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342 Chapter 342 An Arrogant Way Of Fighting

Chapter 342 An Arrogant Way Of Fighting

At the martial arts tournament, the audience showed surprised expressions and looked at Zhao Lei.

They didnt expect Zhao Lei to explode with rage suddenly, and it looked like he was about to release his ultimate move.

“What the hell is Zhao Lei doing”

“Eh, is he using his ultimate skill”

“Is he crazy Its only the third round, and hes using his strongest skill”

“What is he thinking How is he going to continue the following rounds”

At that moment, the flames of anger were already ignited inside Zhao Lei.

He was filled with energy and was ready to release it.

He couldnt accept the whispered criticism that had reached his ears.

He couldnt accept that he wouldnt have flowers or applause or that he might be in third place!

This past month of hard work had given him the illusion that he would be there in the first place.

“Go to hell! You all better witness my strength!”

He shouted angrily, and in the next moment, the purple ring of light on his chest released a beam of light with astonishing power.

The beam of light shot toward the giant turtle and burned its shell red when it came into contact with it!

The terrifyingly high temperature instantly took away the giant turtles life, burning its entire body into charcoal.

Someone in the audience immediately recognized the skill.

“Concentrated Lightning Cataclysm! Thats the skill hes using!”

“He released his ultimate killer move this early Such carelessness ”

“Since he did this, he must have his reasons.

I have to say, the power of this skill is terrifying.

The giant turtle was burned to ashes instantly even with its high defense! ”

“Zhao Leis attack is crazy scary!”

Everyone couldnt help but sigh at the power of his skills.

None of them had the confidence to take this skill head-on.

At this moment, Lu Yu, who was in the audience, sat up straight and looked at Zhao Lei on stage.

“Did he really do that Does he even have a plan”

Wang Meng nodded in response.

“Hes simply messing around.

Why else wouldnt he save such a powerful skill for later”

“It doesnt matter.

His poor results have nothing to do with us.”

Lu Yu continued to rest with his eyes closed.

Although the ultimate skill was stunning, Lu Yu didnt think much of it.

He could tell that Zhao Lei was getting weaker.

Thus, he concluded that Zhao Lei was at the same level as Cai Hao.

On the martial arts stage, Zhao Lei had one hand on his waist and took in two deep breaths.

He then wiped the sweat off his forehead.

His ears were once again filled with praise as the spectators cheered for him.

He laughed, “Do continue watching my performance!”

At that time, the fourth beast appeared.

It was a giant kangaroo, a boxer with huge fists the size of a basketball.

Fortunately, the beast had almost no lightning resistance, so Zhao Lei would have an easier time fighting it.

Although Zhao Lei was tired, he still fought with all his strength.

The beast in the fourth round was a step above the previous ones, making it difficult for him to hold his ground.

At that moment, he was feeling regret.

His physical strength was weaker than before, mainly because of the exhaustion from releasing his ultimate skill.

Everyone could see Zhao Leis lack of stamina.

They never expected Zhao Lei to show such weakness at the start of the fourth round.

It was hard to judge whether he could win against the beast or not.

On the judging panel, Jiang Lengyues eyes were ice-cold as she stared at Zhao Lei.

She couldnt help but sigh.

“He has the strength and potential, but hes too arrogant.

He shouldnt have fought like that in the third round!”

Jiang Lengyue sighed in disappointment.

Sometimes, having a prominent family background was also a flaw.

It was likely that Zhao Lei had lived in everyones adoration since he was young.

Although he had relied on his familys resources to get where he was, he was brought up with bad habits that had developed in his family.

“A person like him has to make himself the center of attention constantly, or hell feel unhappy.” A judge at the side saw through Zhao Leis behavior.

Jiang Lengyue was miffed, as she knew such a person was destined not to go far.

She was already hesitating about whether she should continue nurturing this person, as it was possible that nurturing him would be a waste of resources.

Zhao Lei had already fallen into a bitter battle, which was getting more difficult by the second.

The kangaroos fists were like a rain of bullets.

Zhao Lei flashed around continuously and consumed more than half of his stamina, causing him to start panting.

After a long time, Zhao Lei finally saw an opportunity and successfully discharged several lightning bolts, killing the beast.

When the fourth round was over, the audience couldnt help but feel nervous for Zhao Lei.

After all, this battle was dangerous for Zhao Lei, although he had won.

The audience was worried about whether Zhao Lei could fight in the fifth round.

He would be ranked third if he couldnt pass the fifth round.

If he could defeat the beast in the fifth round, the judges would only give a score to determine who was the better one between Zhao Lei and Cai Hao.

At this moment, the fifth round began!

The formation glowed, and a giant python emerged from it.

It coiled its body and narrowed its eyes at Zhao Lei.

The python in front of him made Zhao Lei gulp audibly.

Snakes were agile creatures, and they were also deadly.

Once the snake entangled him, he basically lost.

Zhao Leis stamina was almost completely exhausted, and he could not guarantee that he would be able to kill the giant python before him.

He could only grit his teeth and give it his all.

After all, he had used his ultimate skill and consumed his stamina.

There were barely any other skills he could use to win in this situation, and he could only pray for the beast.

On the audience stand, the crowd began to murmur once again.

This round was crucial as it would determine Zhao Leis ranking.

If he lost, Zhao Lei would most likely end up in third place.

“Hes up against the Venomous Green Giant Python, and its an extremely venomous snake with strong combat capabilities.”

“Thats right.

When its venom doesnt work, it relies on its huge body to achieve the same result.”

“This is a formidable opponent.

Zhao Lei has to be careful.”

“Looking at his condition, its likely hes going to lose.”


If he had kept his ultimate skill and used it here, he might have had a better chance at winning.”

The crowd debated whether Zhao Lei could pass the fifth round, and some felt he still had a chance to defeat his opponent.

However, most knew that Zhao Lei would lose here and be placed under Cai Hao.

The Venomous Green Giant Python darted forward at lightning speed suddenly.

It attacked by opening its bloody maw, aiming to bite down on Zhao Leis thigh.

Zhao Lei braced himself as he saw the incoming venomous fangs flying at him.

He quickly enveloped himself in lightning and shifted away to avoid the bite.

However, the pythons speed was just as quick.

Zhao Lei had just dodged, and the python immediately lashed at him with another attack!

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