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348 Chapter 348 Dragons Might Power

Chapter 238 Dragons Might Power

It was finally Lu Yus turn to go on stage, and many looked at Lu Yu with anticipation.

Lu Yus trial a month ago had brought them many surprises, which was why they all felt that Lu Yu was a newcomer with great potential.

However, the people from the upper house didnt know much about Lu Yu, even when he was from the lower house.

Instead, they were more familiar with the three geniuses from the other three universities.

Because of this, in most peoples eyes, although Lu Yus performance was outstanding, he was still lacking compared to the other three geniuses, and it was judged that he should be ranked fourth.

This was the audiences prediction, and only a few people were optimistic about Lu Yus chances.

When Lu Yu went on stage, Jiang Lengyue, sitting on the judging panel, had an indifferent expression on her face.

There wasnt much anticipation in her eyes when she looked at Lu Yu, which was far different from when Han Xuefei had gone on stage.

“Lets go, boss! Youll definitely be first, so crush everyone!”

In the audience, Wang Meng was the only one cheering loudly for Lu Yu.

He was so excited that the people around him looked at him like he was a weirdo.

However, when Lu Yu stepped onto the stage, everyone still couldnt help but stare at him with wide eyes.

The first beast was released, and it was a huge three-tailed fox with red fur.

As soon as the Fire Fox appeared, it charged straight at Lu Yu.

At the same time, it stretched its maw, revealing its fangs.

The Fire Fox swiftly leaped in front of Lu Yu in the blink of an eye.

However, what puzzled everyone was that, from the beginning of the first round, Lu Yu just stood still.

He didnt even assume any fighting stances, nor did he make any movements; he merely closed his eyes.

Wasnt this just courting death

This didnt look like Lu Yu was ready for battle, and everyone thought he was here to be a clown.

“What is he doing Its time to take action!”

“Is he crazy He shouldnt relax his guard just because this is the first beast.”

“Hes playing with fire, huh It cant be that he really thinks hes strong enough to defeat the enemy without doing anything, right”

“Meh, even if he has the strength, that doesnt mean he can just stand there without doing anything.

Hes courting death.”

“I think he lost all hope after watching the competition between the three geniuses.

Thats most likely why he gave up.

“Sigh, from that one month of training, I could tell he was already a lazy fellow, but I never expected him to have zero fighting spirit.”

The audience thought that Lu Yu had given up.

In the infirmary, Zhao Lei watched the live feed and couldnt help but laugh, “I didnt expect him to be this weak.

Did I really take him seriously back then Im so funny.”

In the audience, Cai Hao stared at Lu Yus back and sneered, “He gave up just like that Compared to me, hes far too lacking.”

Han Xuefei, who was sitting in the audience, looked at Lu Yus back.

Although she was puzzled, she still appeared indifferent.

Wang Meng looked at Lu Yu, and although he didnt understand why Lu Yu was standing still, he trusted Lu Yu.

Wang Meng knew Lu Yu wouldnt put on a show for nothing, and he was serious about this competition!

On the judging panel, Jiang Lengyue looked at Lu Yus back view and let out a long sigh, feeling it was such a pity.

When she saw Lu Yus performance during the trial, she felt he was a promising talent.

Letting him be a stepping stone was only to prop up the three prodigies even further, but it did not mean that the upper house would not value Lu Yu.

But it seemed that the three geniuses had dealt a huge blow to Lu Yu, and he could not recover from it.

Everyone came to the same conclusion, which was that Lu Yu had given up on the tournament.

Of course, Lu Yu didnt give up on the battle.

On the contrary, he devoted himself to the battle with all his might.

The Fire Fox dashed ahead to Yu, its fangs poised to bite down into Lu Yus thigh.

The sharp teeth were inches above Lu Yus thigh, and everyone could foresee it being bloody soon.

Lu Yu was about to be injured!

Suddenly, Lu Yus body began to condense with an invisible aura, which brewed.


Lu Yu suddenly opened his eyes, and this powerful aura instantly exploded, forming a powerful shockwave that spread in all directions.

Lu Yus eyes were emitting a holy light, jumping like a ball of fire, and the source of Lu Yus Dragon Might was this pair of Holy Dragons Eyes.

The powerful Dragons Might was released, and its aura soared to the sky!

The Fire Fox suddenly froze as if time had stopped.

The audience frowned in confusion.

The Fire Fox was already so close to its target, so why had it stopped


The Fire Fox fell to the ground…

“Whats going on…”

“Whats happening Whats wrong with it Did it fall asleep”

“What did he do Why isnt the Fire Fox continuing its attack”

“There seems to be a problem, a big problem.

I wonder what it is”

“What did Lu Yu do”

No one knew what Lu Yu had done to make the ferocious beast fall to the ground.

At that moment, the Fire Fox, who had fallen at Lu Yus feet, had its eyes protruding.

Blood was pouring from its five orifices, and its expression had been twisted into a horrified, terrified expression.

Lu Yu stood in the middle of the stage with his hands in his pockets.

He turned his head to look at the host emotionlessly and said, “Next round.”

At this point, the host was stunned and unable to respond.

Suddenly, she shook her head and immediately reacted to switch to the second round.

Everyone in the audience could see the Fire Foxs corpse, and they stared at it intently.

“It died just like that What happened”

“But he didnt do anything; how is it dead”

“Hold up; this is just ridiculous.

He just stood there, and the enemy died”

“Doesnt he use his claws to attack So what the heck is this”

“What How did he do it”

The audience was in disbelief, and only Wang Meng stood up with a whoosh.

He raised his hands and shouted, “As expected of my big brother! Hes just too damn strong!”

Although he wasnt sure how Lu Yu did it, the fact that Lu Yu had passed the first round was enough for him to cheer.

In the infirmary, Zhao Lei was lying on the bed, waiting for the venom to disappear.

When he saw Lu Yu kill the enemy without any signs, he couldnt help but break out in a cold sweat.

He specialized in speed, so he had an assumption about Lu Yus performance.

Lu Yu might have completed the killing so quickly that the audience couldnt see anything.

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