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Chapter 339: Chapter 339 Possible First Place

Chapter 339 Possible First Place

After Cai Hao went on stage, his performance in the first round was so outstanding that it shocked the audience.

“Cai Haos strength is crazy strong, much stronger than before!”

“I feel that his punches are different now, and it seems that there are some changes in him compared to before.”

“I can see that too.

Im a fan of Cai Hao, and Ive seen many of his battles.

His fighting style is different now.”

“In that case, do you mean he surpassed his old self in just one month of cultivation”

“It seems he has broken through his bottleneck, allowing his strength to flourish.”

“Hes indeed a proud son of the heavens.

Bottlenecks are completely useless with his talent!”

“So strong.

Does this imply he has a chance to win first place”

The audience got into a heated discussion and was optimistic about Cai Haos next battle.

In the front row of the audience, Han Xuefei and Zhao Lei were also staring at Cai Hao seriously; their expressions turned grave.

They thought they were supposed to be stronger than the other two geniuses after they had been guided by their instructors and had overcome their hurdles.

However, when the two saw Cai Haos current strength, they could not help but feel nervous.

Zhao Lei said proudly, “I didnt expect he would surpass his previous self in just a month.

But it doesnt matter, as I will get first place!”

He could tell at a glance that Cai Hao had greatly improved due to the vast difference in the details of his fighting style.

However, he was still confident in himself.

After all, he had been personally guided by an instructor from the upper house during his one-month training.

No one else would have had such treatment, so his strength was definitely the strongest!

Han Xuefei, sitting not far away, muttered to herself, “Looks like weve got a strong opponent in this martial arts tournament.”

A sense of pride rose in her heart, and her fighting spirit got even higher.

She turned around and glanced at Lu Yu, who was in the crowd, and shook her head.

Initially, she had been looking forward to Lu Yus performance.

After all, Lu Yus battle in the trial was the best among them.

However, when she found out that Lu Yu had been doing nothing in the meditation room for the last month, she knew Lu Yu had no hope this time.

He had a lot of potential, but he squandered it all.

She sighed regretfully and did not say anything more.

At that moment, Lu Yu intently watched Cai Haos battle on the stage.

“Brother, this guy is something else!”

Wang Meng exclaimed in surprise.

If he were to go up against the giant ape, he knew that he would not be able to achieve such an effect.

“Hes decent.

I dont know much about the so-called three great geniuses.

However, judging from the firsts performance, they should not be too bad.”

Cai Hao, who was the center of attention, had already begun his second battle.

The strength of the beast in the second round was silver rank 9.

Although it was only one rank increase, the strength gap between the beasts wouldnt be small!

Cao Haos opponent in the second round was a large forest wolf with purple fur.

As soon as it appeared, crackling sounds of electricity came out of its body.

Obviously, this beast possessed the thunder element, so it wouldnt need to fight Cai Hao in close combat.

The two sides soon began to stare each other down.

This time, the beast was much stronger, and Cai Hao could no longer get close to the beast in terms of speed.

The second issue was the beasts attacks.

It continued to deal lightning damage, so although Cai Hao had high resistance to them, it still sucked.

Cai Hao felt terrible when he couldnt even get close to his enemy.

It was getting disadvantageous for him to be continuously exhausted like this.

In the end, he had no choice but to use a movement skill to instantly appear in front of the forest wolf, throwing two punches in succession.

The two punches sent the forest wolf flying; it did not die immediately after falling to the ground, and it still struggled to get up.

Cai Hao frowned slightly, as he didnt expect the beasts strength to improve so much in the second round.

He knew it would only get more difficult as the rounds continued.

Most students only reached the third or fourth level, with the fourth level being the highest.

There wasnt anyone who reached a higher rank.

As for Cai Hao, he was already feeling the pressure at the second level.

But, of course, he could still deal with the ferocious beast in front of him.

Cai Hao rushed forward once more and punched the forest wolf twice, killing it.

Then, the third beast appeared—a giant wild boar.

Cai Hao didnt say a word and immediately charged to start a hand-to-hand fight.

The three consecutive rounds of battle were satisfying to the audience.

The sound of each punch hitting into the beasts flesh was just the most thrilling experience in this tournament so far!

Soon, the third beast was also dealt with by Cai Hao.

At that moment, he was already gasping for breath.

Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, and his fists were a little sore, making him shake his hands.

Immediately after, the fourth beast came on stage.

A ferocious beast of the fourth round was the highest record at the moment.

Only a few people had reached this level and could not advance any further.

The reason was simple.

The beasts strength from round four had reached the level of gold rank 1!

There would be a massive leap in strength from silver to gold!

After all, many cultivators peaked after ranking from silver to gold!

Silver-ranked cultivators were ordinary.

Just in the lower house of Clanorth University alone, one could find a bunch of silver-ranked cultivators.

The ferocious beast of round four was a rhinoceros.

This rhinoceros wasnt too huge but had a body full of toned muscles like a bodybuilder.

Seeing its physique, the audience couldnt help but feel nervous for Cai Hao.

“This… this is an Earthshaking Rhinoceros.

Its defense and strength are both insanely high!”

“If the beasts horn even grazes him, hell either die or be crippled.”

“He has to be careful when fighting with this beast.

Once he makes a mistake, death will come immediately!”

The audience murmured with excitement.

Most of the people who exclaimed were students, and they had entered secret realms during their previous cultivation and met these earthshaking rhinos.

They were usually minibosses, completely different from the mob beasts!

At that moment, Cai Hao was charging toward the Earthshaking Rhinoceros.

The rhinoceros was infuriated, and it charged toward Cai Hao as well.

Just as the two sides were about to collide, Cai Hao lifted his hands to place against the incoming rhinoceros horn!

Cai Haos hands collided against the rhinoceros horn, and the Earthshaking Rhinoceros tried to continue to charge forward.

The ground under Cai Haos feet was about to break, but he didnt take a step back!

This made the audience exclaim in admiration!

“Oh my god, when did Cai Hao become so strong”

“How is he only relying on his strength to stop the charge of the Earthshaking Rhinoceros”

“Sheesh, Cai Hao is too strong.

Hes going to get first place this time for sure.”

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