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346 Chapter 346 Breaking The Existing Record

Chapter 346 Breaking The Existing Record

Han Xuefei had finished killing the fourth beast, and the vultures corpse in front of her had vanished.

She panted a little as the battle consumed a lot of her energy.

But overall, it was still relatively easy while being only slightly strenuous.

She couldnt help but reveal a proud smile on her face.

If she could defeat the fourth beast this quickly, her results would for sure surpass Cai Hao and Zhao Lei!

In the audience, the crowd also cheered for Han Xuefei.

“Miss Han is just amazing! The fourth battle was so exciting!”

“This is the difference in their strength.

From this battle alone, we can clearly see the difference in strength between Han Xuefei and the other two.”

“The fifth beast is next.

Shell be in first place if she can finish it without having a hard time.

Maybe, she can even proceed through the sixth or seventh, breaking the upper houses record!”

“Its pretty much set.

Han Xuefei will definitely be first, and theres no debate about that.”

Cai Hao was massaging his muscles while looking at Han Xuefei from the audience stand, and he couldnt help but sigh.

He knew Han Xuefeis result would definitely be better than his after the fifth round.

“If I had known earlier, I wouldve braced myself and fought on to the sixth round! At the very least, I can get some results!”

If he wanted to be first, the only thing he could do was pray that something would happen to Han Xuefei and make her unable to defeat the beast in the fifth round.

The fifth round began, and the beast that appeared was a huge gorilla.

The moment it showed up, it jumped toward Han Xuefei, and its huge fists smashed down on Han Xuefeis head.

The battle between human and beast started, and it quickly became a stalemate.

All the audience members watched calmly as they knew that Han Xuefei would win the round!

The battle on the martial arts tournament stage turned out just as they had expected.

After Han Xuefei exchanged blows with the gorilla for a few minutes, the victor was decided.

The beast was already exhausted and covered in wounds, while Han Xuefei was still unscathed, although she looked a little tired.

The battle continued, and in less than ten minutes, Han Xuefei defeated the gorilla.

At the same time, she was dead exhausted.

Looking at the gorillas corpse in front of her, Han Xuefei heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, she hadnt wasted too much energy on it and could still head on to the sixth round!

The host looked at her and asked, “Miss Han, do you want to continue”

“Im still in good shape,” Han Xuefei said nonchalantly.

“Of course, I can continue.”

“Show me what the beasts in the sixth round look like!”

Everyone in the audience looked at Han Xuefei and felt nervous for her.

“Shes really going to the sixth round.”

“Shes still in good condition, so she has to continue for sure, and I think she should be able to break through to the sixth round.

After all, her strength isnt something those two can compare to.”

“Thats right.

Im optimistic about her performance and believe she will be able to defeat the beast in the sixth round.”

“Shes already in the first place, at least for now.

Look at her; shes still in such good condition even after killing the fifth beast.”

Jiang Lengyue, on the judging panel, couldnt help but nod her head happily.

She was way more than satisfied with Han Xuefeis results.

With Jiang Lengyues prowess and experience, she could tell at a glance that Han Xuefei would be able to defeat the sixth beast.

She would emerge as the victor, even if it were a tough battle.

At that moment, yet another flash of light appeared, and a huge beast rumbled onto the stage.

It was an elk the size of a small truck.

The pair of elk horns on its head emitted a bright green light containing tremendous energy.

The elk that showed up was called the Forest Demon Spirit.

It was a rare magic-type beast.

Most ferocious beasts specialized in close combat, essentially as tanks or warriors.

It was rare to meet a ferocious beast that specialized in magic attacks.

At the most, some beasts could only use one or two magic-ish skills before getting into a fight.

However, this elk was a unique mage-type beast.

Even Lu Yu, who had fought all types of beasts, had never seen such a particular beast.

After the Forest Demon Spirit appeared, the energy gathered in its horns lashed out at Han Xuefei.

A green light beamed over, and Han Xuefei quickly dodged to avoid the attack.

However, the next moment, several vines spread out from the ground where the light fell.

The vines with sharp thorns on them reached out to Han Xuefei.

She dodged again, but the Forest Demon Spirit immediately released another green ball of light toward Han Xuefei.

What startled her was that this beast could summon things to aid its battle.

The summoned things were either vines that could be whipped out or flowers that spat poisonous fog.

Some flowers could even lock onto Han Xuefei and shoot poisonous stingers.

The Forest Demon Spirit stood in the distance, releasing skills constantly to attack Han Xuefei.

Just dealing with these summoned creatures was already giving her a headache, and she doubted if she could even get close to the elk.

The audience couldnt help but feel nervous for her when they saw Han Xuefei in a tough battle.

“The battle is getting heated.”

“As expected, this sixth beast isnt easy to deal with.”

“This ferocious beast is similar to a boss Ive encountered in the past but even more difficult to deal with.”

“I hope Han Xuefei can somehow reach the elk before she runs out of energy.

Otherwise, shell be exhausted to death by these summoned creatures.”

The Forest Demon Spirit kept spitting out balls of magical light, summoning creatures one after another to surround Han Xuefei.

Han Xuefei was surrounded by swaying vines and all kinds of strange flowers at that moment.

Seeing that the situation wasnt looking good, Han Xuefei didnt waste any more time.

She decided she had to clear these plants as soon as possible to avoid an inevitable defeat.

Han Xuefeis body emitted a strong aura as she released her powerful telekinetic force.

The next moment, there was a loud bang as a terrifying shockwave blasted out, with Han Xuefei at its center.

The strong air current generated by the shockwaves cut all the plants in half.

After clearing the summoned creatures, Han Xuefei immediately rushed toward the Forest Demon Spirit.

She burst out and was before the Forest Demon Spirit in a flash.

She raised her right hand, and thick pillars of ice appeared behind her and encircled the Forest Demon Spirit.

The pillars extended around the Forest Demon Spirits body, trying to trap and freeze it.

The elk lowered its head and swept across with its horns, crushing the ice pillars.

Just as everyone thought that Han Xuefeis attack had failed, she used her powerful telekinesis to control all the smashed ice blocks afloat.

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