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343 Chapter 343 Zhao Leis Ranking, Han Xuefeis Turn

Chapter 343 Zhao Leis Ranking, Han Xuefeis Turn

The speed of the Venomous Green Giant Python shocked Zhao Lei.

After all, he expected that a python would be slower than him.

He specialized in speed, which made it even more embarrassing.

It would be difficult for him to continue this battle if he didnt have the advantage of speed.

The python opened its jaws to attack once again.

Zhao Lei was starting to get worried and quickly extended both his palms; lightning gathered in them, and he shot them out at the Venomous Green Giant Python.

Zhao Leis most commonly used attack, Lightning Bolt, usually dealt considerable damage in quick succession.

Two lightning bolts struck the poisonous green Pythons weak mouth.

The Venomous Green Giant Python felt the pain brought by the lightning as it sizzled its flesh and began to roll on the ground.

White smoke came out of its jaws as the lightning bolts blasted inside its inner jaw.

The python twitched a little and spat out a mouthful of blood.

It then darted at Zhao Lei once again, this time with anger.

Zhao Lei began to panic.

He knew that when a beast was provoked, it would explode with even more power.

He had to be more careful.

The battle between the two sides began.

Zhao Lei tried his utmost to avoid letting the pythons jaws come into contact with him, so the only thing that could attack him was the pythons tail.

The damage caused by its tail was sizable.

Every time he was hit, Zhao Lei would suck in a breath of cold air in pain.

This battle was getting muddier by the minute.

It was completely different from Zhao Leis leisure performance at the beginning.

At that moment, Zhao Lei was having a hard time fighting and had no time to care about how the audience viewed him.

Nothing was more important than killing this beast before him!

As long as he could kill the Venomous Green Giant Python before him, he would have a chance to surpass Cai Haos ranking!

Lu Yu watched Zhao Leis intense battle and couldnt help but shake his head.

He was paying the price for his pompous actions.

Wang Meng sighed.

“If he didnt mess around, he wouldve surpassed Cai Hao.”

“What a pity.

But its fate that this kind of person cant go far.” Wang Meng exhaled and shook his head helplessly.

The battle was getting increasingly intense by the minute, and Zhao Lei stared at the beast while gasping for breath.

There were countless bruises on his body, and he was in great pain after being continuously whipped by the Venomous Green Giant Python.

He gritted his teeth and muttered, “Im done with this.

Its time to end this!”

After exhausting most of his energy, he knew he had done what he needed to do.

The scales of the Venomous Green Giant Python had been split open by him, and its flesh was torn open in a bloody mess.

Both man and beast had reached the final stage of their battle, and the victor would be decided.

Zhao Lei lifted his arms and aimed his palms at the green python.

Two bolts of lightning shot out.

The lightning created deafening booms as it broke through the sound barrier.

These two lightning bolts were clearly stronger than the ones he had released before.

The Venomous Green Giant Python wasnt scared of the lightning bolts as it twisted its body and charged toward Zhao Lei.

Two bolts of lightning flashed, cutting the pythons body in two.

However, the Venomous Green Giant Python was still slithering forward.

In an instant, it had arrived next to Zhao Lei.

The Venomous Green Giant Python opened its mouth and bit down on Zhao Leis thigh.


Zhao Lei sucked in a breath of cold air as the pain hit him, and his forehead was covered in a cold sweat.

The venom invaded his body, making him dizzy.

The Venomous Green Giant Python finally lost its last breath, and Zhao Lei had to pry open the pythons jaws with both hands before throwing it to the side.

He rolled up his pants and took a closer look.

He saw two bloody holes, and the venom was already in his body!

Zhao Lei had to sit down as a wave of dizziness assaulted him.

At that moment, medical staff at the side quickly went up and dragged Zhao Lei down the stage to perform an emergency treatment.

The host walked up, and the audience discussed the fight passionately.

“Sheesh, he was bitten at the last moment.

What a pity.”

“Would something bad happen to him The Venomous Green Giant Python is famous for its deadly venom.”

“Youre looking down on the upper houses medical department.

They can cure almost any disease in the world!”

“It seems that Zhao Leis match has ended.

His result in the fifth round is nearly the same as Cai Haos.”

“What a pity.

If he had paced his fights properly, he wouldnt have gotten such a low result.”

The host looked at the crowd and announced, “Student Zhao Leis match is completed.

Now, lets welcome the next person on stage.”

Zhao Leis match had ended.

After all, he didnt have the strength to continue the tournament.

Zhao Lei was directly carried to an infirmary near the stage for detoxification.

He saw that he could watch the martial arts tournament from here on a live feed.

He endured the excruciating pain as he watched the host announce his results and couldnt help but widen his eyes.

He was unwilling to accept this result, and he was disappointed.

He had made it just until the fifth round, like Cai Hao, but his result was a narrow victory.

Thus, the judges werent about to rank him highly.

In other words, his results were worse than Cai Haos! After all, Cai Hao ended up being better off than him.

Even though there were wounds on Cai Haos body, he could still move and continue fighting.

“Damn it! Does it mean that Im ranked second”

He clenched his fists and looked sad.

Suddenly, he thought of Han Xuefei.

“Its very likely that Im going to be ranked third,” he muttered and sighed.

He was getting worried about the possibility that Lu Yus results might be better than his.

Wouldnt he be ranked fourth by then

He became anxious as he couldnt accept being in fourth place!

After all, he was confident that he would definitely be first when he walked up to the tournament stage.

At that moment, the host looked at the crowd and announced with excitement, “Next up, lets welcome our next student, Miss Han Xuefei from Ice Realm University!”

The moment the host announced her name, the audience immediately broke into a round of applause!

Under everyones gaze, Han Xuefei stood up and walked toward the martial arts stage.

She stepped forward, and the skirt of her dress swayed.

Whether it was her figure or appearance, she was the best-looking one here, and just this appearance of hers alone attracted countless gazes.

Not to mention, she awakened to be one of the rarer talents, an esper.

This excited the audience even more.

Lu Yu sat up straight and looked at Han Xuefei on the stage with concentration.

This was Lu Yus first time seeing an esper, so he was curious about her.

The host continued loudly, “Ill leave the martial arts stage to Miss Han Xuefei and let her bring us an exciting battle!”

When she finally took the stage, the audience erupted in cheers.

“Miss Han, you can do it! Youll get first place!”

“Xuefei will, of course, be in first place! I wish you all the best!”

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