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Chapter 334: Chapter 334 Guidance, Overcoming The Bottleneck

Chapter 334 Guidance, Overcoming The Bottleneck

The girl sat in the meditation room with a serious and tense expression.

After a morning of meditation, she realized that her spiritual power hadnt improved much.

If her spiritual power stayed stagnant, it would mean her strength wasnt improving.

Was this her bottleneck

She let out a long sigh.

When it was time to eat, she turned off the environment simulation and sat on the chair.

As she ate, she took out her phone to look at it.

She had also seen the video of Lu Yus trial.

She was already anxious about her original two genius rivals while she was stuck in a bottleneck.

Another powerful newcomer just had to appear, pressuring her even more.

She heaved a long sigh.

‘Everyones making progress, but Im the only one whos not moving forward.”

“If I dont break through this bottleneck, Ill be a disgrace to Ice Realm University.”

She was anxious but knew she should stay calm at a bottleneck.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be able to break through this hurdle!

After she finished her meal, she was about to continue her meditation when a friend request interrupted her.

She opened her social media app and saw a friend request from a self-proclaimed spiritual power instructor.

She felt this person might be a scammer, but she was stuck in a rut and had no clue about breaking through.

Even if this person might be a fake, she was willing to engage with the person.

So she accepted the friend request.

Hello, Han Xuefei.

Im a professional spiritual instructor.

I know you well, so I want to help you speed up your training,” said the spiritual instructor.

Han Xuefei was surprised, as she didnt expect this person to know her name.

However, she was pretty famous as one of the three geniuses.

It wasnt impossible for someone to reach out to her via private contact.

“Hello, how do you know me”

She asked curiously.

“You dont have to worry about that.

I know youre at a bottleneck and cannot move forward.

So, I can provide online classes to help you get out of this hole and improve your strength quickly.”

Hearing this, Han Xuefei was startled.

She never expected this person to know that she was in a bottleneck, and this gave her an uncomfortable sense that she had no privacy.

“How do you know that Who are you”

“Im an instructor.

Anyway, you can sign up for my online classes, and Ill help you break through.”

The other party didnt answer directly and demanded Han Xuefei sign up first.


I want to ask, how much do you plan to charge for your online classes” Han Xuefei felt that this person was here to cheat her money!

“Free of charge.”

Seeing these words appear on her phone, Han Xuefeis cold face twitched and turned into a frown.

“Im afraid the quality of your online classes wont be useful to me.”

She found it laughable.

What free online classes would help her, let alone improve a high-ranked esper

“Youre stuck now anyway.

Even if you continue to cultivate, you wont have any results.

Why dont you let me give you some pointers Whether its useful or not, that will be something you can judge after attending a session.”

Han Xuefei was still skeptical, assuming that the person was either bluffing or tricking her into doing something.

After all, this world has no such things as free lunches.

However, there was nothing for her to lose.

If she continued meditating here, the benefits would be meager, so she decided to give the person a chance.

Even if the other party was bluffing, it wouldnt delay her progress much.

“Alright, Ill give you a chance.”

After Han Xuefei replied, the other party immediately called.

She quickly picked up the call and asked, “You said you could help me break through my bottleneck, is that true”

She immediately asked the question she was most concerned about.

“Whether its true or not, its useless for me to tell you now.

Why dont you feel it for yourself later”

“Alright, then Ill do as you say.

If it doesnt work, then dont blame me for reporting you!”

“Cough, dont worry about that…”

After that, the instructor started to guide her patiently.

“First, sit properly and get rid of the complicated thoughts in your heart.”

“Next will be simulating a meditating scene.

Where do you think is suitable for meditation ”

“A grassland, a boundless grassland,” Han Xuefei said after thinking for a moment.

“Change it to a snowy mountain; best if its a blizzard version of it.”

Han Zuefei frowned, a little unwilling to heed the persons orders.

“I hate snowy mountains, and I dont want to stay in that kind of environment.”

“The grassland is good, and Ive been meditating there all this time.”

“No, you will choose the snowy mountain.

Theres a mountain in your heart, and you need to overcome it.

Otherwise, youll never be able to break through your shackles!”

Han Xuefei suddenly realized that facing the thing she was afraid of was the key to overcoming herself!

She was weak and always afraid of the cold when she was young.

Fast forward to the present, and she still hated cold places.

Although she had a cold personality and her body was cultivated to the point where she could withstand the cold, she never wanted to be in such an environment.

“Are you sure this will work”

“Of course, Ive helped countless espers through their bottlenecks.

Im confident in this!”

Han Xuefei gulped nervously.

But in the end, she obediently operated the panel before her and changed her surrounding environment.

Very quickly, the surrounding environment she chose was simulated.

A vast expanse of white snow appeared in the surroundings.

The sky was dark, and it was snowing heavily.

A cold current of air struck her, causing Han Xuefei to shiver.

She looked down and found that she was sitting in the snow, her legs buried deep.

The bone-piercing cold made her feel vulnerable.

It was difficult for her to meditate, let alone increase her spiritual power.

But gradually, she began to get used to the environment and the low temperature.

She closed her eyes and meditated.

This time, she was surprised to find her brain seemed to have suddenly opened up, and her spiritual power was rising!

Over the past 20 days, this was the first time she felt an improvement in her spiritual power.

“This is great! My spiritual power has finally increased, and this will strengthen my telekinesis! I did it! Ive broken through my bottleneck!”

Han Xuefei exclaimed happily.

“Speed up the improvement of your strength.

I will help you master your spiritual power and telekinesis in this month, so youd better learn and strive to improve!”

“Alright, Ill work hard.”

Han Xuefei was excited as she finally saw hope!

At the same time, Lu Yu sat in a meditation room beside the lake.

There was a layer of light on his body, and if someone looked at Lu Yu through the light, they would feel an unprecedentedly strong sense of oppression from Lu Yu!

If they looked behind Lu Yu, they would vaguely see a gigantic Holy Dragon behind Lu Yu, exuding a domineering aura!

Lu Yu had gone through a series of tests and found that meditating was the best way to improve his Dragons Might.

Therefore, Lu Yu decided to train his Dragons Might well this month!

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