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Chapter 349 Calmly Killing Them

The second beast hadnt arrived yet, but the audience was already in a frenzy, with everyone exclaiming loudly.

The noise made Han Xuefei frown, and she still couldnt understand how Lu Yu did it.

As an esper, she could achieve the same effect.

She would need to use her telekinesis to kill the enemy, which would be the same as killing the enemy out of thin air.

However, Lu Yu was obviously not an esper, which made this strange.

On the judging panel, Jiang Lengyue looked at Lu Yus back view as a ray of light appeared in her dim eyes.

Lu Yus performance in the first round had slightly surprised her.

“Dean, this young man is quite something.

Arent you going to consider nurturing him”

“What nonsense are you talking about The fact that Im nurturing the three geniuses doesnt mean I wont nurture him.

Its just that I need to observe his performance to decide who I should focus on.”

The judge beside her immediately became excited.

“What about now Is Lu Yus priority now higher”

“Its decent, and this is only the first round.

Lets see how he performs next.”

The judges nodded as they, too, couldnt see anything from the first round.

How could they judge his abilities if they couldnt see Lu Yus upper limit

At that moment, the second beast arrived, and everyone concentrated as they watched Lu Yus next move.

They refused to believe Lu Yu could stand still and do what he did to the second beast!

As the light from the array dissipated, a huge wolf with silver-white fur strode out.

The beast in the second round was a Moonblade Wolf.

Everyone smiled and knew the beast wouldnt be easy to deal with this time.

The main reason the Moonblade Wolf was well-known was its strength in battle!

The Moonblade Wolf stared at Lu Yu and lowered its head slightly.

At the same time, it bared its pair of sharp fangs.

These sharp fangs looked no different from a row of silver daggers, and no one would want to be bitten by these sharp fangs.

Therefore, most of the audience felt this would be a good matchup.

They didnt want a beast with weak combat power but stronger in other aspects, such as the elk.

The Moonblade Wolf before Lu Yu was the strongest beast that appeared in the second round!

The Moonblade Wolf growled lowly and jumped out to charge at Lu Yu.

The audience held their breath, anticipating Lu Yus action.

However, Lu Yu was still standing in the same place with his hands in his pockets.

His expression was calm, as if nothing were in front of him—no fierce, hungry, or terrifying wolf.

The audience could clearly see that the Moonblade Wolf was about to reach Lu Yu.

“He hasnt made a move yet.

Is he doing that thing again”

“No way he can kill the wolf by just standing there.

I mean, look at the other contestants!”

“But the others had a hard time fighting, and look what happens when it comes to him.

He didnt have to do anything to finish off his enemy!”

“Yeah, no way.

Its impossible, as that would mean his strength is much higher than ours.

“Thats impossible.

He must have had some kind of skill that did that.

Otherwise, it would mean hes more powerful than the three goddesses!”

“Thats right.

Hes a close-combat fighter.

Now that hes not using close combat to kill his enemies, its suspicious.”

Jiang Lengyue propped her chin up with her hand and couldnt help but smile.

“This person is interesting.

What is he planning to do”

Everyone paid close attention to Lu Yus next move.

However, Lu Yu still did not take any action.

Holy light shone from his eyes, and a terrifying aura spread out.

The Moonblade Wolf was in its range and felt the powerful pressure on its body.

The Moonblade Wolfs body trembled when it felt the Dragons Might.

Its fierce look disappeared and was replaced by a frightened expression.

This Dragons Might penetrated deep into the Moonblade Wolfs body.

It sensed the aura and was extremely frightened, and if it were any weaker, it would be normal for it to die from fear.

The Moonblade Wolf stopped in its tracks; its ferocious expression was replaced by fear, and its eyes were wide open.

It then tucked its tail between its legs and began to retreat slowly.

“Whats going on Why isnt the wolf continuing its attack”

“What happened Why is it acting like this”

“Look, the Moonblade Wolf is tucking its tail.

It looks scared!”


Its a ferocious beast, so why would it fear a human”

“But its the truth.

It appears to be terrified of Lu Yu.”

“Um… is this Lu Yu guy really that scary”

“Maybe hes trying to scare the Moonblade Wolf.”

The audience roughly guessed their predictions.

After all, the beast this time was different from the first round.

It didnt suddenly die but showed a frightened expression.

Everyone slowly understood that Lu Yus body most likely had some kind of terrifying aura that suppressed these beasts.

However, this terrifying aura was strong enough to kill the ferocious beast in the first round on the spot.

This was not something they could have predicted.

In the audience, Wang Meng was so excited that he couldnt even sit still in his chair.

He looked at Lu Yus invincible back and didnt even dare to blink.

Jiang Lengyue also started to stare at Lu Yu intently, observing his every move.

The irony of the situation was that Lu Yu didnt even move at all!

Lu Yu was standing still, unmoving, and only releasing his Dragons Might.

Under this strong pressure, the Moonblade Wolf began to retreat.

It whimpered softly, begging for mercy.

Lu Yu took a step forward toward the Moonblade Wolf.

With every step Lu Yu took, the Moonblade Wolf took two or three steps back.

At the same time, it whimpered lowly, continuing to plead for mercy from Lu Yu.

Lu Yu was expressionless.

After taking two more steps forward, a powerful aura suddenly burst out, causing the dust in the surrounding area to fly!

The aura gripped the Moonblade Wolf.

It couldnt withstand the huge pressure and fell to the ground with a plop, its limbs twitching!

After struggling slightly, the Moonblade Wolf lost its life.

Compared to the previous one, its death didnt look as horrifying.

Only its mouth and nostrils were bleeding, and there were no more protruding eyeballs.

The second beast was also dead, and Lu Yu didnt remove his hands from his pockets, nor did he turn them into dragon claws.

The whole arena went silent, and they were all stunned.

Lu Yu yet again killed a beast without doing anything.


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