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341 Chapter 341 Zhao Lei, Full Of Arrogance

Chapter 341 Zhao Lei, Full Of Arrogance

Zhao Lei was happy after dealing with the first beast with ease.

At that moment, he could feel the results of his one-month training.

Just this first round had made him feel proud, and his eyes began to look down on everyone as he swept his gaze across the entire scene.

“The show has just begun.

Please enjoy my performance!”

Zhao Lei raised his head and declared with an indifferent expression.

His words were pretentious, but the audience ate them up.

Instead of getting angry, they looked at him with anticipation.

In the eyes of the audience, Zhao Leis arrogant attitude was well deserved, especially with his talent.

In fact, this was what they wanted to see.

On the stage, the second beast appeared, and it was a golden-maned lion.

It charged toward Zhao Lei, using its huge claws to claw at him.

Zhao Lei was still as lightning crackled all over his body.

Just as the lions claws were about to strike him, he backed off and put some distance between them.

He was still relaxed, facing the second beast.

From his point of view, his strength as a gold rank 3 could easily crush a silver rank 9 beast, and it was impossible for him to be stuck in a stalemate.

Once again, the audience was dazzled by Zhao Leis extreme speed.

“Zhao Leis speed is too fast! My eyes cant keep up!”

“His dodges are perfect with his lightning speed!”

“It feels like hes playing with a kitten even when hes facing a lion.

He makes it seem so easy!”

“Of course, this is only the second round.

For Zhao Lei, it will be a walk in the park!”

“His hands are still in his pockets, and he didnt even bother taking them out.

Its obvious that he isnt taking the beast seriously.”

“Im guessing hell take his hands out on the third round.”

Lu Yu looked at Zhao Lei from the audience stand.

He watched as Zhao Lei dodged and shifted his position with a confident look on his face as he teased the lion.

Lu Yu couldnt help but shake his head, as Zhao Lei shouldve been able to kill the lion quickly with his strength.

However, he didnt do so and confidently toyed with the lion.

Zhao Lei demonstrated his prowess, wanting the public to see and recognize his strength.

However, to Lu Yu, his actions were childish and a waste of energy.

Wang Meng, sitting next to him, saw the problem at a glance.

“Boss, look at this guy putting on an act.

Why is he so proud of toying with a mere lion”

“Look at his smug face.

He sure thinks hes handsome.”

Lu Yu leaned back in his seat, raised his head, and began to relax.

Zhao Leis battle was no help to him, and it would be a waste of time to see him show off.

On the martial arts stage, Zhao Lei still had his hands in his pockets and was confidently toying with the beast.

He would glance at the audience from time to time.

Suddenly, he was shocked when he saw Lu Yu resting with his eyes closed, not watching his battle!

The other audience was admiring his perfect battle, but Lu Yu didnt even bother to look!

This was humiliating for him!

Zhao Lei gritted his teeth and was pissed.

The feeling of being ignored by others made him unhappy.

He removed his right hand from his pocket and made a claw shape, reaching toward the lion.

A bolt of purple lightning condensed in his palm, and the bolt of lightning suddenly struck out.

The lightning bolt instantly pierced through the lions heart, sending the pouncing lion flying.

After the lion landed, it started twitching from the remaining electric current in its body.

Seeing that the beast wasnt dead, Zhao Lei quickly took out his left hand and pointed both hands at the lion.

Two bolts of lightning shot out again, striking the lion.

Although the difference in their power was big, this lion was still a silver rank 9 beast.

It wasnt something that Zhao Lei could kill with a normal attack.

After a few consecutive lightning bolts, the lion was dead.

After it was killed, the lions corpse gradually disappeared, and the next round began.

The third round would be a silver rank 10 beast.

There would be a considerable gap between the third and fourth rounds, and 90% of participants would be stuck here, unable to advance further.

Zhao Lei knew that once the beasts reached gold rank, he would not be able to kill his opponents so easily.

Even if it were a gold rank 1 beast, its strength was enough to bring Zhao Lei to a draw.

If it was a beast that countered him, he might also lose.

However, at least for now, the third beast still allowed Zhao Lei to continue acting tough.

The third beast appeared.

It was a huge turtle.

A turtle the size of a car trudged out.

Its shell was covered with spikes, and its limbs and head were covered in hard armor.

After noticing Zhao Lei, the turtle rushed over.

Its speed wasnt slow despite being a turtle, reaching almost 20 km/h.

However, to Zhao Lei, this speed was not much different from a normal turtle.

Zhao Lei couldnt help but smile, “I didnt expect the third round to be a turtle, lucky! The God of Luck must be watching over me, and it looks like Im destined to be in first place!”

He excitedly dodged the giant turtles attack and raised his hands to shoot out two bolts of lightning.

The bolts of lightning struck the giant turtles shell.

However, it didnt deal any damage.

Zhao Lei was shocked at first but came to a sudden realization.

This giant turtle must have lightning resistance and could reduce damage to a low level!

Although Zhao Lei had the advantage in speed, his enemy had a resistance that made it difficult for him to win this battle.

In an instant, Zhao Leis smug smile faded, and his face began to look bitter.

What God of Luck Rubbish! What an unlucky day!

He grumbled as he adjusted his battle style.

The audience started discussing when they saw that his battle had entered a stalemate.

“How is Zhao Lei struggling to hold his own against the third beast”

“Woah, is this for real Is he having such a hard time”

‘Hehe, it seems hes the weakest among the three geniuses.”

“Theres still one more who hasnt gone on stage yet.”

“The last one is Miss Han Xuefei! Theres no need to doubt her strength, and shell definitely be the first of the three!”

The audience was abuzz with criticism, and it reached Zhao Leis ears.

He heard the audiences disappointed sighs and heard them ranking him last among the three geniuses.

These words infuriated Zhao Lei.

“Ill not be in third! Im in the first place!”

Zhao Lei roared in anger as he couldnt bear others belittling him.

He decided to let the audience witness his full strength!

After a furious howl, a large purple halo containing a massive amount of energy appeared on his chest!

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