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353 Chapter 353 The Start Of The Sixth Round, Everyones Nervousness

Chapter 353 The Start Of The Sixth Round, Everyones Nervousness

Lu Yus claws cut off the horn of the Armored Rhinoceros!

Almost everyone revealed a look of disbelief, as the horn of the Armored Rhinoceros was the hardest part of its body!

However, this part was sliced off by Lu Yus claws as if it were butter!

This was enough to prove that the high defense of the Armored Rhinoceros was nothing in Lu Yus eyes.

The audience wasnt made up of weaklings.

They knew Lu Yu would definitely pass the fifth round after seeing that!

“It seems that the results are pretty much set in stone.

Lu Yu will win the fifth round.”

“Indeed, theres no doubt about that.

He, at least, will be in second place.”

“It seems like weve judged too early, and the three geniuses arent the best here.”

“Lets continue watching and see how many surprises he can bring us.”

At that moment, after Lu Yu had sliced off the horn of the Armored Rhinoceros, he took advantage of the situation and kicked its head, forcing it to back off.

Immediately after, Lu Yu quickly rushed forward.

He extended his Diamond Dragon Claw and clawed down hard on the beasts neck.

The Diamond Dragon Claw contained great power, and its grip strength was the strongest among all claws!

As such, Lu Yu broke through the beasts armor and gouged a piece of flesh from its neck!

Fresh blood flowed, and the Armored Rhinoceros released a miserable howl from the pain!

Lu Yus Explosive Dragon Claw released the Flaming Claw skill that he had been stacking and slashed toward the neck of the Armored Rhinoceros.

The Explosive Dragon Claw landed and created several bloody slashes on the neck of the Armored Rhinoceros.

These wounds cut deep into its carotid artery!

Bright red blood spurted out, and it couldnt be stopped!

This claw attack caused a fatal wound to the Armored Rhinoceros.

If it couldnt stop the flow of blood, the beast would die without a doubt.

Lu Yu stood at the side.

The beast didnt have the means to heal itself, and its horn was broken; it had lost all its means of attack.

It could be said that Lu Yu had already won the round.

Everyone looked at the bleeding Armored Rhinoceros and sighed.

Lu Yu had won.

After less than a minute, the Armored Rhinoceros fell to the ground, and its life began to fade from existence.

The audience looked at Lu Yus figure and exclaimed.

“His strength is through the roof!”

“No way, he won just like that.

This Armored Rhinoceros is such a difficult beast to deal with, and I never expected him to deal with it this quickly!”

“It seems like Lu Yu is now in second place.”

“I wonder if he can beat Han Xuefeis record and take first place.”

“Its not impossible.”

The Armored Rhinoceros life ended, and the host announced Lu Yus victory and prepared for the next round.

At that moment, Cai Hao, in the audience, looked at Lu Yus figure and let out a long sigh.

He was initially confident, believing that his strength far surpassed that of others due to his status as a recognized genius!

He didnt expect to meet with a more outstanding person—someone capable of crushing him to the ground!

Han Xuefei, sitting not far away, felt a sense of danger.

Her first place was about to be taken away, and this was the last thing she wanted to see.

Being first in the martial arts tournament was associated with favorable treatment from the upper house!

If there was a significant difference between first and second place, the upper house would prioritize training the first place over training the second.

If her first place were stolen, her loss would be huge.

However, at the moment, she didnt have any way to stop Lu Yu from taking first place.

Of course, she could technically secretly use her spiritual power to influence the martial arts tournament stage.

However, the others were not fools; it was impossible for them not to notice her actions.

Everyone was looking at Lu Yu expectantly, looking forward to seeing how far he could go and where he would reach.

The fifth round had ended, and the beast for the sixth round was appearing.

The array formation lit up, and a figure slowly materialized.

Once the light faded, a giant wild boar entered everyones eyes!

This wild boar was roughly the size of a bus.

Standing in front of it, Lu Yu looked a little short.

This large wild boar was covered in black fur, and its fangs looked scarily robust.

Lu Yu looked at the enemy in front of him and sighed.

It was another tanky beast with a strong physique; it would not be an easy fight.

The wild boar charged toward Lu Yu just as he thought of this.

With every step it took, Lu Yu could feel the ground trembling violently.

It had a massive body, but it wasnt slow either.

Almost in an instant, it was before Lu Yu.

It would be difficult for Lu Yu to take the wild boars charge head-on, as it would only consume a large amount of stamina from him, which wasnt worth it.

Therefore, Lu Yu quickly moved sideways to dodge.

However, the wild boar was nimble, and it adjusted itself quickly.

Soon, it locked onto Lu Yu again and continued forward.

Lu Yu had no choice but to continue to dodge the wild boars attacks.

This enormous wild boar was full of energy.

Although it was being toyed with by Lu Yu, it still charged at Lu Yu nonstop.

The constant dodging was making Lu Yu pant.

He cant just keep dodging, or he will be exhausted quickly!

He must use his Dragon Shadow skill soon!

Unfortunately, Dragon Shadow had a cooldown, so Lu Yu couldnt use it all the time.

But if he continued to dodge like this, he would lose.

Lu Yu knew he had to act as soon as possible.

He needed to find an opportunity, and Dragon Shadow could help Lu Yu find one.

However, Lu Yu was unsure if he could grasp the opportunity to kill the wild boar in one shot.

Therefore, he might need several consecutive attacks to defeat the beast.

Suddenly, Lu Yu thought of his flying shuttle battle suit.

This was the perfect time for it to come into use in this situation!

Immediately after, Lu Yu used all his strength to jump into the air.

Everyones eyes were locked on Lu Yus position and they looked at the sky.

Everyone was confused as to what Lu Yu was doing.

Wasnt jumping into the air courting death If he fell, he would be crushed by the wild boar!

However, Lu Yu, who had jumped into the air, had a black cloak spread out behind him!

The cloak fluttered in the wind, and in the next moment, it wrapped Lu Yu up.

Lu Yu turned into something resembling a shuttle, and he could move around nimbly in the air!

Everyone was shocked by this!

“This! Doesnt this belong to the military”

“He has an armys combat suit” someone asked.

“How is this possible Why does he have this equipment”

“How did he get it Did he enter the military before”

“Are you kidding me Thats absolutely impossible!”

“Holy! Lu Yu is like a tiger that has grown wings with this combat suit! “

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