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347 Chapter 347 Lu Yus Turn On Stage

Chapter 347 Lu Yus Turn On Stage

Under Han Xuefeis control, the broken ice pillars floated up!

The next moment, all the ice shards flew toward the elk.

Immediately after, the countless ice shards attached themselves to the elks body.

These ice blocks began to spread, freezing the Forest Demon Spirits body.

The ice blocks that were linked together condensed back into a single pillar of ice.

Han Xuefei was trying to trap and freeze the entire Forest Demon Spirit.

The Forest Demon Spirit sensed something was wrong and struggled frantically.

However, it was too late.

The ice was spreading quickly and soon froze solid.

The Forest Demon Spirit instantly turned into a giant ice sculpture.

Time passed by, and everyone looked at the ice sculpture intently.

The Forest Demon Spirit didnt break free and was trapped in Han Xuefeis ice seal.

The Forest Demon Spirit was deemed dead as the host quickly judged, “The result is out.

Han Xuefei passed the sixth round!”

As soon as this was announced, the whole place got into an uproar.

Han Xuefei won the sixth round with her dominating strength!

“Although the fight was difficult, we still witnessed her path to stardom! She dealt with the beast perfectly!”

“Han Xuefei is the champion, and congratulations to her!”

“Shes the champion and has also broken the record.

No one has been able to advance further after the fifth round, and she has done it!”

“Miss Han is the strongest! I guess we just have to look up to her from now on.” A newcomer couldnt help but sigh.

In the audience, Cai Hao looked at Han Xuefei and sighed.

His record had been broken.

It seemed he could only be second, which wasnt all that bad.

After comforting himself, Cai Hao went silent.

At that moment, Zhao Lei, in the infirmary, saw that Han Xuefei had defeated her opponent in the sixth round.

He was upset, as the first place wasnt his after all.

On the judging panel, Jiang Lengyue was the first to stand up and start clapping for Han Xuefei.

Immediately after, the other judges beside her also stood up and started clapping.

Then came the applause from the audience.

Jiang Lengyue looked at Han Xuefei and was proud.

She had decided that the upper houses future focus would be on Han Xuefei.

She had to train a few more talents for the upper house, and Han Xuefei was her best candidate!

Jiang Lengyue sat back with excitement, admiring Han Xuefeis battle.

In the audience, Lu Yu looked at Han Xuefeis figure and couldnt help but sigh, “As expected of an esper.

Its such an easy battle for her.”

“Through her spiritual power, her fighting methods will always be flexible.

She could even make a comeback after her icicle attack was repelled and dissolved.”

“She used her telekinesis power and forced the ice block on the elk, forcefully turning it into an ice sculpture.”

Lu Yu patiently analyzed the situation after the exciting battle.

In the beginning, Han Xuefei was at a disadvantage but was cool-headed as she fought aggressively.

“Boss, do you think she will continue to the seventh round”

“Of course, she will.

Even if she cant win, she will still give it a try.

But itll be difficult for her to win, regardless of whether she wants to or not.

At that moment, in the middle of the martial arts tournament stage, Han Xuefei looked as a ball of light was released from the array in front of her.

A giant crocodile waded out.

The crocodiles armor was metallic, equipped with a snapping jaw that seemed to be able to bite through everything.

Han Xuefei was worried when she saw the humongous beast.

She was exhausted and knew she wouldnt have any chance of winning in the seventh round.

All she wanted was to get a higher score for a better result.

Just then, the crocodile charged at Han Xuefei.

Han Xuefei quickly sidestepped and waited for an opportunity.

The battle between the two sides quickly reached yet another stalemate.

But no matter how hard she fought this time, she couldnt defeat the crocodile; she couldnt even break its armor!

After fighting for quite some time, Han Xuefei raised her right hand and shouted, “I surrender.

Im exhausted.”

The officials quickly activated their combat techniques and teleported the crocodile away.

Han Xuefei stood in the middle of the stage with a relieved smile on her face.

Although the seventh round was slightly embarrassing, as she could only dodge and didnt deal any damage to the crocodile, she was still happy.

After all, she had already taken first place, which was enough.

There shouldnt be anyone left who was stronger than the three geniuses.

Thinking of this, Han Xuefei couldnt help but turn back to look at Lu Yu in the crowd.

After thinking for a while, she judged that Lu Yus strength must have dropped a lot since he didnt train for a month.

She was cemented in first place, it seemed.

Han Xuefei left the stage, and the host came back on.

“Hello, everyone! Han Xuefei couldnt beat her opponent in the seventh round and was defeated, but lets still congratulate her for taking first place!”

The crowd began to cheer and shout excitedly.

After the commotion, Han Xuefei left the stage, and the students behind her took her place.

After another few students had gone through their turns, it was finally Lu Yus.

Lu Yu couldnt wait any longer, as he wanted to know his current strength!

Very quickly, the host finally read out Lu Yus name.

“Lets invite student Lu Yu to come up to the stage for his turn!”

The host walked off the stage after that.

When the audience saw that Lu Yu had walked up to the stage, they were stunned.

“Damn, I almost forgot that theres still Lu Yu.”

“But Han Xuefeis first place should be in the bag anyway; theres no way he can beat her score.”

“Thats right.

Of course, he cant compare to Han Xuefei.

Besides, he didnt train well this month, so its normal for him to be weaker.”

“Ill bet Lu Yus results wouldnt be all that bad.”

“He should be in fourth place, and thats his upper limit.”

Amidst the discussions, Lu Yu began his battle.

Lu Yu just stood there calmly and didnt do anything else.

The first beast was released, and its target was Lu Yu.

However, Lu Yu didnt care about the enemy that had appeared.

Instead, he closed his eyes.

The audience began to get excited again.

“Is this guy serious Hey, could you at least get in a battle stance”

“Is he trying to get himself killed What a shame.”

“Does he think this is the place to take a nap”

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