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Chapter 338: Chapter 338 The Genius Turn

Chapter 338 The Genius Turn

As the hosts voice died down, Cai Hao appeared on stage, attracting the attention of everyone.

Some of the audience members playing with their mobile phones out of boredom put them down one by one when they saw Cai Hao on stage.

They sat upright and still, looking at the stage earnestly.

The most anticipated and eye-catching event of the martial arts tournament was the performance of the three geniuses!

Some of the audience members were here only for the three of them, and they didnt care about the results of the other students.

Even though Lu Yu had made a name for himself in the upper house, most of everyone here was for the other three.

At that moment, Cai Hao appeared on stage, taking off his coat and revealing his vest and strong muscles.

A confident smile appeared, and his eyes burst with pride.

“All of you, watch carefully! Ill let you all witness the speed of my growth!”

His confidence came from his teachers guidance.

His strength rose like a rocket in the past month, making great progress.

He believed he could bring a shocking and spectacular battle to the audience.

The audience started murmuring when they looked at Cai Hao.

Those who were here as spectators were mainly older students and instructors from the upper house, with the remaining few from the lower house.

They were here especially to observe these geniuses.

Almost all of them were from Clanorth University; there were barely any outsiders.

“I wonder how much Cai Haos strength has improved in the past month.”

“We dont have to worry about that.

He is the strongest genius from Raging Fire University, so his growth speed will definitely be beyond our imagination.”

“Its not just his talent thats strong.

Our training ground is also top-notch, so that will improve his strength quite a bit.”

“Although the conditions arent bad, to be honest, a month is short for a cultivator.

The growth of his strength shouldnt be too much.”

The audience began to analyze and estimate Cai Haos strengths and weaknesses.

They had reached a consensus that with Cai Haos outstanding talent, his improvement this past month would be quite the jump!

He started the tournaments first round with everyones attention on him!

Before Cai Haos eyes, an array started emitting a bright light.

A giant ape with golden fur appeared, looking around in confusion, and then locked its eyes on Cai Hao.

The giant ape was around silver rank 8.

It was more than two meters tall, towering over Cai Hao.

Cai Hao recognized the species with a single glance.

This beast was the Golden Stone Giant Ape, specializing in hand-to-hand combat and highly defensive capabilities.

It possessed a brutal nature and loved to torture before killing its prey.

He had to be extra careful when fighting against such a beast, or else he would end up in a terrible state!

When the audience saw that Cai Haos enemy was the Golden Stone Giant Ape, they immediately erupted in excitement.

“His opponent is the Golden Stone Giant Ape! Although this beast is only at silver rank, its something else entirely!”

“The Golden Stone Giant Ape is a ferocious beast that fights purely in close combat; what a coincidence that Cai Hao is also a close combat expert.

This battle is bound to be exciting.”

“We should be able to see how much Cai Haos strength has improved clearly.

After all, Cai Hao and the Golden Stone Giant Ape will engage in close combat using their fists.”

“I love watching this kind of hand-to-hand combat.

Its always exhilarating!

In the audience, Wang Meng, sitting next to Lu Yu, showed an expression of interest.

“Hand-to-hand combat This is interesting.

We both excel in hand-to-hand combat too.”

Lu Yu crossed his arms in front of his chest and retorted, “Dont drag me into this.

Im much more well-rounded than you.”

Wang Meng laughed and scratched his head.

“Thats true.

You have already evolved a few paths, but Ive only had two done.”

He had witnessed Lu Yus battles and seen Lu Yus different fighting methods and dragon claws.

“Since thats the case, your fighting style is more versatile, which makes you stronger than them!”

Lu Yu nodded.

“In actual combat, the more versatile ones combat capabilities are, the stronger they will be.

After all, there are more to choose from.”

Lu Yu had five different elemental dragon claws, each with unique abilities and specialties that allowed him to be fluid and flexible in battle.

If close combat wasnt possible, Lu Yu could release his Thunder Dragon Claws.

If he needed technique to overcome pure strength, he could use his Flowing Water Dragon Claws.

Furthermore, he had his Diamond Dragon Claws to counter any explosive damage from his enemies.

This was much better than when Lu Yu only had his Explosive Dragon Claw.

On the stage, Cai Hao was in a battle stance.

The Golden Stone Giant Ape glared at him and opened its maw to roar.

It then pounded its chest and leaped toward Cai Hao.

The battle between the two sides started, and everyone in the audience watched intently.

The other participants also carefully observed and analyzed Cai Hao, hoping to learn something from him.

The Golden Stone Giant Ape bounded over and extended its thick arms, clenching them into fists and smashing them at Cai Hao.

Cai Hao was calm and was already wearing his pair of boxing gloves.

The gloves were embedded with sharp spikes and looked dangerous.

After that, Cai Hao also punched the Golden Stone Giant Apes fist.

Bang! Bang!

The fists of both sides collided fiercely, and loud bangs sounded.

The Golden Stone Giant Apes exploded, splattering blood and flesh everywhere.

Cai Hao had shattered the Golden Stone Giant Apes entire forearm in a punch!

After losing an entire forearm and blood flowing out, the Golden Stone Giant Ape hurriedly backed off in intense pain.

It cried out in pain as it retreated.

This bloody scene caused the audience to gasp in shock.

“Damn, that punch is insane!”

“His punch is so destructive, and the beast is completely no match for him!”

“That fierce punch is enough for me to declare that he is the number one boxer among the newcomers!”

“The beasts from the first level are too easy for him.”

Cai Hao didnt waste any time and immediately rushed toward the Golden Stone Giant Ape.

He pulled himself into position and sent out another punch.

This punch landed squarely on the Golden Stone Giant Apes chest.

The immense power caused the apes chest to cave in and break all its ribs!


With a single punch, the ape was sent flying and smashed heavily onto the ground, utterly devoid of any signs of life!

In the tournaments first round, Cai Hao ended the match with just two clean punches.

The performance of his strength made everyone exclaim in surprise!

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