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359 Chapter 359 The Three Of Them Join Forces

Chapter 359 The Three Of Them Join Forces

Han Xuefeis agreement excited Cai Hao and Zhao Lei; they couldnt help but laugh out loud.

Initially, she wasnt willing to join.

In her opinion, even if the three joined forces, they wouldnt be a match for Lu Yu.

However, when Jiang Lengyue announced the rules of the competition, she realized that she would win for sure!

In terms of spiritual power, no one was stronger than her in this batch of newcomers!

Although Lu Yu also dabbled in spiritual power, there was still a gap between him and her, who specialized in it.

Therefore, Han Xuefei joined their team.

The two men could fight in close combat, and she would be blasting away with her spiritual power.

The perfect team!

“Were definitely going to win this competition!”

“Haha, of course! We are the champions!”

Cai Hao and Zhao Lei both laughed proudly.

“I can join you, but I have a request.” Han Xuefei suddenly said.

Their smiles froze.

They looked at Han Xuefei and asked, “What is it”

“My request is simple.

I want to be the team leader, and the two of you must listen to my orders.

Do you understand”

Cai Hao and Zhao Lei looked at each other, feeling slightly upset.

The two of them were proud geniuses, and being led by a woman made them uncomfortable.

However, how could the two of them be Lu Yus match if they disagreed

The close-range combat strength that Lu Yu had just displayed made them tremble in fear.

Those pair of claws were an existence that they absolutely didnt dare touch!

If the two wanted to get a good ranking or even first place, they had to work with Han Xuefei.

The competition this time was unique, as there was only first place.

There were no second or third places.

As this competition was done as they saw fit, one could form any team at will.

Therefore, there would only be one team that could win first place with the crown.

The rest were just bystanders.

As long as Cai Hao and Zhao Lei followed Han Xuefei and got first place, they would still receive a decent reward.

“Alright, I agree!”

Zhao Lei gritted his teeth and agreed helplessly, “I also agree.”

Han Xuefei nodded slightly.

“Okay, Im ordering the two of you now.

When the competition starts, you two are responsible for close combat with Lu Yu while Ill fight with my spiritual power from the back.”

Upon hearing this, the two complained.

“I dont want to fight that guy in close combat! ”

Cai Hao said this sheepishly.

“If you two dont fight in close combat, do you expect me to” Han Xuefei immediately retorted.

Cai Hao was at a loss for words and could only nod helplessly.

At that moment, Jiang Lengyue continued, “The exchange competition will officially begin tomorrow morning.

You all can go back and make your preparations.

If you have any problems, please report them to any instructor.”

“The martial arts tournament has ended, and the reward for first place will be given out after the official announcement.

Todays event ends here.”

With that, she sat down and began to organize her document on the table.

The crowd began to exit the arena.

Lu Yu brought Wang Meng out of the martial arts tournament arena, and the two began discussing as they walked.

“Brother, why dont we find a few teammates in advance Itll be easier to win the championship this way.”

Wang Meng suggested.

Lu Yu shook his head slightly.

“Forget it.

Its already hard enough for me to take you with me.

If a few more come, I wont be able to care for everyone.”

Wang Meng smiled awkwardly and knew that he might be a burden.

“Then we dont need anyone else.

Ill be your partner!”

He said proudly.

Lu Yu didnt say much and walked out of the martial arts arena.

As soon as he came out, a group of people immediately surrounded him.

Lu Yu looked around and realized that all of them were instructors from the upper house, as well as some officials.

“Lu Yu, lets be friends.

Lets add each other as friends on social media.”

“Lu Yu, this is my contact information.

You can contact me anytime if you need anything in the future.”

“Im the person in charge of the canteen.

Just ring me up to tell me what you want to eat, and Ill get someone to make it for you.”

“Lu Yu, I want to take you as my disciple.

So, here…”

These instructors all came up to curry favor with him.

They were all intelligent people, and they could see that Lu Yus future was bright.

Lu Yu was determined to achieve great things and be respected by the masses.

If they didnt try to be on good terms with Lu Yu, they would be at a disadvantage in the future!

This was what these people were thinking, so they all came to fawn over Lu Yu.

After all, they wouldnt lose anything if they failed, but they would make a fortune if they succeeded.

While these people were trying to please Lu Yu, they were also casting envious looks at Wang Meng.

This made Wang Meng very pleased.

“Dont bother me.

Im going back to rest.

Whats the point of all of you surrounding me like this I cant communicate with any of you.”

Lu Yu complained unhappily.

Although they were all instructors from the upper house, Lu Yu didnt care.

After hearing Lu Yus displeased words, the instructors dispersed one after another.

They were tactful people.

They knew that they were here to please this future bigshot, and naturally, they knew what to do not to offend him.

After the group of people left, Lu Yu continued forward.

Many of the newcomers were sour when they saw this.

They were all newcomers, but why was there such a massive difference in their treatment

It was especially uncomfortable for the three geniuses who had just come out.

They all had the same thought in their hearts, and that was they must get back in first place to prove their strength!

Han Xuefei looked at Lu Yus back, feeling envious and jealous.

She should have been the one being held in high regard by everyone.

However, this was no longer important.

She was determined to win first place in the next competition!

At night, Lu Yu had already returned to his villa and was ready to rest.

Han Xuefei and the others were not in a hurry to go back.

Instead, they found a restaurant to have a meal together and discuss how to deal with Lu Yu.

The other newcomers clearly saw their actions.

This naturally included Wang Meng.

The fact that the three geniuses were joining forces was definitely a major event! They had constantly been at each others throats, and the only reason they united was to deal with Lu Yu.

At that moment, at the entrance of a certain restaurant, Wang Meng took out his phone and called Lu Yu.

“Brother Lu Yu, I have something important to tell you!”

At that moment, Lu Yu was preparing to train a little more before going to sleep.

After hearing Wang Mengs words, he listened intently.

“Whats the urgent matter Hurry up and tell me.”

“The three so-called geniuses seem to be joining forces and targeting you!”

Hearing this, Lu Yu laughed disapprovingly.

“Thats all Is there anything else”

“Brother, the three have joined forces.

Theyre definitely going against you; arent you worried”

“Why should I be worried about three people who are inferior to me”

“However, they have an esper within their ranks, which would give them an advantage.”

“Wang Meng, calm down.

I will still be first in this years competition!”

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