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361 Chapter 361 Landing On The Island

Chapter 361 Landing On The Island

The island was covered in dense forests, so one had to be extra careful when walking there.

After Lu Yu had walked forward for a distance, he discovered many messy footprints.

Obviously, a large group of newcomers had gathered and passed by.

“Brother, these footprints look like there are quite a lot of them.

There are at least thirty to forty people.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Thats right, theyve united.

But this is normal.

After all, in this competition, those three so-called geniuses have all joined forces.

If they dont want to be crushed, the rest of the students can only work together.”

“Their actions may even assist them in winning first place.”

Lu Yu said this because he felt that the three geniuses couldnt defeat this many people even if they worked together, even though the restrictions here were helpful to Han Xuefei.

“Thats interesting.

Lets just watch this group fight against the three, and then well just sit back and get rid of whatevers left.”

Lu Yu didnt care much about Wang Mengs suggestion.

None of them was his match, whether it was the newcomers alliance or the three-person group.

All he wanted was to come in first place.

“Dont worry.

Well make our move after they find the crown.”

Wang Meng added quickly.

“Let them fight it out once either finds the crown.

Its best if we make our move when theyre exhausted!”

He wanted to take advantage of the opportunity, but Lu Yu didnt care about that.

If he found the crown, he would definitely make a move and win the competition quickly.

As they followed the footprints, the two of them realized that the footprints had started to spread out.

It seemed that this large group had split up in search of the crown; they were the group with the most people, so their search was the most efficient.

However, it would be a problem with so many teams once one of them found the crown.

So even if they found something, they might not put it on and declare victory immediately.

Instead, they would discuss how to distribute the spoils.

Lu Yu had a hunch that before they got the crown, they would focus on getting rid of the other threats, such as the three geniuses and Lu Yu.

“Theres no need to rush.

Let them search first, and well just wait here.” As Lu Yu spoke, he slowed down his pace.

“But what if they just put it on after they find it”

According to the rules, the person wearing the crown has to keep it from being snatched for half a minute to be crowned champion.

“There were so many of them, and none of them alone.

Its impossible for one of them to put it on immediately after finding it.”

Wang Meng nodded and knew that it made sense.

Even if someone had selfish motives and wanted to put it on immediately after finding it, others would stop them immediately.

After all, everyone wanted to be crowned champion.

The final result would be handled by them internally.

Before that, they would clear out the three-person group and Lu Yu.

“It seems like weve split into three sides, and the other two are formidable.”

Wang Meng knew that he was not of much use.

Lu Yu alone was equivalent to an entire team!

“Lets rest and wait for them to find it.”

With that, Lu Yu sat down and started to rest.

After all, its impossible that they could be more efficient than dozens of people at scouting.

In fact, Lu Yu and Wang Mengs search might even be less efficient than the three geniuses.

After all, Zhao Leis speed increased his chances of finding the crown.

Wang Meng sat beside Lu Yu and started to rest.

“This is such a big island.

If we really have to search for it, how long would it take ”

“Just wait patiently…”

Wang Meng let out a long breath and closed his eyes.

The two sat in the forest and waited for a long time.

Suddenly, Lu Yus ears twitched as if he had heard something.

“Wang Meng, something seems to be going on.”

Wang Meng opened his eyes and was a little sleepy.

“Whats going on I dont see anything nearby.”

He looked around warily and found it was quiet; there was no movement.

“Its not here; its further ahead.” There seems to be some noise, like an argument.”

“Brother, youre so amazing!” exclaimed Wang Meng.

“I didnt even hear anything!”

“However, since you heard an argument, theyve likely found the crown and are fighting for it!”

“Lets go and take a look!” Lu Yu stood up quickly and said.

He strode quickly, planning to find out what was going on.

The two of them walked through the forest and soon parted a thick patch of grass, where they saw the source of the sound.

Under a towering tree, a few people stood there, ready to fight.

The atmosphere was filled with the smell of gunpowder.

Lu Yu took a closer look and was surprised to find that Han Xuefei was the leader of the three-person group standing under the tree!

The other six surrounded them and were shouting for help.

“Han Xuefei, dont think you can do whatever you want just because youre strong and have an advantage here.

You wont be taking the crown away today!”

The leader of the group shouted.

Han Xuefei, who was standing in front of him, said with an indifferent expression, “We discovered this first.

If you newcomers want to snatch it, dont blame me if I injure you!”

Lu Yu was surprised, as he didnt expect the three to discover the crown first!

Wang Meng pointed at a box behind Han Xuefei and said, “That box should be the crown!”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Thats right.

It seems so.

Lets see how it goes.”

At that moment, the six newcomers gradually surrounded Han Xuefeis group of three.

“Haha, the three of you can forget about leaving here today!”

“Our alliance has around 40 people.

How are you three going to fight against all of us ”

“Hurry up, just hand over the item and surrender, and we might let you go!”

“If you dont do as I say, youll be beaten up!”

These few people were arrogant and haughty at that moment, judging by their tone and behavior.

Before they entered the upper house, the three geniuses before them were stars they had to look up to.

Standing next to them, they were unremarkable and unimportant.

Now, they had the chance to teach these three superstars a lesson.

To them, this was simply the chance of a lifetime!

The leader approached Han Xuefei.

“Our people are almost there.

Surrender, or youll lose miserably!”

In the next moment, Han Xuefei raised her right hand and pointed at him; a strong telekinetic power burst out.

A force attacked him like an invisible hand, strangling his neck tightly and lifting him in the air.

The feeling of suffocation hit him instantly, and he struggled madly.

His four limbs were constantly twitching.

When Cai Hao and Zhao Lei, standing beside Han Xuefei, saw this, they were pleased.

With Han Xuefei on their side, they would undoubtedly win!

However, more than a dozen figures emerged from the surrounding grass and quickly approached Han Xuefei.

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