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352 Chapter 352 Easily Killing The Enemy

Chapter 352 Easily Killing The Enemy

On the tournament stage, Lu Yu charged and swung his claws fiercely.

Although a layer of hard armor protected the Chocobos legs, it was barely doing anything to stop Lu Yus attacks; its strong legs were already covered in wounds.

The Chocobo retreated while flapping its wings and howling.

Suddenly, it stopped defending and extended its neck.

It opened its sharp beak and pecked at Lu Yus neck!

Facing the incoming Chocobos peck, Lu Yu didnt panic.

Instead, he immediately swung his sharp claws at the Chocobos neck.

Lu Yus claw cut off the Chocobos neck, and fresh blood gushed out.

The battle ended quickly.

Other than some blood stains on his body, Lu Yu wasnt tired out by the battle in the slightest.

In fact, Lu Yu didnt even use his Light Dragon Claw skills!

The Light Dragon Claw was way stronger than Lu Yus other four elemental dragon claws and was also powerful in basic combat enhancement.

Lu Yu only needed them in their most basic form, and he could kill the enemy without using any skills.

The audience looked at Lu Yu and started to analyze his situation carefully.

They could glimpse a lot of information in this fourth battle.

After all, this was a battle at the dividing line, and Lu Yu had dealt with it quickly.

This already explained to the audience what they needed to know.

“I didnt expect Lu Yu to win this easily.”

“The fourth beast was completely unable to fight back.”

“The difference in strength is simply too great.

When Cai Hao and Zhao Lei fought in the fourth round, it wasnt this easy.”

“The craziest thing is that Lu Yu didnt use any skills!”

“Now that youve mentioned it, it seems to be true.

He really didnt use any skills and only fought with his bare hands.”

“Could it be that hes still keeping a trump card”

“His strength is too strong! We cant compete at all!”

“This claw of his seems to be different from the ones before.”

“Damn, he evolved again”

“Fuck, hes still able to evolve after reaching this level.

His talent is really something else! ”

Generally speaking, the more powerful a cultivator was, the more difficult their evolution path would be.

Most people could reach a bottleneck in their strength and not evolve for several years!

Because of this, Lu Yus evolution was intriguing to them.

Especially when they saw that Lu Yus New Dragon Claw emitted a holy light, it made them even more curious.

The fourth round ended, and the fifth round began.

The fifth round was where Cai Hao and Zhao Lei ended their match.

If Lu Yu could complete his fifth round easily, he would be ranked second.

If he could pass through the sixth round, then without a doubt, he would be the champion of the martial arts tournament!

Everyone looked at Lu Yu seriously.

The time had come to change the current top three rankings!

Initially, the audience believed that no one could ever bring the top three geniuses down from their pedestals.

But Lu Yu, a dark horse, appeared out of nowhere and smashed their expectations.

The array began to glow, and soon the fifth beast appeared.

It was a colossal rhinoceros!

The rhinoceros was about the size of a tank, and its horns were like large scimitars!

The rhinoceros body was covered in a thick layer of armor, which wrapped it tightly without a single opening.

The rhinoceros was simply named the Armored Rhinoceros.

Its defense was through the roof, and at the same time, its attack power was more than decent.

Even Zhao Lei or Cai Hao would have a headache if they encountered such an opponent.

The beast that Lu Yu encountered was one of the stronger ones in the fifth round.

The Armored Rhinoceros appeared, and it was easily angered as it immediately charged at Lu Yu.

Even though it was huge and had short limbs, its speed was quick.

It reached Lu Yu in no time and lowered its head, using its horns to stab at him.

Lu Yu grabbed the horn with both hands, and his dragon claws rubbed against the horn, creating bright sparks.

The Armored Rhinoceros was still charging forward, and its colossal strength forced Lu Yu to retreat.

The Armored Rhinoceros suddenly raised its head and pushed Lu Yu into the air!

After being sent flying into the air, Lu Yu adjusted his posture, preparing to dive down at the Armored Rhinoceros to deal a heavy blow.

However, the Armored Rhinoceros below had already adjusted its posture and was ready.

It aimed its horn at Lu Yu, who was about to land.

The pointy rhinoceros horns seemed to be able to pierce through everything.

Even though Lu Yus defense and health points werent low by any means, he didnt want to fall on them.

Everyone stared at Lu Yu, who was in mid-air.

Suddenly, Lu Yu stopped moving, frozen in mid-air.

Just as everyones eyes were fixed on the afterimage in the air, Lu Yu had already arrived at the side of the Armored Rhinoceros.

He clenched his right fist and struck the Armoured Rhinoceross neck!

The next moment, a loud bang was heard.

A tremendous force hit the Armored Rhinoceros, and its huge body flipped over.

It rolled a few times on the ground before coming to a stop!

The Armored Rhinoceros defense was high, but it had a round body.

Thus, Lu Yu used his fist to attack, causing internal injuries with its impact.

All the spectators were shocked by the loud bang, and when they saw the Armored Rhinoceros knocked over by a single punch, their mouths gaped open.

“Whats the situation When did he reach the side”

“His speed is something else!”

“I didnt expect him to be good at close combat and this fast too!”

“Hes going to win this fifth round!”

“Thats true.

With the current situation, its impossible for him to lose!”

At that moment, the Armored Rhinoceros that had been knocked to the ground quickly stood up.

Its neck was lowered, as the punch had caused quite a bit of damage to its neck, making it difficult for it even to lift its head straight.

However, it still charged Lu Yu like a madman!

The earth trembled with every step that the enraged Armored Rhinoceros took.

Feeling the tremors, Lu Yu got serious, as it was not a good thing to underestimate the enemy at this moment!

Just as the Armored Rhinoceros was about to reach him, Lu Yus left claw quickly switched to his Diamond Dragon Claw and released his Golden Barrier.

The Armored Rhinoceros sharp horns hit Lu Yus Golden Barrier and couldnt break through, nor could it take another step forward!

This made it even angrier, pushing its four legs forward with all its might.

It was trying its best to get its horns to pierce Lu Yus shield.

At that moment, Lu Yus right claw had switched again to his Explosive Dragon Claw; he began stacking his Flaming Claw attack!

The next moment, Lu Yu swung his Explosive Dragon Claw out, bringing a burst of sparks as it slashed at the Armored Rhinoceros horns.

The sharp claws slashed down, and the Armored Rhinoceross horn was sliced into six pieces and scattered on the ground.


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