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Chapter 337: Chapter 337 The Martial Arts Tournament Begins

The toad glanced at the other toads below, and a faint smile appeared on her face.

It then glanced at the spring toad oil that was like a waterfall not far away.

With a wave of its hand, a huge amount of toad oil was drawn over.

“Is this it Its so black and disgusting!

With a disdainful look, she condensed the huge amount of toad oil into a ball and casually threw it to an overlord behind the person.

A phoenix appeared, and the power it contained wreaked havoc on the entire Wood Mountain.

“From now on, you will provide seventy percent of the total amount of toad oil that is produced in that year to Taixia Country.

Do you have any objections”

“Seventy percent is too much, lets make it sixty!” The ancient voice came from the distance again.

The toads eyes narrowed, and it was unknown what she was thinking about.

As for the other toad below, their faces were filled with embarrassment and unwillingness.

It was fine if they gave backups of the other ninjutsu techniques they had, but without toad oil, it would be very difficult to cultivate the immortal techniques passed down from Wood Mountain!

This was a major event that concerned the inheritance of Wood Mountain!

However, the situation was stronger than the person at hand, and there was really no other way to say no.

“Alright, sixty percent! Sign the contract!”

The phoenix threw out a contract and it flew towards the palace in the depths of the Wood Mountain.

In just a short while, a contract could be seen flying unsteadily in the air and burning to ashes.

The contract under Wood Mountain had been completed!

“Would the distinguished guest like to stay and enjoy the feast”

Wentai took a step forward with a humiliated expression on her face.

She didnt look at the fighters, but only at the bald brat who was alive and kicking.

Although he had lost all his hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, she could still recognize at a glance that this bald kid was the toad killer.

‘D*mn it, this guy really didnt die.

What a big loss on our end!

Lin Xuan lowered his head and looked at the crippled toads.

After all, they were the only ones with injuries here, and it was hard not to think that they were the ones who had ambushed him.

This was the first time he had suffered such a big loss since he entered the mystic-rank.

If it wasnt for the star Conquerors quick arrival, he would have been dead!

He glared at the lame Toad Wentai.

He was not a magnanimous person.

Even though Wood Mountain had lost a large amount of resources and even lost a lot of their important foundation for growth — toad oil — it was all because they had broken the unspoken rules and had to compensate Lin Xuan.

Furthermore, Lin Xuan was definitely a vengeful person.

He might not remember those who were good to him, but those who were bad to him would be remembered for life!

He took out a small notebook and made a note.

On a certain day, a certain month, and a certain year in the nine beasts chaotic world instance dungeon, a toad named Wentai of the Wood Mountain attacked without any regard for martial virtue and almost killed him.

In addition to this new note, there were two more.

One was an earth-rank Demon King called Shadow Tiger, which sneaked an attack on him near Di Yi town.

The other was a guardian beast from Xiaojin Country, Orochi, which scared him and said that it remembered him!

The first one had already been dealt with.

Lin Xuan was used as bait and was given compensation.

In a few days, this earth-rank tiger bone wine would be ready to serve guests.

As for the second beast, he would have to wait for some time.

The peak of the earth-rank was not so easy to deal with, but its fate was basically set!

As for Wentai, Lin Xuan gazed at her and smiled.

‘One day, Ill use you to cook hot pot!

Before they left, the Bright Phoenix shot out a spear and shattered a small portion of Wood Mountain.

Countless toads cried and wailed, looking at the land and the rest with eyes full of hatred.

Under the leadership of Bright Phoenix, the powerhouses of Taixia Country returned with a full load.

Additionally, now they would have a constant supply of toad oil.

Although they didnt know the function of this toad oil, for the time being, it didnt matter as it was considered a bountiful harvest!

“Ive arranged everything here, so I should go.”

Not long after returning to the camp, the Bright Phoenix took a few looks at Lin Xuans bald head with a smile on her face.

She immediately picked up her smartwatch and gave Lin Xuan a few clicks, causing Lin Xuans face to turn black.

After that, she waved her hand and left the world dungeon.

Her main mission this time was to help Lin Xuan through the battle of consciousness.

It was not impossible for Lin Xuan to win by himself, but it would be very time-consuming.

It could take three to five months, or one to two years.

There would always be a moment when he could wear down the three-legged golden crow.

As for fighting her way into Wood Mountain, it was purely because she was itching to do so.

She had cultivated in the Western Capital for 300 years without fighting others.

In the dead of the night, it was inevitable that she would miss her past experiences.

Moreover, she was tied to her responsibilities and could not use her power.

The current dungeon era was just the beginning, and heaven-rank powerhouses hadnt emerged in large numbers yet.

Once a large number of heaven-rank powerhouses appeared in the dungeon, or even powerhouses above the heaven-rank, it would be difficult for Taixia to resist them.

They had to be prepared for danger in times of peace, and refrain from extravagance and frugality!

The high-level officials of Taixia Country all adhered to such an idea.

They cultivated, trained, and provided for the next generation.

Fortunately, Taixia Country had always been ahead of its time.

This generation of top powers is represented by the Bright Phoenix and Ten Thousand Laws Heavenly Man.

However, Lin Xuans generation was next.

It was a pity that there were no outstanding talents yet.

However, they were not in a hurry!

As soon as the Bright Phoenix left, the atmosphere in the forest became much more relaxed.

A few of the overlords immediately announced that this times confrontation on the battlefield was over.

However, the less intense battlefield would continue.

Those who wanted to hunt beasts could go back to the battlefield, and those who wanted to rest could return or even leave the instance dungeon.

Lin Xuan was supposed to stay behind, but he knew that hed be in trouble if he stayed.

Some overlord told him that the king of the Crow Clan had already made a statement in advance, saying that he would kill him personally.

This kind of thing was allowed.

After all, it was not considered a sneak attack.

Besides, he was given a notice in advance, so Lin Xuan could make preparations in advance.

Some overlords even joked with him, saying that they would give him a friendly price of one million Taixia coins as a favor for helping them fight the Wheel Crow King, but they could not guarantee that he would be killed!

Lin Xuan was outraged! Why were they making such a big fuss

“Ill leave, Ill leave, alright!”

In the end, Lin Xuan left the nine beasts chaotic world instance dungeon with tears in his eyes.

This was the worst dungeon experience he had ever had.

Not only did he not earn any personal contribution points, but he also almost died.

What was even worse was that just because he had taken out a few crows eyeballs, an earth-rank Wheel Crow King had declared that he would kill him.

“Spread the news.

the next time I come, Ill definitely dig out the eyes of the Wheel Crow King!”

With that, Lin Xuan exited the world dungeon!

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