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358 Chapter 358 The Next Stage

At that moment, Jiang Lengyue continued to explain the rules.

“After entering the island, you must find a golden crown.

Once you wear it, you will be crowned the champion of this competition.”

“To better test your ability to adapt to any situation, we will impose restrictions on the abilities of the participating contestants!”

Upon hearing this, the newcomers began to get nervous.

Restricting their abilities was fatal to most of them.

Many people specialize in only one aspect.

For example, Cai Haos close-quarters combat, Zhao Leis speed, and Han Xuefeis spiritual power.

If any of these areas were restricted, the person would become disabled and lose almost all of their abilities.

Everyone stared at Jiang Lengyue nervously, anticipating what kind of ability she would restrict.

“Every year has a different restriction on abilities, and never the same as compared to the previous year.”

“This year, contestants will be limited to only using spiritual power skills other than close-quarters combat!”

As soon as she said this, the crowd instantly went into an uproar.

“Isnt this restriction a little too harsh”

“How am I supposed to fight if I wholly rely on my skills”

“Im a mage.

Isnt that just unfair ”

“Can we only use spiritual power But I dont have any, what should I do ”

“Crap, this means I can only rely on my physical body.

My physical fitness is average, and my attributes arent high…”

“Cai Hao and Han Xuefei will be overjoyed by this.”

“This restriction is so strict.

Cant we change it”

Quite a few people were grumbling incessantly as they had lost their ability even to defend themselves.

How would they continue the competition

Alas, once this rule was set, it was impossible to change it.

Moreover, the newcomers exchange competition was to test students ability to adapt to changes.

If you were disabled, you could totally join a team and rely on your ability to adapt to changes to get a good result.

This also promoted communication between students, allowing more students to understand each other.

Wang Meng complained to Lu Yu, “This restriction is just disgusting.

I cant use any of the new skills I learned!”

“Youre a close-combat fighter, and youre complaining ” Lu Yu rolled his eyes.

“What do you think a mage can do here”

Wang Meng scratched his head and chuckled, not saying anything more.

On the other side, Cai Hao looked at Han Xuefei and asked anxiously, “Should we form an alliance Well definitely get first place with the three of us together!”

Han Xuefei decisively said without hesitation, “Lets join forces.

We will win this!”

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