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344 Chapter 344 Han Xuefeis Powers

Chapter 344 Han Xuefeis Powers

Han Xuefeis appearance instantly attracted everyones attention.

In everyones heart, the first place for the martial arts tournament was cast in stone—undoubtedly Han Xuefeis!

“Shes the most likely one to get first place.”

“Its not just a possibility but a certainty.

Shes much stronger than the other two.”

“Thats right, shes an esper, which means her battle capabilities are stronger by default.”

“Its hard to say.

We saw that Zhao Lei and Cai Hao have made significant breakthroughs, and their strengths are much stronger than they were a month ago.”

“Hah, if Zhao Lei and Cai Hao can break through their bottleneck, cant Han Xuefei do the same”

“In my opinion, Han Xuefei is stronger, and her upper limit is way higher.

She must have improved a lot this month!”

The audience got into a heated discussion and most assumed Han Xuefei would be the champion.

A few supported Cai Hao or Zhao Lei, but they were insignificant.

Even the officials of the upper house had confirmed Han Xuefeis victory.

On the panel, several judges whispered to each other and exchanged opinions, feeling Han Xuefei would win first place.

Jiang Lengyue, who was sitting in the middle, had a look of acknowledgement in her eyes when she looked at Han Xuefei.

The reason she placed her focus on these three geniuses was primarily because of Han Xuefei.

Han Xuefeis future was the one most worth looking forward to, as her potential was through the roof.

“Its finally her turn.

“It appears that the time has come to assess how much her strength has improved in the last month.”

Jiang Lengyue looked at Han Xuefei with a serious expression.

In the audience, Wang Meng looked at Han Xuefei and nodded.

“You kept nodding.

Do you know her real strength” Lu Yu asked.

Wang Meng laughed awkwardly, “No, but her body and looks are nice to my eyes.

Lu Yu was speechless and didnt say anything more.

He looked at Han Xuefei with seriousness, who was in the middle of the martial arts stage.

Although she was just a young girl, she stood there with an imposing aura; anyone could feel that her aura was more substantial than Cai Hao or Zhao Leis!

Just from this, everyone knew that she was definitely not a weakling.

As the host left the stage, the first round began!

A medium-sized wild boar appeared from the center of the array.

As soon as it took shape, the hot-tempered wild boar rushed toward Han Xuefei.

Han Xuefei raised her right hand, put her index and middle fingers together, and pointed at the wild boar.

The next moment, an icicle appeared out of thin air.

It followed Han Xuefeis finger movements and stopped beside her.

The icicle began to change shape under the control of Han Xuefeis spiritual power, and the head of the icicle was sharpened into a spear.

As soon as the ice spear was formed, it pierced through the wild boar.

The ice spear instantly pierced through the wild boars chest and into its body.

The charging wild boar fell to the ground and began to whimper in pain.

The beast from the first round was killed in the blink of an eye by one of Han Xuefeis ordinary attacks!

Everyone got excited at this.

“Look at her power! She killed the beast with just an ice spear!”

“Is this the power of an esper It looks like she doesnt even need to move, and just her spiritual power is enough to burst the beast down!”

“This profession has been around for a long time, but its still rare for someone to be an esper.

Its estimated that an esper will only appear in one in every hundred geniuses!”

“It looks like its a sure thing about Han Xuefeis victory.

Theres no need to overthink anymore.”

Everyone was amazed by Han Xuefeis telekinetic strength.

After the first easy kill, the second beast immediately came out.

When the light faded, everyone saw the second beast was a huge Red-Horned Wolf.

The Red-Horned Wolfs body was flaming red.

A pair of long, red horns grew from its forehead, making it look like a demon wolf.

After the Red-Horned Wolf appeared, it widened its maws, and a ball of flames started gathering.

The next moment, the fireball flew toward Han Xuefei.

The colossal fireball rushed over, and its high temperature distorted the surrounding air, making Han Xuefei feel hot all over.

In the face of the fireball, Han Xuefeis expression was still relaxed, and she dealt with it calmly.

She gently raised her right hand, spread her fingers, and faced the fireball.

An invisible spiritual power appeared and covered the entire fireball!

The fireball was almost in front of Han Xuefei, but at the last moment, it was firmly grasped in her hand.

Han Xuefei clenched her fist, and the fireball that had stopped in mid-air exploded!

Bursts of flame flew in the air, and an invisible force repelled those that flew in Han Xuefeis direction.

The audience roared in excitement when they saw Han Xuefei deal with the fireball easily.

“Her battle style is so elegant.”

“This is much more enjoyable than Cai Haos boring fight.”

“Hold up; you were the one who cheered the loudest when he was fighting.”

“O, how I wish I could be an esper too.

Its sure unfortunate that I dont have the chance.”

Sitting in the audience, Lu Yu was looking at Han Xuefei with interest.

This was the first time he was witnessing an espers way of fighting, and he found it a little novel.

He couldnt help but think—if he were to fight against a powerful esper, what would it be like

Just as Lu Yu was deep in thought, the Red-Horned Wolf on stage was charging toward Han Xuefei at breakneck speed!

With just a swoosh, the Red-Horned Wolf was before Han Xuefei as it pounced at her.

At the same time, it extended its jaws wide, revealing its sharp fangs as it aimed them at her neck.

If it were any other girl, they would probably tremble in fright when they faced those fangs.

However, Han Xuefei was unusually calm as she looked at the Red-Horned Wolf pouncing at her with a cold expression.

She stretched out her right hand and spread her fingers again, her palm facing the Red-Horned Wolf.

The next moment, the Red-Horned Wolf froze in mid-air.

The Red-Horned Wolf withdrew its legs and struggled.

After a fierce struggle, it started to break free from the hovering force.

At that moment, Han Xuefeis right hand made a strangling gesture, and the Red-Horned Wolf couldnt breathe.

Feeling suffocated, the Red-Horned Wolf struggled even more violently.

However, in a situation where it couldnt breathe, its violent struggle would only intensify oxygen consumption and accelerate its death.

In less than five seconds, the Red-Horned Wolf stopped struggling and lost its life.

The second beast was also easily killed by Han Xuefei!

The audience witnessed this, and they were 100% certain that she was this years champion!

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