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366 Chapter 366 The Reward For First Place

Chapter 366 The Reward For First Place

The top ten rewards were revealed, getting everyone excited.

These rewards were too generous, to the point that some conglomerates might be unable to afford them!

What everyone was looking forward to the most was Lu Yus reward.

Lu Yus performance was otherworldly to everyone, so they knew his reward would be extraordinary.

If the reward were the same as the first place from the previous year, it would mean the upper house was blind.

“Now, I will announce the reward for first place in this years newcomers trials!”

“The first place winner, Lu Yu, will be awarded an extra reward this year because of his outstanding performance; this is something we unanimously decided.”

Hearing this, the newcomers didnt find it strange, which was within their expectations.

“Lu Yus reward for getting first place is that he will be granted access to all tiers of the stargazing tower.” Jiang Lengyue continued.

Upon hearing this, everyone was dumbfounded!

They did not expect that the reward would be this grand!

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Granting access to all floors of the stargazing tower was like dropping a heavy bomb that blew everyone up.

“Holy **, this is too crazy.

He will have access to all levels of the stargazing tower.”

“If I were to cultivate on the ninth floor, my cultivation speed would increase by more than tenfold!”

“Oh my god, I knew the upper house wouldnt disappoint any talented candidate, but I never expected them to offer such a huge amount of resources!”

“If Lu Yu were to enter the stargazing tower and train for 10 to 15 days, we would be left behind in the dust!”


We had been left behind a long time ago.

Theres no need to compare yourself to him.”

“The stargazing tower, huh I, too, wish to enter there to cultivate.

I heard that the tower is built upon an ancient divine beast, and its precisely by relying on the leaked energy of the divine beast that cultivators can absorb, increasing their cultivation by many folds.”

“Sigh, its a pity we wont have the chance to enter.

Those who can enter that place are all special.”

The crowd discussed animatedly, expressing their envy for Lu Yu.

At the same time, they were all looking forward to Lu Yus training in the stargazing tower.

How terrifying would his strength be after that

Every day would undoubtedly be a whole new transformation for Lu Yu if he cultivated there!

“Next,” Jiang Lengyue said, continuing.

“Other than the right to cultivate in the stargazing tower, he will be gifted 100 points and a set of epic-grade equipment.”

“Lastly, all Lu Yus basic expenses in the upper house will be reimbursed, and any items he purchases will be half price! ”

These rewards made all newcomers envious or even jealous.

“Damn, such generous rewards.

All his expenses are covered!”

“Holy, what will Lu Yu do with the 100 points His basic expenses are already covered, and he now has a set of equipment.

Theres nothing else he needs!”

“100 points equal 100 million dollars.

With so much money, he can buy anything he wants!”

“Among these rewards, the most outrageous one is the right to cultivate in the stargazing tower.

Im just envious beyond belief.

If only I could enter the tower to cultivate too…”

At that moment, many people were looking at Lu Yu with envy.

Lu Yus face was cold, and he didnt like attracting more attention than he needed to.

Han Xuefei couldnt help but turn her head to look at Lu Yu.

However, when she saw his handsome face, her heart couldnt help but race.


This reward will be of great help to you.” Han Xuefei smiled and said.


I came to the upper house to enter the stargazing tower for training anyway.”

If not for the fact that this stargazing tower tempted him, he would have gone to the military headquarters long ago.

After all, the military trains people better than these universities, and staying there would allow him to grow faster.

Thus, Lu Yu could give up staying at the upper house and head to the military if he wanted to.

“I didnt expect you to realize your dreams so quickly.

You can choose any level to cultivate on, and the cultivation speed of the ninth level is You can cultivate on any level you want, and the ninth levels cultivation speed is nearly 20 times faster than normal!”

Han Xuefeis eyes were full of envy when she said this.

“Yeah, I cant wait to see how fast my cultivation will increase.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have come here.”

Even the military didnt have such high-efficiency training grounds, so Lu Yu was curious to experience it.

“Its time to give out the rewards.”

More than a dozen people walked up to the martial arts tournament stage.

Each of them was carrying a black tray with only a ring on it.

Soon, the trays were brought to the corresponding students.

“Now, please accept your reward.”

The students took their rings.

It was a storage ring, and all their rewards were stored inside.

Lu Yu picked up the ring and sent his consciousness into it to see what was inside.

A set of armor, an entry card to the stargazing tower, and a VIP half-price membership card to all stores were inside.

Other than that, there was also a card worth 100 academic points.

Out of all these items, the one that Lu Yu was most curious about was the silver armor.

He looked closer and found that this armor set wasnt bulky.

On the contrary, it was light and lean, something that would fit his body tightly.

The silver-gray armor was carved with layers of scales covering the entire armor suit.

Lu Yu activated his Eye of the Dragon god and saw the detailed attributes of this set of equipment.

[ Equipment Set: Mithril Scale Armor (Epic-Grade) ]

[ Attributes ]

[ Attack: 200 ]

[ Speed: 300 ]

[ Health: 600 ]

[ Mana: 200 ]

[ Defense: 300 ]

Lu Yu quickly took out this equipment set and removed his original equipment on the spot, putting on this brand-new set of armor.

After putting it on, Lu Yus entire body was covered in silver.

This set of armor was fitted to Lu Yus figure, and the thickness of it was no different from a cotton jacket.

After putting it on, Lu Yu moved around and found his body as light as a feather.

He couldnt help but repeatedly nod to the suitability of this set of armor.

The sensation of wearing this set of armor was similar to that of wearing regular clothes.

The only difference was that one was made of metal and the other was made of cloth.

Then, with a thought, Lu Yus armor disappeared and was replaced with a set of black sportswear.

This set of equipment had the function of changing into his daily wear.

Lu Yu could change back into it immediately in a fight, so there was no need to wear his equipment constantly.

Lu Yu opened his personal attributes panel, wanting to see how much his attributes had increased.

It was definitely a huge jump!

[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 850 ]

[ Speed: 830 ]

[ Health: 1500 ]

[ Mana: 420 ]

[ Defense: 640 ]

There was a massive increase in Lu Yus attributes.

Lu Yus attributes were enough to crush all the newcomers, as barely anyone could match his attack and speed, which were close to 1000 points!

Also, his health points had reached a new high of 1500!

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