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354 Chapter 354 Continue To The Next Round

Chapter 354 Continue To The Next Round

As soon as Lu Yus battle suit appeared, it attracted the attention of countless people.

They all recognized that this cloak was a military battle suit!

“Whats going on Why does he have a battle suit from the army ”

“Could it be that hes already joined the military But thats impossible; if hes a member of the military, why would he be here”

“I know about this flying shuttle battle suit, as theres one in the lower house.

Getting one is not easy, and its a surprise he has one.”

“This persons luck is just too good.

If only I could get one of these too.”

At that moment, with the help of the flying shuttle battle suit, Lu Yu moved twice in the air.

Lu Yu could still stay in the air for a second when his suit was on cooldown.

Using this short second, he quickly adjusted his posture.

Lu Yu adjusted his posture and swooped down toward the wild boar.

The wild boar below raised its head slightly but could not see Lu Yu in the air.

Lu Yu knew that animals like pigs and boars were unable to look up at the sky because their necks were too short.

Therefore, when Lu Yu swooped down, the wild boar below didnt know he was coming.

It didnt even know Lu Yu was above him!

Lu Yu took advantage of this blind spot.

The moment he dove down, his left hand turned into his Flowing Water Dragon Claw and created an Armor-Piercing Water Spear!

His right hand turned into his Light Dragon Claw, which he clenched.

Just as it was about to land, Lu Yu shot out his water spear, which pierced through the wild boars chest; it created a hole that was spurting blood!

Bang! Bang!

Like a cannonball, Lu Yu smashed into the wild boars side.

He grasped his right fist and hit the wild boars abdomen hard!

The powerful impact knocked the wild boar aside!


The wild boar fell to the ground with a loud bang, and dense spiderweb-like cracks appeared where it landed!

This heavy blow caused great damage to the wild boar.

Lu Yu, on the other hand, wasnt affected at all.

His breathing was still calm and collected.

Everyone stared at Lu Yu as they exclaimed.

“The first punch he showed was this overpowering.

Why do I feel like hes going to win”

“As of now, Lu Yu has the absolute advantage.

This is undoubtedly true, but its hard to say if he can win.”

Lu Yu has an absolute advantage.

He could move in the air, while the wild boar couldnt look up and lock onto him.

As long as Lu Yu doesnt do anything stupid, its hard for him to lose.

“From this point, it seems to be the case.”

The audience discussed and analyzed Lu Yus chances of winning; many felt that Lu Yu would win the sixth round.

“He should be able to win the sixth round, but it wouldnt be easy.

I think hes on par with Han Xuefei.”

One of the audience members expressed confidently.

At that moment, Han Xuefei was looking at Lu Yu in the arena with a nervous expression.

Her hands gripped the corners of her clothes as she pursed her lips.

She feared that her first place would be snatched away and hoped Lu Yu would lose.

Even if he won, he had to do so in a disheveled manner.

As for the other two geniuses, they seemed to have shut themselves in.

They sat on the ground dejectedly, as if they had lost everything.

Cai Hao sat in his seat with his head lowered.

He no longer had the mood to look at Lu Yu.

He was initially high-spirited and proud to be a recognized prodigy.

However, a dark horse appeared and ruthlessly rubbed him against the ground.

No matter how much he encouraged himself, the gap between him and Lu Yu was too huge.

Turning back to Lu Yu, he charged forward again before the wild boar could stand up.

With a swish, Lu Yu was before the boar in an instant!

Immediately after, Lu Yus pair of Light Dragon Claws attacked continuously!

The defense reduction effect from the Armor-Piercing Water Spear allowed Lu Yu to deal more damage.

With each swing of its claws, the wild boars body was covered in more wounds, and more blood was sprayed out.

The wild boar struggled and quickly stood up amidst the intense pain!

When he saw that, Lu Yu quickly switched his left claw to his Thunder Dragon Claw, and a purple electric current surged toward the wild boar.

The high-voltage current entered the wild boars body and wreaked havoc in every corner of it.

It began to twitch uncontrollably, and just as it was about to stand up, it fell down again.

This scene stunned everyone.

“He has the thunder element too”

“No way, his claws have so many different forms! Its as if all the elements are gathered!”

“Unbelievable! How many times has he evolved”

“Hey, dont make a fuss out of nothing.

He just showed that he possessed the light element, so isnt it normal to have the thunder element”

The audience understood that the light element was the rarest of all the elements.

Lu Yu could evolve with a light element, so it wouldnt be difficult for him to have the thunder element.

Lu Yu was able to have an easy battle with his many evolutions.

This electric shock stopped the wild boar from getting up, cutting off the possibility of its counterattack! As Lu Yus claws swung down one after another, the wounds on the wild boars body got deeper and more severe; it was almost to the point where the whites of the bones could be seen!

Suddenly, Lu Yu reached out and clawed into the wild boars body.

He switched to his Explosive Dragon Claws, and the high temperature poured in, roasting the wild boar almost instantly.

The wild boar struggled madly for a while before it lost its life.

Just like that, the sixth round ended.

It was almost entirely a one-sided beating by Lu Yu.

Lu Yu was too lazy to even look at its information panel when fighting such an enemy, as there wasnt a need at all!

At this moment, the audience was silent.

They were out of words to praise him.

Some couldnt help but look at Han Xuefei, wanting to see her reaction.

Some looked at Cai Hao and went silent when they saw his dejected look.

The host quickly walked out and shouted into the microphone, “Let us congratulate Lu Yu for defeating the beast from the sixth round and taking first place! Congratulations to him!”

Then, the host started clapping, and the audience followed suit.

Although the judges decision hadnt yet been made, it was certain that Lu Yu was already in the first place.

The way Lu Yu won the sixth round was far too easy.

The host quickly passed the microphone to Lu Yu and asked, “Do you still want to enter the next round The enemies in the seventh round wont be weak, and they are much stronger than the ones in the sixth round!”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu expectantly, wanting to see him continue fighting.

They wanted to see the upper limit of Lu Yus strength.

Lu Yu pondered for a moment.

He was already in the first place, and there was no point in continuing to advance.

He knew he would still be in first place even if he continued in the seventh or eighth round.

“Lets continue.

I will just treat it as high-intensity training.”

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