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364 Chapter 364 Instant Victory

Chapter 364 Instant Victory

Han Xuefei released her telekinesis, gathering several huge rocks around her and throwing them at Lu Yu.

The huge rocks covered Lu Yus entire body and squeezed him in.

At that moment, the three geniuses stood before the huge rock and were nervous as they looked at it.

“I must say, Miss Han, your telekinesis is crazy strong.

You are controlling these boulders like nothing.” Cai Hao exclaimed.

Zhao Lei did not say it out loud, but he was relieved.

These rocks were about the size of a truck each, but she could lift them easily with her telekinesis.

No matter how hard he tried, Zhao Lei knew he was incapable of such a feat!

“Could he be dead” Zhao Lei looked at the enormous rocks and asked curiously.

“We cant let our guard down,” Han Xuefei said.

“Hes very strong, and we must be vigilant!”

After speaking, she looked at Zhao Lei and ordered, “You stand at the back and be ready to launch a sneak attack.”

“Cai Hao, stand in front of me and help me block his attack!

After Han Xuefei finished speaking, they quickly did as she said without saying a word.

Han Xuefei was too eager to take first place in this competition.

She had to defeat Lu Yu here and prove that she was the best of all newcomers!

The three got into position and looked at the massive rock as if facing a great enemy.

Although they felt it would be difficult for Lu Yu to break through, they still didnt dare to be careless.

Crack! Crack!

Suddenly, a crack appeared on the boulder, and the gap began to widen.

Seeing this, Han Xuefei couldnt help but become nervous and stare at the cracks.

Cai Hao lowered his body and placed one hand in front of him, ready to fight at any time.

Standing behind the huge rock, Zhao Lei wasnt paying attention at first.

He believed they had won for sure, and once they waited for a few minutes, the match would be over once they made sure Lu Yu was unable to break free.

Suddenly, his attention was turned to the crack that appeared on the boulder.

He quickly widened his eyes and looked over, exclaiming in a low voice, “No way, he actually broke through.”

Crack! Crack!


The huge rock in front of the three exploded with a loud bang.

Broken stones flew out with dust, and Lu Yu slowly emerged.

Han Xuefei quickly dispersed the dust with her telekinesis and saw Lu Yu.

“He has broken free from my restraints.

Get ready for battle!” Han Xuefei said it in shock.

Cai Haos heart was already in his throat, as he thought they had already won!

“Damn it! We underestimated this guy!”

Cai Hao finally recognized the reality; it would not be easy to defeat Lu Yu.

Lu Yu had just used all his strength to shatter the rock that trapped him.

He stood on top of the broken rock with an indifferent expression as if nothing had happened.

“Thats it.

I dont have the patience to play with you three anymore!”

Lu Yu muttered impatiently as he walked toward Han Xuefei.

“Go!” Han Xuefei yelled, and Cai Hao rushed forward and punched out.

At the same time, Zhao Lei also appeared behind Lu Yu.

He brandished his daggers and stabbed them towards the back of Lu Yus neck.

With a pincer attack and the help of Han Xuefeis telekinesis, the three geniuses attacked Lu Yu at the same time.

The three were extremely confident, as they attacked simultaneously and used everything they had against a single person.

If they couldnt win, they could go home for good.

However, Lu Yu turned around and just stood between the two men.

The next moment, Lu Yu extended his claws to the sides, and with a swish, his claws grabbed hold of Cai Hao and Zhao Leis necks!

Lu Yu quickly took action and controlled the two of them.

Lu Yus hands were so fast that Zhao Lei and Cai Hao could not see them clearly.

They only saw a shadow flash, and the thick and powerful dragon claws were over their necks.

After being caught in a chokehold by Lu Yu, the two struggled and attacked Lu Yus arm.

At the same time, Han Xuefei also strained her spiritual force.

An invisible force assaulted and weighted down Lu Yus arms, trying to make him let go.

Han Xuefeis brows were tightly furrowed as she stared at Lu Yu intensely.

At this moment, she had released all she had but was still unable to move Lu Yus arms.

At most, it only made his arms tremble a little.

“Dont move, or youll both be dead!” Lu Yu said it coldly.

The two people who were being strangled heard that and didnt dare to move or struggle anymore.

Cai Haos face was filled with despair, as he didnt expect the difference in strength to be so great.

They had barely started the fight, and he was already under Lu Yus control, losing his ability to fight.

Zhao Lei was gritting his teeth so hard that they were bleeding, suppressing the anger and hatred in his heart.

He cursed at the difference in strength between them! He came to Clanorth University to be a champion but ended up in this state; it was embarrassing!

Han Xuefei gave up.

She panted heavily and stopped releasing her telekinesis, finally realizing that her powers were far inferior to Lu Yus.

As expected, Lu Yus stopping at the seventh round of the martial arts tournament wasnt because he was at his limit.

With a swing of his arms, Cai Hao and Zhao Lei were sent flying.

They landed heavily on the ground, creating a huge crater.

Then, Lu Yu walked toward Han Xuefei.

Looking at Lu Yu walking over quickly, Han Xuefeis face turned pale as she retreated.

“What do you want to do”

On this deserted island, facing a man with overwhelming strength made her feel insecure.

Lu Yu brushed past Han Xuefei and went to the box behind her.

Seeing that she was ignored, Han Xuefei was stunned.

She was the most powerful of the three prodigies and the publicly recognized beauty at Ice Realm University.

However, she could not see any hints of acknowledgement in Lu Yus eyes, and he treated her as a passerby.

“Ill be taking this crown.

I dont want to get physical with you unless youre still unwilling to give it up.”

As Lu Yu spoke, he swiped his claw across the box and broke it, revealing the crown inside.

Lu Yu picked up the crown.

It was made of pure gold and wasnt particularly exquisite.

He put it on and started the countdown, knowing he would be in first place after 30 seconds.

“Is our difference that big” Han Xuefei muttered to herself in disappointment.

“Can you help me become stronger If you can help me become stronger, Ill give you anything you want.

My family has plenty of money!”

Han Xuefei looked at Lu Yu expectantly.

Lu Yu was slightly surprised, as he didnt expect her to ask him to teach her.

However, he could tell she was working hard to make herself stronger.

“Im sorry, Im not an esper.

Im afraid I cant help you,” Lu Yu shrugged helplessly.

Han Xuefei quickly reached out and grabbed Lu Yus wrist.

“As long as youre willing to help me become stronger, Ill do anything! “

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