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Chapter 336: Chapter 336 The Confidence Of A Genius

Chapter 336 The Confidence Of A Genius

With the guidance of his teacher, Cai Hao was confident.

“Im a man with an ace up my sleeve now.

Winning against Lu Yu will be easy.”

Upon hearing Cai Haos words, his schoolmates eyes lit up.

“Brother, you have an ace that you havent shown yet Wasnt that your true strength in the trial”

“Of course! Ive advanced another level and reached gold rank 3 last month!” Cai Hao exclaimed proudly.

Upon hearing this, his mate laughed excitedly.

“Brother, youre awesome!”

In front of a meditation room, Han Xuefei walked out with a strange expression on her face.

This whole month of meditation hadnt only improved her prowess but also her mental state.

She picked up her phone and sent a text message to her instructor, informing him that she was no longer training and that the tournament had begun.

At the same time, she promised her instructor that she would get first place!

In terms of results during the trial, her results were first in place.

Therefore, she was confident that her results would be the same this time!

Following that, she received a text message from one of her best friends from the same school, who was also a member of the training camp.

When Han Xuefei finished reading the text message, she immediately revealed a happy smile; the text message explained Lu Yus movements in detail.

When she saw Lu Yu wasting his month doing nothing, she couldnt help but laugh.

She felt more at ease.

“Im going to be first in this martial arts tournament!”

Han Xuefei was so excited that her whole body was trembling.

Everyone knew what kind of place the upper house of Clanorth University was.

It was a place that housed world-class geniuses!

She, Han Xuefei, had gotten first place in the trial.

She just needed to take first place in the martial arts tournament, which would be enough to make her the creme de la creme of the upper house!

She could already foresee her future brilliance!

At the entrance of the movement technique room, Zhao Lei walked out with a devilish smile on his face.

“Im definitely going to get first place in the martial arts tournament!”

His improvements during the past month made him happy and excited, thinking his strength was far beyond the others.

After all, he had received guidance from an instructor.

Additionally, he was so gifted that it gave him the capability to make such rapid improvements!

Could others have the same opportunity

He said to himself, “Just all of you wait.

Ill be the champion of this martial arts tournament! By then, all of you will have to prostrate in front of me and lick my boots!”

He let out an arrogant laugh.

The martial arts tournament had yet to begin, but the flames of competition had already started.

On the other hand, Lu Yu had arrived at the training camps canteen.

The food here was lavish, as he could eat the meat of all kinds of rare birds and beasts.

As soon as Lu Yu entered the canteen, Wang Meng ran towards him.

“Brother, your training is finally over!”

He ran over with a smile on his face.

“How was your training this month” Lu Yu asked Wang Meng.

“I think Ive reached a bottleneck,” Wang Meng said, scratching his head and laughing awkwardly.

“My strength hasnt improved much.”

“I see; practice slowly, then.

After all, Rome wasnt built in a day.”

Wang Meng nodded.

“Youre right.

I will slowly improve myself eventually.”

“By the way, boss, I heard youve been training in the meditation room for the past month.

Is this helpful in improving your strength”

Like the others, Wang Meng couldnt understand why Lu Yu was training in the meditation room.

Lu Yus fighting style was his pair of dragon claws, so how would he train his dragon claws inside a meditation room

Lu Yu explained, “I have my own reasons for going to the meditation room, and you dont have to pry.

You must remember that I am stronger than you, and it wouldnt be easy for you to understand my training methods.”

Wang Meng quickly nodded.

“Since you said so, Im assuming this one month of meditation was great for your improvement.”

The two of them found a seat and began to eat dinner.

Other students would pass by from time to time, and their expressions varied when they looked at Lu Yu.

Some were speechless, some were resentful, others mocking, and the rest were indifferent.

They had all kinds of attitudes, which was a drag for Lu Yu.

After dinner, the training camp got quiet.

The students returned to their respective villas early to rest and prepare for tomorrows martial arts tournament.

Lu Yu had also returned to his villa and gone to bed early.

At the same time, in the central area of the upper house was the deans office.

Jiang Lengyue sat behind her desk and looked at the three people standing before her.

She looked like a little girl, but her aura made the three instructors look down.

“The three of you.

Report on the progress of the plan.”

Tian Ye stood up and reported.

“Dean, the plan this time is executed perfectly.”

“Under Lu Yus stimulation, the three geniuses have shown a strong fighting spirit and are training harder than before.”

“At the same time, under the guidance of the three of us, their training speed improved, and their strength has increased.”

“The most important thing was that Lu Yu didnt train for even a day.

He always stayed in the meditation room, and I guess hes there to look at the scenery.”

Tian Yes words caused Jiang Lengyue to sink into deep thought.

“From what youve said, the plan seems to have been completed pretty well.

Lu Yus performance this time has encouraged many others cultivation.”

“Hes the perfect stepping stone.

Next, we just have to look forward to the martial arts tournament, and they will reach the top after climbing over Lu Yu.”

Jiang Lengyue spoke seriously, feeling that her plan was perfect.

At that time, Liu Qing stood up with a grave expression and said, “Dean, Lu Yu doesnt have any background or money, but he relied on his talent to get to where he is now.

We cant say for sure if he really didnt train properly this past month!”

When Jiang Lengyue heard this, she nodded slightly, feeling that it made sense.

Lu Yu could reach his current state by himself, so he had his strengths.

In terms of cultivation, he was way stronger than the others.

“Hes talented, but its a pity that he was born into the wrong family.

Theyre both geniuses, so why dont we support those youngsters who have the backing behind them”

Jiang Lengyues words caused the three instructors to be speechless.

In their eyes, Lu Yu was similar to the other three, all geniuses.

Since they were all geniuses, they should prioritize the three with prominent family backgrounds.

This was reality, unless Lu Yu was so outstanding that he could steamroll through everything!

Otherwise, he would never be able to change this fact!


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