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351 Chapter 351 The Change In The Dragons Might

Chapter 351 The Change In The Dragons Might

Under the pressure of Lu Yus powerful Dragons Might, the third beast chose to surrender and no longer resisted.

The leopards entire body was sprawled on the ground, with its entire head pressed down.

When the audience saw this, they couldnt help but gulp.

They knew that some ferocious beasts would pretend to surrender first and await an opportunity to attack.

However, the leopard knelt down in such a posture that it was obvious it had totally given up due to Lu Yus oppression and had lost all desire to fight.

The conclusion of these three ferocious beasts gave everyone a new understanding of Lu Yus strength.

Among all these contestants, even if there were some with particularly outstanding strength, they couldnt defeat their beasts in such an oppressive way.

Lu Yu didnt do anything and only relied on his aura to defeat his enemies!

Lu Yu had utterly broken their understanding, and they couldnt help but start guessing how strong Lu Yus true strength was!

On the martial arts tournament stage, Lu Yu looked at the leopard before him and thought about how to deal with it.

In the end, Lu Yu still decided to kill the leopard.

After all, only by killing the beast could he enter the next round.

Lu Yus right claw transformed into his Explosive Dragon Claw.

He quickly reached out and grabbed the neck of the leopard, breaking it immediately!

The third beast died in Lu Yus hands.

The audience sighed when they saw this.

“Based on his current performance, hes much stronger than those three geniuses!”

“Thats right; even Han Xuefei didnt achieve such a result in the third round! ”

“This newcomer is terrifying; his strength shouldnt be underestimated.”

“So hes been in the meditation room for a month just to cultivate his aura! ”

“Damn, I knew a genius like him wouldnt waste his cultivation resources.

He must have been cultivating with all his might this past month!”

Lu Yu easily completed the third round.

Although it wasnt as easy as the first and second rounds, he still finished his round faster than everyone else.

Zhao Lei, who was in the medical room, looked at the television screen and clenched his teeth.

At the start, he thought Lu Yu was useless and had never expected that Lu Yus performance would be this spectacular!

Without a doubt, Lu Yus abilities definitely surpass Cai Haos and even Zhao Leis!

He clenched his fists tightly, and his heart filled with unwillingness.

“Hmph! This is only useful against the weaker beasts, and hell still have to fight on his own when facing the stronger beasts.

Everyone will know his true strength level by then.”

Zhao Lei was salty and assumed Lu Yu was just using a gimmick to scare the beast.

He believed that if Lu Yu truly fought with everything he had, he would be weaker than the three of them.

At the same time, Cai Hao, who was in the audience, didnt look too good.

Based on Lu Yus performance, it was only a matter of time before he surpassed Cai Hao in ranking.

Before he entered the upper house, he was one of the top three geniuses, with many lackeys behind him.

It seemed that even the three geniuses couldnt outshine Lu Yu.

The fourth round had begun on the tournament stage, and this was the dividing line.

The fourth beast would be at gold rank, a massive leap in strength.

The formation in front of Lu Yu flickered, and then a shadow appeared from it.

What appeared in front of him was a well-built Chocobo.

It looked a little like an ostrich but was not completely the same.

Its legs were thicker and more robust, and its sharp toe claws seemed to be able to kick and crush everything.

Its head was even bigger than an eagles, and it had a pair of hard beaks that made it look aggressive.

After the Chocobo appeared, it stared at Lu Yu and began to step toward him.

Everyone paid attention to Lu Yu and was curious.

Would Lu Yu be able to pressure the fourth beast the same way he did in the previous three rounds

The three geniuses were all waiting for Lu Yus Dragons Might to end and for his combat power to drop.

He shouldnt be any stronger than them.

Otherwise, the three of them would be nothing but a joke.

If a nobody in the upper house could outperform them this much; it was like a scene from a movie.

Everyones questions would be answered soon.

The Chocobo strode forward with bold steps and arrived in front of Lu Yu.

The next moment, it raised its right leg, extended its sharp claws, and stomped into Lu Yus chest.

If an ordinary person were to be hit by this kick, his entire chest would probably cave in!

Lu Yus eyes widened, and an intense pressure swept toward the Chocobo!

Feeling the Dragons Might, the Chocobo paused and stopped its attack in mid-air.

Everyone looked over and exclaimed, “No way! Its still working”

The Chocobo felt the Dragons Might and panicked.

It quickly flapped its wings and jumped back.

The Chocobo adjusted its state and charged at Lu Yu again.

Lu Yu raised his hands and transformed them into his dragon claws.

He knew that from the fourth round on, the effect of his Dragons Might would be much weaker.

Although it was still effective, the actual impact wasnt that great.

Lu Yus hands quickly transformed into dragon claws, and a pair of Light Dragon Claws appeared.

Long lines of illuminating light connected the five sharp claws distributed on his hands like tendons.

After transforming into his Light Dragon Claw, Lu Yu clashed with his enemy.

This scene caused a heated discussion among the audience.

“He finally made a move.”

“Only in the fourth round did he really get going.


“Now, lets see how strong he is in battle.”

“I mean, he is a close-combat fighter.

His aura is only secondary, so it will be a treat to witness his battles.”

The Chocobo in the middle of the stage extended its claws and kicked at Lu Yu while he quickly raised his right claw and swung it in the opposite direction, retaliating.


Lu Yus dragon claws collided with the Chocobos claws, creating dazzling sparks.

The violent impact caused the Chocobo to retreat.

It began to stagger, and its hard claws were worn out.

Immediately after, Lu Yu rushed up and launched an attack on the Chocobo.

After the two sides engaged in close combat, Lu Yu continued to press forward.

The Chocobo kept on retreating, and it didnt dare fight back.

Both of its legs were covered in wounds and blood.

On the other hand, Lu Yu wasnt injured at all.

He was getting more and more forceful as the battle went on.

It was a one-sided battle!

The audience watched as Lu Yu swung his claws and kept charging forward.

They couldnt help but exclaim, “Hes too strong!”

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