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345 Chapter 345 The Power Of An Esper

Chapter 345 The Power Of An Esper

On the martial arts tournament stage, Han Xuefei easily defeated the second beast.

She stood with her arms crossed in front of her chest, and her indifferent expression showed that she didnt take this tournament to heart.

While in the audience, everyone was getting excited.

“My goddess is so lovely!”

“Miss Hans strength is something I can only look up to.”

“She made it look so simple in these two short duels.

Her potential is definitely higher than that of Cai Hao and Zhao Lei!”

On the judging panel, the judges also nodded their heads in agreement.

Han Xuefei was the most powerful of the three geniuses, and they prematurely concluded that the champion of this tournament would be Han Xuefei!

Jiang Lengyue looked at Han Xuefei and smiled.

“My judgment was right, and Im satisfied with her performance.”

“Dean, Lu Yu hasnt gone on stage yet.

Do you think he can get into the top three” A judge beside her asked.

Jiang Lengyue pondered for a moment and replied, “Hes not important, and I feel that he should be ranked fourth at best.

After all, he didnt put much effort into training during this month.”

“Thats true.

After all, youve sent out three instructors to guide these three geniuses personally.

Its a matter of fact that their strength will grow quickly!”

“Lu Yu might have been slightly stronger than them before, but after a month, the gap should have widened.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Lengyue laughed with her hands over her mouth.

“Its likely that he lost his sense of urgency when he saw that his strength ranked first.

However, with his family background, its good enough that he could follow closely behind the three geniuses and be ranked fourth.”

She confidently said as she continued to look at Han Xuefei on the martial arts tournament stage with delight and looked forward to more of her performance!

She was the strongest of the three geniuses and an esper.

Her family background was remarkable, and these three qualities stacked together were why Jiang Lengyue had high hopes for her!

At that moment, the third beast appeared.

The array flickered, and then a scary-looking black bear emerged.

The moment the giant bear appeared, it raised its arms and pounded its chest, letting out waves of howls.

The black bear galloped over to Han Xuefei, and its colossal body made dull vibrations in the ground with every step it took.

After the first two rounds of battle, this was the first time the public would witness Han Xuefei fighting against such a huge and heavy beast.

They were looking forward to seeing if her telekinesis had the same effect as it had previously on larger enemies.

Han Xuefei faced the black bear charging at her and raised her right hand unhurriedly.

The expression on her face was still relaxed; she was looking down at everything.

Several icicles suddenly grew out from under the black bear.

The icicles were like bamboo shoots that sprouted from the ground, growing extremely fast and shooting toward the black bears abdomen instantly.

Han Xuefei was an esper, and she was also a master of the ice element.

Her battle style was to combine the two to achieve unexpected results.

Icicles grew out and pierced the black bears abdomen.

The sharp tips of the icicles punctured the black bears belly, and blood dotted the ground.

However, that was all the icicles could do, and they couldnt cause any major injuries.

The black bear was enraged and rushed toward Han Xuefei like a madman.

Han Xuefeis expression, which was previously as calm as the surface of a lake, finally changed a little.

She frowned slightly and began to stretch out her hands, taking the beast in front of her seriously.

This black bears defense was sky-high, as the ice spikes only scratched its skin.

She was feeling the pressure in the third round.

She also knew that the beasts would be on a different level in the fourth round and bring her more trouble!

The audience started a heated discussion as they watched Han Xuefei continuously release her spiritual power against the giant bear in front of her.

“Han Xuefei seems to be troubled in this third round.”

“Of course, and take note that this isnt the fourth round yet.

Shell be in a more difficult spot once she reaches the next round.”

“But from the looks of it, shes faring better than Cai Hao and Zhao Lei.”

After a few rounds of exchanging blows, Han Xuefei ended the life of the black bear.

The third round ended, and she had a relatively easy time, but it was still much more difficult than the previous two rounds.

Han Xuefei was no longer as cold and arrogant as before.

Instead, she got serious and was focused on dealing with her enemies in the fourth round.

The formation glowed again, and soon the fourth beast appeared.

It was a large vulture, spreading its wings as it trudged out of the array formation and headed in Han Xuefeis direction.

Its huge beak looked like a giant, sharp tweezer.

Its dark eyes were fixed on Han Xuefei as if she were a corpse, and it wanted nothing more than to rush up and peck at her soon-to-be rotten flesh.

Han Xuefei immediately got into a fighting stance, and more than a dozen icicles sprouted behind her, shooting toward the vulture.

She only used one ice spear in the first round to kill her enemy.

In contrast, she started with more than a dozen ice spears in the fourth round!

The difference was huge, representing the difference between silver and gold ranks!

More than ten icicle spears poured, raining down on the vultures body.

The spear flew at the vulture with breakneck speed, leaving afterimages behind.

The vulture hurriedly spread its massive wings and used them to cover its body.

The ice spear came in contact with the vultures tough feathers, but it could not break through its defense, breaking and snapping when it hit its wings.

The ice spears dealt a weak amount of damage and only caused the vulture to lose a few feathers.

Han Xuefei took a deep breath when she saw this and knew she had to put in all her energy to deal with the beast before her.

From the fourth round onward, the beasts would just get increasingly stronger by a considerable margin.

Han Xuefei and the vulture were in a life-and-death battle, fighting back and forth intensely.

The audience watched the battle between Han Xuefei and the vulture and started to cheer for her.

Sitting in the audience, Lu Yu was also looking at Han Xuefei intently.

“Boss, her strength is really not to be underestimated.

It still looks like shes having a relatively easy time.

“But it does seem she doesnt have the upper hand in this battle.” Wang Meng stared at Han Xuefei and analyzed.

Lu Yu shook his head slightly.

“Although there are no significant results, shes not really struggling either.

She is uninjured and isnt consuming too much stamina.”

“Shes testing the waters.

Once shes done, shell deal a heavy blow.”

As soon as Lu Yus voice fell, Han Xuefei increased her output and killed the vulture!

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