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Chapter 355 Attribute Absorption, Suppression!

After Lu Yu said “continue,” everyone got into an excited uproar.

“Lu Yu still wants to continue!”

“Thats great! Well have something to see.

Ive never seen a battle in the seventh round before!”

“Thats rare.

Lu Yu has already broken the upper houses record, as the highest record among all the newcomers in history was only the fifth round.”

“Han Xuefei has broken the record, and Lu Yu broke hers!”

“This martial arts tournament will go down as the most exciting one in history!”

The host looked at Lu Yu worriedly and asked, “Do you have confidence in that The beast in the seventh round is strong and wont be easily defeated.”

“Youre already in first place, and the participants behind you definitely wont be able to break your record.

Youll still be in first place whether you fight or not.”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Of course, I know that.

You dont have to ask anymore.

Lets continue to the next round.”

Hearing this, the host expressed his helplessness, but he still started the next round.

In the audience, Wang Meng looked at Lu Yu and cheered, “Brother, go on and win the seventh round! Let them witness your might!”

Han Xuefei let out a long sigh and looked at Lu Yu in despair.

She couldnt understand why the gap between them was so huge, as she had clearly worked hard and her talent wasnt any weaker than his…

At this point, the three so-called geniuses realized the truth and realized who was the strongest.

On the martial arts tournament stage, the array began to flash, and a huge shadow slowly emerged.

The light dissipated, and a monstrous tiger leapt out.

Lu Yus entire being was as big as just one of the tigers legs.

The tiger was covered in crimson fur, and a pair of thick golden wings grew out of its back!

The idiom “like a tiger that has grown wings” actually came true.

Lu Yu was curious, so he opened his Eye of the Dragon God and scanned the tiger.

[ Crimson Golden Winged Tiger (S-Level) ]

[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 790 ]

[ Speed: 630 ]

[ Health: 1340 ]

[ Mana: 420 ]

[ Defense: 540 ]

[ Skill: Gold Crushing Claw.

Enhance attack.

The next attack will deal an additional 200 damage, with added 20% armor penetration ]

[ Skill: Burning Breath.

Spits out flames to an area, dealing continuous damage, ignores defense, 50 damage per second ]

After Lu Yu read its information, he couldnt help but gulp.

This tigers attributes werent inferior to his, but rather surpassed him in every way!

Luckily, it only had two skills.

They werent weak, so Lu Yu had to be extra careful as its Burning Breath skill ignored defense.

It was likely that it would be useless to use a shield, and he could only rely on his Light Dragon Claw to recover from it.

In other words, Lu Yu needed to rely solely on his Light Dragon Claws to defeat the beast before him!

Lu Yu switched to his Light Dragon Claws and immediately activated his Absorption skill.

He extended his right claw towards the Crimson Golden Winged Tiger.

Immediately after, a ray of light was drawn out from the Crimson Golden Winged Tigers body and went through Lu Yus right hand.

It looked as if Lu Yu had sucked something out of its body.

This was indeed the case.

Lu Yus claw had absorbed 10% of the Crimson Golden Winged Tigers attributes.

10% was equivalent to the Crimson Golden Winged Tigers multiplied by 0.1; Lu Yu had just gained an extra 79 attack points.

The Crimson Golden Winged Tigers attack decreased to about 700 points, while Lu Yus attack power increased to 729 points!

This Absorption skill reversed the situation, and Lu Yus attributes were now higher than the tiger before him!

Lu Yu exclaimed inwardly at the ridiculousness of his skill.

Other than Lu Yus health points, his other attributes had surpassed the Crimson Golden Winged Tigers!

After the beasts stats were extracted, it staggered and felt slightly uncomfortable.

It felt like it was weakening, which was an odd occurrence.

It noticed that Lu Yu had absorbed its attributes, so it growled.

The audience looked at Lu Yus actions and was confused.

They didnt know what he did, but Lu Yus skill suddenly negatively affected the Crimson Golden Winged Tiger.

On the judging panel, the eyes of several judges lit up.

They could tell with a glance that Lu Yu had absorbed the Crimson Golden Winged Tigers attributes!

Such a skill was scarce!

Jiang Lengyues eyes brightened.

Her gaze toward Lu Yu was filled with curiosity, especially when she looked at his pair of Light Dragon Claws.

“This pair of claws is something else!”

“In other words, hes not an ordinary person.” A judge on the bench couldnt help but comment.

Turning back to the tournament stage, the Crimson Golden Winged Tiger opposite Lu Yu was enraged and flapped its wings to charge towards Lu Yu with its strong limbs.

Lu Yus attributes werent any lower than the tigers, not to mention that he had many additional skills.

In terms of basic attributes, Lu Yu was superior, and even more so in skills!

Lu Yu was confident of this battle with his abundance of combat experience!

Lu Yu lifted his claws and charged at the Crimson Golden Winged Tiger.

The tiger had reached Lu Yu and activated its skill, Gold Cushing Claw.

Its claws glowed with a golden light as if they had turned into gold.

It extended its claws and tried grabbing onto Lu Yu.

This attack might have substantial damage and was imbued with an armor-piercing effect.

Lu Yu wouldnt fancy taking it head-on.

Hence, Lu Yu lowered his body and dodged the tigers claws.

The Crimson Golden Winged Tiger missed and quickly repositioned its claws to catch Lu Yu!

Lu Yu didnt give it a chance, as he reached out with his claws and slammed them into the tigers chest!

The claws instantly tore through the Crimson Golden Winged Tigers hide.

The beasts chest was cut open, and bright red blood gushed.

The Crimson Golden Winged Tiger was in pain and jumped back to distance itself from Lu Yu.

After it backed off, its eyes were fixed on Lu Yu.

At the same time, it began to retreat slowly.

It seemed to be afraid of Lu Yu and became more cautious.

Very quickly, it regained its posture and charged again toward Lu Yu.

At the same time, it activated its Gold Crushing Claw once more and slapped its paws down at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu looked at the thick muscles on the tigers arm and could imagine how powerful this attack was!

If Lu Yu went at it head-on, hed definitely be sent flying!

Lu Yu jumped into the air and used his flying shuttle battle suit to dodge the attack.

The Crimson Golden Winged Tiger was short of reaching Lu Yu, so it flapped its wings and flew up!

The flying tiger swooped toward Lu Yu once again.

Once again, it was aiming its claws at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu used the three-dimensional mobility of the flying shuttle battle suit to move in the air.

He adjusted his angle and engaged the Crimson Golden Winged Tiger.

The two sides were about to collide, and everyone held their breath.

The battle between man and tiger was about to reach a climax!

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