yu, what do you think of my clothes”

Lu Yu took a closer look and realized that she was wearing an elegant blue evening gown, which made her look like a noble princess.

However, her coldness was still on her face, contrasting with the princess look she was going for.

“Not bad.

Its very nice, and it suits you.”

Han Xuefei nodded with satisfaction.

“It seems like your taste is quite similar to mine.”

Sitting in the back row, Zhao Lei stared at Lu Yu and Han Xuefeis backs and gritted his teeth in anger.

“What a lucky piece of **.

He won first place, earned a fortune, and now has a beauty by his side.

All the good things are just falling into his lap!” Zhao Lei complained with resentment.

Sitting next to him, Cai Hao quipped, “Dont be so jealous.

We wouldnt be taking first place from Miss Han even without Lu Yu.

Zhao Lei clenched his fist.


It was him that made us lose our chance!”

“Our limelight has been robbed, and I cant accept this! I just cant!”

He was so angry that veins bulged on his forehead, and inside him was nothing but hatred.

At that moment, a figure approached him from behind and asked softly, “Zhao Lei, do you want to defeat Lu Yu”

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