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Chapter 335: Chapter 335 A Month Wasted

Chapter 335 A Month Wasted

Half a month of training time passed quickly.

In this one month, Lu Yu spent almost all of his time in the meditation room, training in his new skill.

Due to his outstanding performance in the trial, people often paid attention to Lu Yus movements while training in the training camp.

They all felt strange when they saw that Lu Yu stayed in the meditation room every day.

Lu Yu was a cultivator who specialized in his claws.

Why was he training his spiritual powers

No one understood Lu Yus actions, and some even thought that Lu Yu wasnt doing his job properly.

Why wasnt he in the gravity or combat rooms for training Why was he in the meditation room daily

Cai Hao could increase the gravity to more than ten tons in the gravity room.

The massive pressure on his body tensed his muscles up, trying to resist gravity.

Even under such immense pressure, he could still punch the sandbag with fluid movements.

Cao Hais rapid progress made him excited.

He felt that the heavens were looking after him, gifting him an instructor that recognized his talents and allowed his strength to soar madly in a short month!

He was confident.

With the guidance of his teacher, getting first place in the martial arts tournament is a sealed deal!

However, he didnt know that the other two geniuses had also received guidance from other instructors.

He wasnt the only special one.

Han Xuefei sat on the snow in a meditation room with her eyes closed.

She was on top of the snow mountain, with nothing but the vast white world around her.

She overcame the environment she hated the most and could easily endure the low temperature while maintaining her regular meditation.

She ended her meditation, and the simulated environment disappeared.

In the past month, she felt she had gained a lot.

With the guidance of her online tutor, she improved rapidly!

She was in a bottleneck and hadnt been able to break through for quite a period of time.

However, after the tutors guidance, she broke through her hurdles continuously and was approaching gold rank 5!

In this world, an espers overall combat strength is much stronger than others of the same rank.

If there were two people of gold rank 1, the espers would technically be a level higher.

After completing the days training, she reported to the online tutor.

This online tutors level of teaching was higher than her instructors at Ice Realm University.

He might be even stronger than some of the powerhouses in her clan!

There was a smile on Han Xuefeis face, and her originally cold face had softened because she had broken through her restraints.

She narrowed her eyes and muttered, “Just you wait, you wont be able to steal my limelight in the martial arts tournament!”

At that moment, the only opponent in her eyes was Lu Yu!

In the movement technique room, Zhao Lei had finished his training for the day.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead and sat on a chair.

He was prouder of himself than ever before, as his speed had increased dramatically in just one month!

Although this was the result of his teachers guidance, in his opinion, it was also because of his extraordinary talent.

His teacher had only given him a little advice, so he assumed that even without his teacher, he would reach where he was sooner or later.

This confidence made him feel that he could crush Lu Yu!

This martial arts tournament would be his one-man show!

At almost the same time, the three geniuses set their sights on defeating Lu Yu.

Originally, their respective goals were to surpass and compete with each other.

However, Lu Yus stellar performance during the trial made him their new target!

Lu Yu remained in the meditation room for the remaining days, focusing on cultivating his new skill, the Holy Dragons Might!

The environment in the meditation room had been simulated to be like a bamboo forest.

Lu Yu sat in the forest, feeling the gentle breeze wash over him.

Bamboo leaves fell from time to time, but they did not affect Lu Yus meditation state.

A faint glow appeared on Lu Yus body.

Behind him were beams of light shining.

Immediately after, the light rays condensed, and a faint holographic phantom of a giant dragon with golden light appeared behind Lu Yu.

Its mighty dragon eyes emitted a bright light that would make anyone terrified!

When he released his Dragons Might after a month of training, he could create the illusion of a dragon behind him.

The pressure brought by the Dragons Might was more pressing than ever!

Despite training his spiritual power and strengthening his Dragons Might, Lu Yu had yet to use it in a battle, so he wasnt sure how powerful his Holy Dragons Might was.

It seemed that he could only test the effect of his Holy Dragons Might in the upcoming martial arts tournament.

After Lu Yu turned off the simulation in the meditation room, he took out his mobile phone and looked at the time.

The martial arts tournament was going to start tomorrow, and most of the students in seclusion had finished their training long ago, taking a day or two off in advance to prepare for the martial arts tournament.

Lu Yu felt that one more day of training wouldnt have much effect, so he decided to stop todays training and take a break.

He opened the door of the meditation room and walked out.

When he came to the street, Lu Yu realized it was much livelier than the past few days.

When Lu Yu came out of the meditation room a few days ago, there wasnt anyone on the street.

Most people were unwilling to continue training on the last day before the martial arts tournament.

Thus, they came out to rest, have fun, and relax.

As Lu Yu walked on the streets, he attracted the attention of many people.

When the crowd saw Lu Yu walk out of the meditation room again, they all had weird smiles.

In their eyes, Lu Yu had wasted another day.

He was a close-combat fighter, so there wasnt any need for him to train in the meditation room every day.

Lu Yu sensed the strangeness of these people, but he didnt say anything.

After all, he didnt care what they thought.

At that moment, Cai Hao walked out of a gravity room.

He was dressed in his sportswear, with his face full of confidence.

He clenched his fist, and his eyes were filled with anticipation.

“Ill definitely be the first in this martial arts tournament!”

He muttered with confidence.

At that moment, a student walked over.

The student was also from Raging Fire University, like Cai Hao.

“Brother, you asked me to find out about Lu Yu.

Ive noticed that the kid has been staying in the meditation room every day.

I dont know what hes doing!”

Cai Hao snorted coldly.

“Who cares what hes doing Hes not cultivating properly, and thats good enough for me.

Hes a warrior, so why does he even need to meditate What a joke!”

“Brother, are you sure you can beat that kid in the martial arts tournament”

“What are you talking about Of course! Consider it done!”

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