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357 Chapter 357 Record-Breaking First Place

Chapter 357 Record-Breaking First Place

On the tournament stage, Lu Yu was beating up the Crimson Golden Winged Tiger almost overwhelmingly.

His pair of Light Dragon Claws swung quickly and fiercely, and blood splattered with every swish of his claws.

These attacks forced the Crimson Golden Winged Tiger to retreat in defeat.

Its head and two forelimbs were covered in wounds from Lu Yus claws, with even its bones exposed.

When the audience saw this, they were shocked and speechless.

The Crimson Golden Winged Tigers Gold Crushing Claw had no effect on Lu Yu, and its Burning Breath was ineffective.

This was a one-sided beatdown!

“Lu Yus strength is too strong!”

“Why didnt he take any damage when he charged up against the Burning Breath”

“Maybe its not that hes immune to damage, but that he can recover quickly.”

“Thats right.

When he was burned, I saw his entire body covered in a layer of holy light that was healing him.

It must be the effect of his claws.”

“It seems that his claws of light elemental energy are indeed special.

They can both resist damage and attack!”

Everyone saw that Lu Yu had relied on his Light Dragon Claws to achieve these amazing results.

In the audience, Zhao Liu walked out of the infirmary; the poison in his body had almost dissipated.

As soon as he came out, he saw Lu Yu killing the Crimson Golden Winged Tiger in a one-sided show and was dumbfounded!

“How can this guy be so strong There must be a problem!” He said it through gritted teeth.

He returned to his seat and sat next to Han Xuefei and Cai Hao.

Han Xuefei and Cai Hhao were anxious, as Lu Yu had completely surpassed the three of them!

The limelight and fame that the three geniuses once had were all stolen by Lu Yu!

How many people in the audience could still remember the dazzling display of the three prodigies

Many audience members were upper house officials, and even the Dean was present.

Their performance here would determine their future in the upper house!

The number one place would be given the most cultivation resources from the upper house.

Han Xuefei even planned to utilize the upper houses resources and try to reach platinum rank after she got first place.

But now, their hopes were dashed.

Lu Yu was definitely going to get first place!

Han Xuefei let out a long sigh.

“It seems that I can only be in second place.”

“Second place isnt bad either.

The university will still provide you with many resources,” Cai Hao consoled her.

On the other hand, Zhao Lei gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

Because of Lu Yus performance, he was pushed down to fourth place.

This caused his status to drop drastically, and the resources he was supposed to obtain from the upper house were about to decrease significantly.

He despised Lu Yu to his core, but there was nothing he could do.

There was a huge gap between his strength and Lu Yus.

On the tournament stage, Lu Yu finished killing the beast.

Looking at the bloody Crimson Golden Winged Tiger on the ground, Lu Yu couldnt help but sigh, “You have quite a lot of blood in you.”

Seeing this, the host quickly walked up, picked up the microphone, and announced loudly, “Lu Yu has broken the upper houses record.

In the past, no one has ever made it to the seventh round, and what he has done is nothing short of a miracle!”

The audience went into an uproar and began to cheer fervently.

Of course, they were all still curious about Lu Yus strength.

They all wanted to see the upper limit of Lu Yus strength.

The host passed the microphone to Lu Yu and asked, “Lu Yu, do you still plan to continue the challenge The enemies in the eighth round will be even tougher and more deadly.”

Lu Yu pondered for a moment.

He knew that the people around him wanted to know his upper limit.

If he kept fighting, he would definitely be able to test where his boundary was.

However, there wasnt much of a need.

His goal was to get first place, and he had gotten just that.

His goal had been achieved, so there was no need to continue.

“Forget it.

Lets end it here.”

Upon hearing this, the host, who had a look of anticipation, was instantly disappointed.

However, he still nodded.

“Okay, no problem.

The ranking will be updated.

The current first place is held by student Lu Yu, who passed the seventh round!”

When the results were finalized, the audience began to discuss them excitedly.

“I was waiting to see him charge all the way up.

Is this the end”

“Oh, come one! I dont think hes fully displayed his strength yet.

He can continue to fight!”

“Thats right; why did he stop”

“I really want to see his limit!”

“Hmm, although this person is young and talented, he is calm and rational.

He knows when to call it quits after the seventh round.”

Some sharp-eyed audience members immediately guessed that Lu Yu didnt want to reveal his strength for no reason, which was why he didnt continue.

However, there was one person in the audience who disagreed.

“He stopped because thats all he can do! Hes clearly at his limit, but he acted as if he doesnt want to continue.”

Zhao Lei declared with a sour expression.

Suddenly, someone behind him immediately retorted, “Cant you see Lu Yus still in good shape.”

“No, hes just holding on.

If he really has the strength, why wouldnt he continue He clearly knows that hes at his limit!”

The people around him were speechless.

“Fine, fine, fine.

If you think so, then so be it.

Anyway, Lu Yu is stronger than you even if he doesnt continue!”

Hearing these words, Zhao Lei gritted his teeth in anger.

He wanted to teach these people a lesson, but on second thought, most of the audience around him might even be stronger than him.

They werent people he could bully as he wished.

He could only suppress his anger until his face turned red.

Lu Yu left the stage and returned to the audience.

Everyone was watching his every move.

Although he didnt continue, his results were enough to shock everyone.

It wasnt a surprise for him to be at the center of everyones attention.

The three geniuses seemed to have been thrown aside, as no one showed any interest in them anymore.

Lu Yu returned to his seat, and Wang Meng immediately said excitedly, “Boss, your performance is just outstanding.

Youve shown them whos the strongest one here!”

“Keep a low profile,” Lu Yu reminded him softly.

Wang Meng quickly nodded.

At this moment, Jiang Lengyue stood up, and the whole place instantly fell silent.

Jiang Lengyue regained her senses and looked at the crowd.

Many people couldnt help but gulp when they saw her beauty.

Jiang Lengyue announced loudly, “The martial arts tournament ended smoothly with Lu Yu in first place, Han Xuefei in second place, and Cai Hao in third place!”

Jiang Lengyue was excited as Lu Yu had brought her a great surprise, and at the same time, he made her realize that she had made a huge mistake in neglecting him.

“Next, lets proceed to the next stage, the newcomers exchange competition!”

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