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365 Chapter 365 The End Of The Competition

Chapter 365 The End Of The Competition

Han Xuefei only wanted to learn how to become stronger from Lu Yu.

She didnt hesitate to lower her position and even looked at Lu Yu slightly pleadingly.

Lu Yu answered helplessly, “I really dont know anything about telekinesis, but if you want to learn how I cultivate, thats fine.”

Upon hearing this, Han Xuefei smiled.

“Thats great.

Take me with you whenever you cultivate.”

She knew she would not be able to defeat Lu Yu in a fight, so she might as well acknowledge him as her senior and learn from him.

At the very least, making friends with him would not be a loss.

Although she felt regretful for losing first place twice in a row, she couldnt let herself not gain anything.

Lu Yu nodded slightly and didnt say anything.

In the upper house, Lu Yus only friend was Wang Meng.

Even though Wang Meng was an honest and straightforward person, he wasnt strong and came from an average family.

Therefore, Lu Yu felt that making one or two more friends would be good.

Moreover, Han Xuefeis family background was exceptional.

The Han group behind her was one of the top business conglomerates in Ixdale, making her a wealthy princess.

Han Xuefei stood by Lu Yus side, suppressing the excitement inside her.

The smile on her face slowly faded.

So what if she didnt come in first Getting to know a future big shot was more than worth it!

At this moment, Cai Hao and Zhao Lei, who had been flung away by Lu Yu, had finally regained their senses.

Cai Hao sat up with great difficulty and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

He looked like he was in great pain.

Zhao Lei was sprawled on the ground.

When he saw Han Xuefei standing beside Lu Yu without any disagreement, this made him uncomfortable.

Han Xuefei was a beautiful young lady from a wealthy family.

He had previously pursued her but had been ruthlessly rejected.

Who would have thought she would join Lu Yus side so quickly This made Zhao Lei miffed.

“Lu Yu, I wont spare you.

If I have the chance, Ill do everything I can to kill you!” He gritted his teeth and cursed in a low voice, already making up his mind!

The intense anger had made him lose his mind, and he had forgotten the huge gap between him and Lu Yu.

Time passed second by second, and soon, 30 seconds were up.

The winner of this competition was here.

Wang Meng hurriedly returned to Lu Yus side.

He had just had a short fight with Zhao Lei, and he was no match for him.

He lost quickly, which was why Zhao Lei had time to deal with Lu Yu.

“Big brother, I knew you would definitely be able to defeat them!”

Wang Meng exclaimed excitedly.

The moment Lu Yu made his move, he defeated the three geniuses as easily as smashing rotten wood.

As for Han Xuefei, she had been beaten into submission and had come to acknowledge him as her superior!

“The competition is over.

We can go back now.”

At this moment, 30 seconds had passed, and a circle of glowing formations appeared under Lu Yus feet.

“Brother, youre first in both competitions! You sure show that the difference in strength between you and them is astronomical!”

Wang Meng was excited and happy.

He hadnt expected that Lu Yus strength would increase so quickly in the short time they had known each other!

“Im getting ready to go back.

By the way, Miss Han over here said she wants me to guide her in training in the future.

We can be considered half-friends.

Dont be hostile.”

Wang Meng looked at Han Xuefei and nodded obediently.

“Okay, since you said shes a friend, Ill treat her as one.”

However, Han Xuefei turned her head to the side and continued holding a cold attitude.

She refused to say anything to Wang Meng.

She was not interested in interacting with someone who could not defeat Zhao Lei.

The array under their feet flickered with light at that moment, and they all disappeared from the spot.

The people who descended on this island all disappeared, and the island became desolate once again.

The light gradually dissipated.

When Lu Yu opened his eyes again, he found himself standing on the training field.

Not far from him, there was a row of university management officials with Jiang Lengyue in the middle.

She saw the newcomers coming one after another, so she walked over with a smile.

“The competition has ended.

Although it was a very short exchange for the newcomers, we were able to see a lot of things.”

“Originally, we held this competition to look at ones ability to adapt to the situation and also at leadership.

There are no rules and restrictions here, and you can rely on your personal influence to form groups.”

“But what surprised me was that someone didnt even try to win anyone over and won first place!”

At that moment, Jiang Lengyue was feeling a little emotional in her heart.

Given Lu Yus performance, he was a genius, nay, someone none of the newcomers could compare to.

In fact, no newcomer in the history of the upper house could match his achievements!

“I now announce that the first place in this years exchange competition goes to student Lu Yu! ”

With the announcement, the entire venue erupted into thunderous applause as they congratulated Lu Yu.

Lu Yu looked at the crowd and only revealed a faint smile.

When everyone saw Han Xuefei sticking close to Lu Yu, their hearts tightened.

Had the two of them turned from enemies to friends

The number one and two of the upper house had joined forces, which meant they could do whatever they wanted in the upper house!

Many others were jealous that Lu Yus strength had thawed through Han Xuefeis cold emotions.

After all, she was someone they probably wouldnt have a chance to talk to in this lifetime.

This years entrance trial has officially ended with Lu Yu in the undeniable first place.

Lu Yu was the true pride and joy of the upper house!

“Next up is our newcomers celebration party, which will begin tomorrow night.

I hope everyone can come.”

“Well then, lets announce the rewards!”

All the newcomers were eager when they heard this; this was the main event and why they had fought their hardest.

“Ill announce the rewards for the top three.

For those below the top three, the rest of the top ten will be rewarded with 30 points!”

30 points would be converted to 30 million dollars! When the top seven were added together, the prize would be worth 210 million dollars!

The amount of prize money was extravagant.

Furthermore, this was only the newcomers trial.

This alone was enough to prove the upper houses financial capability.

Those who were in the top ten were all laughing excitedly, as the reward was so luxurious that it was enough for them to cultivate in peace for some time.

If others wanted to cultivate, they would have to do missions to earn a living.

Below the top ten, there were some rewards with even lower monetary values, but Jiang Lengyue couldnt even be bothered to talk about them.

She skipped directly to the rewards for the top three.

“Cai Hao, third place.

His reward is an epic-grade weapon, 50 credits, and an A-Level skill tablet!”

“Second place, Han Xuefei.

She will be rewarded with an epic-grade piece of equipment of her choice.

Shell also be given 100 academic credits and a cultivation spot for the first five levels of the stargazing tower.”

Everyone murmured excitedly when they heard Han Xuefeis reward was a chance to cultivate in the stargazing tower.

Shes about to soar high and far!


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